auto save

  1. tlc53

    Auto save multiple accounts from one sheet - Simplify

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this, which is user friendly and can cope with new accounts being added. Currently I have the below code, which works great. However, I have 100 accounts and the below code is for just 3 accounts. It is going to be very time consuming writing all...
  2. M

    Auto download & save file to current desktop & open command

    Good Evening Excelers! I need anyone downloading my excel file from email to AUTO DOWNLOAD & SAVE FILE TO CURRENT DESKTOP w/ current file name & OPEN COMMAND? Is this possible? Thanks 4 any help! :confused::confused::confused:
  3. L

    SaveAs method not working while saving workbook Sub SaveIt() Dim Fnc As String Dim Coe As String Dim Dt As String Dim Path As String Fnc = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("COELeadInputs").Range("E4").Value Coe =...
  4. F

    Barcode to auto save workbook

    Guys!! I do need to save a workbook by only reading a barcode. I mean as I read a barcode it will save automatically the workbook. Is it possible ? Please help me out . .. or does somebody has already done it cause I couldn't find a link talking about it.
  5. C

    MACRO to Protect Worksheet and Autosave File

    Hello Everyone, Did some additional research and got some help on a code to protect my worksheet, as well as autosave, however I seem to keep getting errors. I have a worksheet/tool called "Save Tool", with multiple tabs. What I want is the code to: 1) Unprotect all tabs 2) Perform the...
  6. C

    Macro to save a copy of the worksheet as part of an existing script

    Hello, I've searched the forum for something similar to what I am looking to do. I have a tool, that runs a macro to clean up the data within. What I am looking to do is have it also save a copy of the end result as a unique name on the users desktop (or what ever specified location)...
  7. M

    VBA- Auto-generate PO# and Auto-save as PO# for file name

    There is already a "Purchase Order" excel Template worksheet. There are 4-5 people using this document in one office, and they have a shared server where all purchase orders are stored inside a folder that is shared by everyone. Requirements: Whenever someone opens this Purchase Order document...
  8. M

    Auto save after inactivity.

    Hi I am new to this but am finding my way around using several pieces of code found on the web so I may look more advanced than I am. Most of the code I have found does an auto save then a close. what I need is to be able to auto save but without the close. possibaly a message box open while...
  9. C

    Please HELP (without attachment)

    I am a REAL novice at this and am asking for your kind assistance in getting this going. I've created a vehicle sign out log (as shown below). 1. Column "B" is where student will select their names (simple drop down menu); 2. Column "C" is where the student will enter their driver's license...
  10. J

    VBA autosave with name in 2cells

    Hi all I have been suching the net for a VBA code. I have been looking for days and i have found nothing. I'm working on a workingsheet that need to save before closing with the name reading from 2 cells. Either im Stupid or I haven't found a code for it. I have just start to learn all this...
  11. R

    Help with Auto Save

    Hi.. I'm trying to Auto Save my workbook every 60 seconds. I have the following code in ThisWorkbook. When the code pops off the timer, I get a message displayed Cannot run the macro "C:\... shows the path with the path ending in !TheSub. The macro may not be available in the workbook or all...
  12. V

    Daily "goods in" controlling with the use of an automated checklist template

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I will try to be as specific as possible with the description of my goal. Many thanks in advance! I am trying to contro the daily intake of products at my store. The warehouse receives between 40 and 50 individual pieces of equipment...
  13. J

    Macro to prompt Save as Dialog when a workbook is opened

    Hi All, I'm new to doing macros but I'm picking up on their usefullness as i go... I've created a spreadsheet that will be kept on the company server in the templates folder, but to prevent people editing it I would like the "Save As" dialog box to open every time the sheet is opened, that way...
  14. J

    HELP - Job at stake !

    I am a systems person and not a programmer. I need to have an MS EXCEL template that will automatically save itself every 5 minutes. If I don't get this done today, I am FIRED ! Please assist. We have two different workstations - one has MS EXCEL 2003 and the other MS EXCEL 2007 - I can...
  15. F

    autosave if workbok left idle or after set amount of time

    I seen a macro that if the workbook set idle or was left open for a set amount of time it would save the workbook. I really need that macro or if someone can give me one I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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