1. C

    Generate related lists of products that have similar attributes

    We have a list of products in column A. Each product has its set of attributes in column B. The task is to generate a product with its 6 related products (in column C), which have similar attributes to that product, sorted by similarity. Similar attributes mean that the products share a...
  2. L

    Averageifs Function with dynamic number of Criteria - Toggle Criteria On/Off

    Hello all, I have spent the better part of a day unsuccessfully trying to see if there was a way to toggle the number of criteria on / off to perform a dynamic average. I have included a screen shot of file - essentially, I would like to toggle on / off certain attributes and perform an...
  3. A

    What is a Range

    For example, if I have Dat= Range("O59:CL59") what have I got ? I cannot see it in a Watch, nor print Len(Dat). What can I do with it ? Can I put it onto another sheet? And could it carry across any attributes (font, back color etc) as well as values ?
  4. H

    Select specific part number in one excel tab and the other tab changes accordingly for this selected part

    Hi all: Very new to the VBA. Here is the goal I want to do. I have to two data set in two excel tabs. One tab has part attributes for specific part number and the other tab has sales information. So, my question is how can I filter one part number in part attributes tab and the sales...
  5. R

    Column header based data validation vba

    Good day experts. I'm not sure if this has been attempted before, i'm new here, so if anyone of you have come across this situation before please link me to the correct thread :) My question is, can we vba code data validation in a table to check the value of a column header and then allow...
  6. B

    VBA compact attributes in less columns

    Hi everyone. My first post here but used as inspiration many times. The original data is on A1:F14 and the desired outcome in K1:M14. I`m looking to use less columns to show attributes for each ID on column A. The single restriction is that the unique strings must be placed on the same column...
  7. S

    How to set cell A1 to pull from Cell B1 but then remain static even if B1 changes?

    My company creates an ID for each product based on certain attributes of the product (size, colour, etc). The problem is I need to make it such that if those attributes change the ID must not update. Is there any way to say run this formula once but do not update? Currently I just cut the ID...
  8. H

    How to format existing text in headers/footers?

    Hi there. First, my apologies if this has been covered and I failed to see it when I searched; if so, I'd be grateful for a link. Is there a simple way to apply formatting to existing text in the LeftHeader? The text will have been manually typed and (sometimes) formatted; it is not added via...
  9. M

    Vlookups ? Creating a traffic light matrix using

    Hi, I am trying to create a traffic light kind of a report using excel. There are three different attributes based on which the performance of a project is assessed - Cost, Time, and Quality. These attributes can take one of three Status (R)ed, (A)mber, or (G)reen. What I am trying to create is...
  10. D

    IF + INDEX-MATCH and return value from different cell

    Last time I asked here something this forum was very helpful, so I hope one of you can help me with my next problem. I have data in one sheet, with an ID number, Attributes that go with it and corresponding values. But one ID can have multiple attributes and values. And this data has to be...
  11. S

    If I have an average (%) how to know the values of it...

    Hello, I have a table with attributes from 1,2...8 and respective percentages. If you see, with higher attributes, the percentages are also increasing. For 6 and 7 I do not have percentages, but I have average of 6 and 7 that is 26,78%. I it possible to find the percentages of 6 and 7, if we...
  12. T

    Copy specific data from master worksheet to specific worksheet *VBA*

    Hi all. I have a basic understanding of Excel so please bare with me. I am trying to create a macro that will copy data from a master worksheet and paste it into a worksheet that corresponds with data ID (see example). I hope this makes sense, Thank you:) Master <tbody> ID Value Description...
  13. S

    [VBA] Code to Query Outlook LDAP Attributes Not Working After Switch to Outlook 2013

    Hello again guys. The organisation I work for has very recently upgraded from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2013. For the past few years I’ve been using the below code in various Excel Workbooks but since the change to Outlook 2013 it’s stopped working properly. I can’t remember where I got the...
  14. Z

    VLOOKUP Problem - Duplicate information

    Hi, I'm stuck and I'm not sure what to do. I'm not what you would call an Advanced Excel user but I'm able to get around and most of the formulas make sense. I've linked an image of what I'm trying to do. Essentially, I'm trying to take information from the Total Responses section and show it on...
  15. L

    Folder properties

    Hi all, I'm looking for a simple code that can obtain the properties of a windows folder. On windows if you right click a folder and go to properties you can obtain the number of files/number of folders etc. in a few seconds. However, if you use the recursive method of looking through each...
  16. S

    CSV File attributes

    Hello I have Excel vba that merges CVSs files and produce one master file. I want now to add file attributes to the master csv file. The date and time was easily retrieved using fileDateTime function. Is there a similar function to get the owner/author for that file?
  17. blaksnm

    Macro reading updates from closed files

    Hi I have a master file wher a lot of updates rom oher files are processed (manually transpor of data). The inputs come from a number of provider-files. I really should have a check on every provider-file if it is updated or not since last inputof mine (match attribute: Time Modyfie?) Can this...
  18. A

    Transposing Product Attributes from Columns to Rows

    I have a large batch of product information that I am looking to reformat so that it can be imported to our website. Below is an example of the format that it is in now is: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> SKU Number AttributeName ProductAttributeValue C01 Width 2.6" C01 Length...
  19. J

    New Range Attribute / Property

    Team, Is it possible to create, via .xla, .com or some other method a New attribute or property for a range or a cell? E.g.: Worksheet("Sheet1").Range("A1").NewAttrib = 0 I need to test every cell that has data. So I'm looking for some method to store if: 1) The cell has not yet been tested...
  20. L

    Pasting again, vba attributes

    Sounds simple, but... I have a sheet with 11 columns of data. Each row is formatted according to values in certain columns (e.g. if person is project leader = Fat text, has left the project = red background) etc. Now I want to copy some cells (No problem here thanks to people on here) and...

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