1. jltjr75

    auto-fill "payment" tab from the "master" tab debt list

    I have a sheet with two tabs: master and payment If the "master" tab has a pay date from the 1st - 14th, I want the information auto-filled under the "payment, 1st Payments" row (columns A thru C auto-filled) If I delete or change the payment amount or pay date it from the "master" tab I...
  2. A

    Counting and Then Notating a Color Pattern Within a Row

    After much digging, I don't know if what I'm looking for is possible or not. Its a reach for sure. I am working on a knitting project, and it would be really helpful if I could get Excel to count the patterns in each for me. So far I have cells being conditionally formatted whether they are...
  3. D

    Auto fill in and update current date/time whenever certain cells are filled

    ABCDEFGHIJKL1DAYDATADATE/TIME2DAY 1E2F2G2H2autofill date/time3E3F3G3H34DAY 2autofill date/time56DAY 3autofill date/time7 Hi, I have tried to post this previously but have yet to get this solved. I need Excel to automatically FILL-IN and UPDATE the current Date & Time in cell L2 (which is...
  4. D


    I have a dropdown list on sheet 1 , the data is on sheet 2. is there a way of making the list autofill?
  5. J

    Date/Time Auto-Fill & Calculation Errors

    Hello all, I am running into what I believe to be two separate bugs in Microsoft Excel for Office 365 MSO 16.0.10730.20155 64-bit. It seems that Excel does not properly perform calculations or auto-fills properly on time/date data. I'd like to run it by you guys before I jump through the...
  6. C

    Auto-filling Product Information

    I'm hoping someone here can answer this question. What I'm trying to do is set up a worksheet with product information (barcode number, item description, and unit price) to use as a databse and then set up a separate worksheet with invoice information (invoice number, product code, item...
  7. G

    Auto-fill problems

    Hi! I'm having problems with auto-filling some complex formulas. Example : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =ALS(COUNTCOLOR(Lijst!$A$2;Lijst!P$8:Lijst!Q$8)=2;$A$140...
  8. F

    Trying to modify this 'auto-fill down to the next empty cell' macro to auto-fill sequential numbers instead

    Hi all, I've attached a worksheet with the macro already installed that will auto-fill cell values down through empty cells to the next cell containing data (and so on and so on).. It works great! BUT, I'm now trying to modify it to make it fill empty spaces with sequential numbers. Any help...
  9. G

    Text predictive auto-fill across multiple Sheet tabs on a document

    Hello, when entering repetitive text such as category names, I need the auto-recognition feature to work across multiple Sheet tabs. This is where you start typing the text it into a new cell and it predictively pre-fills it in for you, giving you the chance to press Enter instead of fully...
  10. F

    Excel fill every third row with data from 2nd sheet

    I need help with issue I'm having. I got 2 sheets, 1st sheet is the table I need to fill and 2nd one is the data. In the data part I have column A with employee number and B with names. On the first sheet I have table that I need to fill but table is like this: Blank row Number column + Name...
  11. M

    Multi IF Formula within Single Cell

    Hi, So, I'm creating a gantt chart in google spreadsheets and need to have bars fill in specific colors based on the start date, estimated completion date, todays date, and the tasks progress. In other words, I need the time between the start date and estimated completion date to be gray. As...
  12. K

    Attach Setting to Document, Not Excel Program on Computer

    Hi all, Sorry if this is already out there and I missed it (in which case, please feel free to share the useful link:) ), but I was wondering if there was anyway to tie settings to a shared document. The details are as follows: I have an excel shared on a server with many other people. To...
  13. K

    VBA code to auto-fill input box in excel 2010

    Hi, I have macro I have written that once clicked on from an object pulls certain named tabs from a file, paste them as values, and saves that file outside of the existing workbook they came from. What I am trying to do is auto-fill the input box prompt with a specific naming sequence instead...
  14. D

    Type Mismatch Error and Wrong Order of Output

    I am having two issues with the below working code: It places the last action at the bottom instead of the top. When a user completes an auto-fill selection it kicks out a bug (as if it is getting overloaded with things to report on) [The actual error is a Run-Time Error '13': Type mismatch]...
  15. S

    Excel Auto-Fill Feature and linking Documents

    Project #1 - The Simple One At work we use two main documents that we have to fill out prior to going to a work site. The first form is called " General Work Order Form" and then on that form after we determine the "Scope of work", we choose an appropriate SWMS Form that are two forms that...
  16. S

    Auto-fill todays date when writing

    Hi, I have a spread sheet with "cases" that I use in work to note tasks that I need to do. When I start a new case I would like today's date to auto-fill in a specific column, the purpose is to keep track of when I got that task. Does anyone know how to solve it? All answers are...
  17. R

    Combo Box Auto Fill in Office 2010?

    Hi, I want to create a Auto-fill combo box, when user double clicks a validation cell and starts keying- the cell should be auto-filled. I tried using using the approach discussed in It does not work, can...
  18. R

    How to auto populate a worksheet using a reference cell

    I have two spreadsheets, one which contains job data, and the other that is set up as a job sheet form. Currently I link each cell of the form to the appropriate cells in the data sheet, but figure someone here may know a way that I can populate the needed data from the data sheet into the job...
  19. H

    Auto-filling and other cells and inserting blank row when new data entered

    Hi I have a really important issue in a data spreadsheet of mine. I have seen various posts asking related questions but none that have really addressed what I need to accomplish. I have a worksheet (attached) in which I have a set of data (historical returns of 2 things). The month is listed...
  20. dukeofscouts

    Change autoFill direction from down to right?

    After seeing how Bill changed the ENTER key direction from down to right I started to wonder, is there a similar option that will let you change the douple click fill direction from going down, to going to the right? I use the TEXT-COLUMNS feature alot and have to do alot of work of transposing...

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