1. M

    Extract and arrange the numbers small to larger values

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to extract the numbers of column E:N and need to arrange them in order small to larger values in the columns P:Y</SPAN></SPAN> Example <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse...
  2. A

    Arranging in order

    HI Team, I want to arrange below table in order. If you see the 1st column have all the number. Now in C and G have common number with making of 1. Now i need both them in side to side. Same for others. All the columns should be arranged in order so i can know what are the alphabets have same...
  3. E

    Arrange data from a 24hr cycle to by day rather than by hour

    Hello, My power company exports my energy use by hour. I want to arrange years worth of data by day with all the hours of a day to the right of that day's row. That way I can compare energy use by hour and even by day of the week. What would be the best way to go about organizing this...
  4. M

    Formula to arrange rows in numerical order.

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 24 26 36 40 41 17 19 27 33 37 1 9 26 30 36 18 19 25 26 32 11 17 30 35 37 </tbody> <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 1 9 26 30 36 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 11 17 30 35 37 17 19 27 33 37 18 19...
  5. danhendo888

    How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)!AvjBsEPEq12ngTEmm7uG4pZsIFot?e=oA9EZo I have three tables of information. Each table has these columns: - Year - Vendor Number - Expenses How would you arrange the info to produce something like the 'output' sheet (shown in link).
  6. G

    Sort excel sheets based on dates.

    Hi everyone, Can we sort the excel worksheets based on the dates. like example, One of my workbook contains more than 50 worksheets,and each worksheets would be named like "31-01-1990_GHUJJIUK","29-05-2019_kdsajasjads" and so on . Where in beginning of each worksheets date would be provided...
  7. T

    Arrange by last name when names are in the same cell

    Hi! I want to arrange a column that has full names in the same cells by the last names in that cell. Without spliting the cells or changing the order of 'first name + last name'. Does anyone know how to do this in the later excel versions? Disclaimer: In older versions of excel you can...
  8. A

    Move Content cell from one cell to another cell in different column ????

    how to move content cells from one to another like the below <tbody> <tbody> PISTON PIN BUSHING </tbody> <tbody> 7101--355-070-0421 </tbody> <tbody> BRACKET </tbody> <tbody> 7101-0 481 007 012 </tbody> <tbody> SWITCH P.T.O </tbody>...
  9. H

    excel vba how to filter each pivot item and copy paste to another sheet?

    Hi, May I know how to write a code to automatically filter each component types (C type, P type) available in my data, copy paste to their respective sheet and arrange according to their component names (C-100, C-10, etc)? <tbody> Component Amount C-100 4 C-10 5 P-150 7 C-100 3...
  10. D

    Creating a Calendar

    I have an excel file in which there are 12 sheets. Each sheet contains the calendar for a particular month. There are 35 cells in the block (5 Rows/weeks X 7 Columns/days) with name of the day on header row. Now I have to manually enter the first dates of each month with corresponding day & then...
  11. M

    MACRO Arrange columns in relation to different Woorkbook

    Hello all, I am new in programming with VBA. I have used this Forum before to help me solve some simple macros and it has been really helpful. However, right now I am doing a Task that is too complicated for my Level. I hope you can help me, if not to solve the Problem, at least to guide me to...
  12. J

    Arranging multiple columns

    I would like to know if there's a way to arrange multiple columns into one, it's information I copy&pasted online so it's all messy and it's hard to work with that since it's a huge amount of data, what I want to do is move the cell that says 3:29 in column F to column E, and column G to F. It...
  13. L

    Function Nesting

    I'm trying to combine the following functions: Match Index, Search, and If Iserror but cannot figure out how to arrange it.
  14. A

    Unpivot and Arrange the data in Sheet1

    Hi All, Please help me unpivot and arrange the data in Sheet1 using power query. My data must look same as in Sheet2.. Mr MarcelBeug helped me in the past and now I am looking forward to his help or some other expert. My file link is here...
  15. A

    arrange within a cell

    Hello, Is it possible to arrange the multi-line contents within a single cell into columns eg. if within a cell if it is like this 123445 ford ecospot 346 fiat 23 Nissan We have to make it into, all the numbers one...
  16. A

    Vba re arrange date into a second sheet

    HI in the attached file NEW SITES & RENOVATIONS.xlsx - Google Drive I have to re arrange the data the target is to create sheet 2 based on the information in Sheet 1 column C ( take only data containing words "Renovation", "Disposal", "New sites" ) Sheet 2 row A is hardcoded so no code...
  17. R

    How to arrange cells like this?

    I have a bank statement with some entries like this. As you can see, the description is split vertically into 2 cells in 2 different rows and the amounts/credit or debit come in the lower row as well. I need a macro that will detect all cells with missing dates in column A, then shift all data...
  18. A

    How to transpose a columns into lists with subsets

    :eeek: Does anyone knows how could I transpose 32,000 rows and stack several columns (same category, employees) in one column in the following way? <tbody> Company Employee Employee Employee Employee 1 A B C D 2 D A 3 E F A … … … … … 32,000 F </tbody> to <tbody> Company...
  19. S

    Use a cell with specific text as reference to create a table from data in other cells

    Hello all, first post over here, hope I can get to explain myself, Im exporting data from word to excel and I got info in a mostly an arranged layout.Now Im trying to get a table with the info I need from that data arranged, and I am sure that I can use a cell "B2,B7"(PCS) with specific text as...
  20. S

    Arrange students by class

    Hello everyone, Thanks in advance for all your help. I am a middle school teacher and I use a website called IXL to assign homework each week. Students in all 3 of my classes have their own account but IXL does not have a feature whereby I can separate students into different classes...

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