auto populate

  1. J

    Auto Populate Formula Without Dragging

    Looking for a method to have formulas populate when entering data without dragging, etc. For example, if I copy a column of data from one workbook (e.g. - a data download) into Column "A" of another workbook, I would like to have the columns next to the copied data automatically populate with...
  2. J

    Auto-populate different sheets into single sheet (master)?

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets which has multiple sheets. All the different sheets represent different categories - the first rows of all the sheets is the same. Is there a way to auto-populate and consolidate all the sheets so that they are all in one master sheet? The first two...
  3. MrDB4Excel

    Auto Populate Multiple Adjacent Cells

    Some of the columns have me stumped. As you can see by the ISBLANK, ISERROR & other functions in columns A, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, & P that if a result is null then the cell is blank. I can’t seem to get these same functions to work as needed in columns B, C, D, E, F, G, & H. Any help will be much...
  4. V

    How would I go about copying a value from a cell given certain conditions?

    I have a table with a customer and a bunch of line items tied to the customer, and then the next customer and a bunch of line items. Due to the way the information is received there are blank values between customers. I Have CUSTOMER PRODUCT QTY Customer A ABC 20 XYZ 5 LMN 15...
  5. K

    How to Auto Populate Entire Row With Previous Values Already Entered by Entering Name on First Column?

    Hello, I do alot of repetitive work and looking for away to auto fill a row with the last entries I entered based off of a name in the Second column. Every day I need to enter in the same values, but sometimes one value changes and stays for awhile. So I would like to populate from the last...
  6. T

    Need to changed the value in a cell based on another cell with multiple values options

    I need aformula that will auto populate like this: If A1 shows “M”,then auto populate in A2 “T”, or “T” , “W”, or “Th”, “F”, and so on. I was tryingto write an “IF” statement, and then a VLOOKUP, but I am not good at writingthese formulas. Could anyone assist in helping write this. I...
  7. T

    Auto populate holiday tracker from year planner

    Hi, I have a sheet "Planner" where I can input the holidays taken by employees. All these sheets currently work fine as they are if I were to input data manually. What I am looking to do is auto populate sheet "Holiday Overview" cells C4:N28 with the hours holiday taken which is based on the...
  8. A

    Check Boxes

    I am creating a rather small excel sheet. Only 4 columns, but it will become quite lengthy. I need a check box in it to use as the case goes to Appeal status. So, what I would like to do is for that check box, which I will have in column 1A. But once I enter a name in column 1B, I would like a...
  9. F

    auto populate with date + 6 months

    Hi Everyone, I'm in desperate need for a unction/rule. So, (this is embarrassing) a bunch of people are imputing dates in column G in a spread sheet; they are all different dates. These people need these dates plus 6 months to auto populate in column F. For instance: column G is 04/30/18...
  10. H

    Formula to read values from a range to and autopopulate info into 2 different columns

    Hi Guys. I am new to this forum, and not sure how to place my actual excel cells in here... Ok. So I will explain as best I can, I am after a formula (not a macro) to Take player preference and auto-generate a list; in this example, there are only 2 rewards and only 5 rewards available each...
  11. G

    Check Boxes - Auto Insert when inserting new row

    I have check boxes in one column on a form. When the user inserts a row I want the check box to populate as well in that new row in the same column as where the others are now. Is there a way to do that? Side Note: I already have a conditional formatting formula to shade alternate rows when...
  12. N

    Create a list of names based on a number indicator

    I have a list of QA Analyst, and a number of how many audits they need to complete. I then have another list of advisors that need to be audited. I want to apply the QA Analysts name next to the advisors names the exact number of times that the first list says they need to audit. I'm not sure...
  13. R

    VBA Code for Auto-Populating Text From One Table to Another

    I have a table that tracks a bunch of info such as, person, category, department, description, due date, and priority. I have, at best, extremely weak VBA skills, so I REALLY need help. Here is what I'd like to do, if it's even possible. I would like to have a VBA code that will...
  14. J

    Auto Populate from dashboard to second spreadsheet

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets. I would like to learn how to set up my dashboard so that I can enter data on it, then have the data fill in the first open row on the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has 17 columns of data with 2 blank columns after the 5th and 9th columns of information...
  15. K

    Auto Populate a Cell Based on a Phrase

    Hey all: I need help figuring out how to auto populate a cell based on a phrase or text in another. So, for example: If I put 'Replace VCT in doorway' in A1, I would like 'TWO' to automatically appear in B1. Would it be easier for me to do this in Access and then export it to excel? Either...
  16. A

    Auto populate a column when other column is filled

    Hello there, I am trying to auto populate column B with number '1000' when column E is filled with data, for which I am using formula =IF(E2="","","1000") But this is not giving me the result I wanted. You help in this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Aashna
  17. M

    Combining auto suggest combo box and auto population using if statement

    I am trying to combine these 2 code lines to accomplish a drop down list with suggestive text. That also auto populates other cells when a menu is selected it populates menu items. The suggestive text works well but I'm a bit stumped on how to go about adding the auto population of the cells...
  18. P

    Help! - Auto Populating

    Hey everyone. Okay so I have a speadsheet with 8 columns which are: A - Name of Customer B - Date of Sale C - Month of Sale D - Cost E - Sell F - Margin G - Profit H - Description I want to auto populate Column H when I type in the name of the customer in Column A. In Description I have a...
  19. C

    Auto populate excel quotes from thousands of referenced price lists

    Hello, I am trying to determine if there is a way to create a workbook template for a sales quote that references other workbooks. In other words, is there a way to automate the population of data fields (eg. supplier, cost, description) when a manufacturer product number is entered into a...
  20. B

    Auto Populating new sheets

    I'm trying to figure out how to populate Sheet 2 (Item 1) with the information from Sheet 1 (Submittals log) Row 6 automatically. I'd like a new sheet created for each item in Column A with the same format as the Sheet 2, but with the information for the next Row down (Item 2) and I'd like the...

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