How to set cell A1 to pull from Cell B1 but then remain static even if B1 changes?


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Nov 3, 2016
My company creates an ID for each product based on certain attributes of the product (size, colour, etc). The problem is I need to make it such that if those attributes change the ID must not update. Is there any way to say run this formula once but do not update?

Currently I just cut the ID cell then paste it back in as a value instead of formula. This is a very inelegant solution and it is easy to forget to do.


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Aug 1, 2002
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If you want anything automated, you would need to use VBA.
We would need to know more details, such as:
- What the formula is
- Where the formula resides
- When the ID is created

Rather than have a formula, I think we would want VBA to create the ID (using the same value), and paste the value in the cell so that it never changes.
We just need to determine how/at what point this should all happen (maybe once the needed attributes for that row are completed?).
So we need more details from you on that.

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