1. I

    Why text color change when double click.

    Using "move and copy" option with excel, I copied one worksheet and saved as another workbook. But the copied file text in cell change the color. But when I double click the cell, the color change to the correct one. I really confuse how to fix this...experts please help. Before double click...
  2. M

    Macro Fit a image in a cell acording to his size.

    As this is my first message here and I don't see any place to make it, i Want to say Hello word and thanks for the amazing job all you are doing for teaching us. I have a question with a macro that works well, but I can't adapt it to improve what I want. I have a book that the first sheet is...
  3. E

    Change Pivot Data Source Based on Cell Selection

    Hello, Workbook name: Report Sheet with pivot: Summary Sheets with data source: Source1 , Source2 (data in range A1:C14) In the above workbook, I defined the name PivotChange_Source with formula =INDIRECT(Summary!$A$1&"!A1:C14") to change the Pivot source within the Workbook based on A1 input...
  4. E

    Adding text to different cell using Macros

    Hi, I have recorded a macros Sub WarehouseRecieved() ‘ ‘WarehouseRecieved Macro ‘Booked in at the warehouse ‘ ‘ Keyboard Shortcut: Crtl+w ‘ Range(“Q21”).Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = “Yes” End Sub BUT!! I want to select a different cell (column b) run the shortcut and yes to appear...
  5. J


    CELLWIDTH returns the cell width of the optionally provided Cell Reference. =LAMBDA([Cell],IF(ISOMITTED(Cell),INDEX(CELL("width"),1),INDEX(CELL("width",Cell),1))) It returns ONLY the cell width, not the Spilled Array CELL("width") now returns. Note that the value returned is the width of the...
  6. 2

    XL VBA - filter column based on parts of string in a remote cell value

    Remote* Cell values in a named range "MyNamedRange"** have following structure: "U. HeaderName - KeyWord"*** Filters and HeaderName row is in row 10 Objective - Upon Right Click on a cell in above named range: - Filter in Column U using the "KeyWord" * Remote - as in it is not part of the...
  7. C

    Delete a row if it doesn't have anything below it

    Good day everyone, I want to program a button that can delete a row if it doesn't have anything below it. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Initial Example: By clicking a button, the result should be like this: It will delete Region C and E because it doesn't have any name below it.
  8. N

    Triggering a HTTP Search, through Cell Value Alteration

    Hi everyone, I have another question for everyone. This one is a bit complicated as several aspects of the code need fixing, and I am having a hard time doing so. If there are any helpful mind out there please have a look at he the problem below. What the VBA code should do: Each time text is...
  9. P

    Linking Cells/Workbooks

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a summary page that automatically updates with certain values when creating invoices on excel. Is this possible? I want to be able to render different invoices but have a summary sheet which keeps all the data in one. What's the best way to go about this? I want the...
  10. B

    Worksheet_SelectionChange event not firing !?!

    Hi all, Worksheet_SelectionChange event doesn't fire if I change the selection from a cell to an image. Does it only fire if a cell is selected (it seems to be the case, but I thought I'd check)? Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub...
  11. M

    Hyperlinks in data table

    Hello, I have two sheets, first of them has a data table with the income of a list of 14 companies during 2018 and 2019. The other sheet I've a data table with a list of these companies and next to the name an hiperlink. When it's selected, it transports you to the cell located in the row of...
  12. N

    Sequential numbers based on cell value

    How do I enter sequential numbers based on cell value start with D9 and end with D7 (30 years term) and I would like to calculate in range Q3:V14. If I change D7 value to 10 years, in range Q3:V14 should count only 10 years and stop. See my attached XL2BB file. Thank you so much for your help...
  13. E

    Display Text when Button is checked

    i dont seem to make progress bcs I dont have experience. Maybe you guys can help me out. If a button is checked i want it to display the text in a free cell from A1 to A14. I tried .TypeText „…“ but that does not work. Help is much appreciated
  14. Jyggalag

    Edit email macro to ignore certain emails

    Hi all! I have the following email macro: Now, what I am wondering, is whether it might be possible to ignore certain emails from being targeted on the list that I have designed in my "for i = 2 to 10" code? A nice solution personally for me would be if I could simply just highlight the cell...
  15. O

    Power Query appending (different cells from) same table in sample file

    I have >100 files, all with the same make-up. I use Sample File to get a 'specific part of the table'. I also need '1 value' of this table from a specific cell, BUT this value is filtered out in the steps to get the 'specific part of the table'. I could Add (the '1 value') as New Query before I...
  16. S

    Assigning Random whilst checking front two rows to not duplicate the same values

    So I have a list of data (E2:E13) that is to be randomized, after randomizing, I am to assign it to employees 2 and 3, the problem is that I'll have to check the front rows so that to not assign the same values and therefore preventing duplicates of the rows A and B. Heres a data I'm working...
  17. A

    Macro to Copy a Specific Column Values From Different csv Files into a Single Worksheet

    Good day experts, I need to fetch values from an identified column (DistanceToNext), across numerous csv files into a single worksheet. These csv files are indexed with numbers. The first csv file indexed 001 is to be pasted in first column of the single worksheet. The second csv indexed 002 to...
  18. R

    Move (grouped) shapes based on cell value

    Good morning, For our local football club i'm responsible for planning of the pitches on saturday mornings. The football asociation sends me a schedule on a weekly basis which includes an initial planning of all matches (teams, lockerrooms, fields, starting time) and which I want to reschedule...
  19. A

    Copy Comments to new comment sheet, create hyperlinks in source sheet to comment sheet

    Hello, sheets and/or workbook shall not be protected. If the name of the source sheet consists of blanks this is no problem for the running of the macro, but the name of the new comment sheet shall not consist of blanks and shall not be too long. The macro asks for the name of the source...
  20. S

    Can't enter formula from cell using vba

    Hi All, There is a problem depicted below. There is a cell B6 with a formula (does not matter what is the formula, a formula in principle), which is shown in cell B7 using FORMULATEXT function. Cell B8 contains this formula in the macro format obtained using the macro recorder. Now the...

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