auto update

  1. C

    Auto Refresh Power Query at 5:00AM, M-F

    I have a power query ("Query - qry_Riders_Last_5_Years") located on sheet tab "Previous RolledUp Cost Data" which needs to be refreshed only once each workday. I prefer this to happen before everyone gets in and starts their day. This way, they can come in, open the tool and begin working...
  2. C

    VBA Self updating data?

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping for some help with a piece of code that keeps tripping me up. I work for a store and have lots of pages relating to different kinds of product. I'm attempting to add them all to one "master list" that contains data for a pivot table. New products get added via a...
  3. M

    Auto Updating from excell book to book

    Hello Everyone This is my question I have a excel book that I have created for like a master inventory list and as I download the inventory excel books from my vendors I wanted to know is there a way for my excel book to check the vendor's file and match the SKU for a product and then...
  4. L

    Auto Update Time Stamp?

    Hello, I am trying to have a cell (or cells) that log when the last change was made to a shared workbook. I have tried a few options through VBA that I found through searching:Public Function ModDate() ModDate = Format(FileDateTime(ActiveWorkbook.FullName), "m/d/yy hh:nn ampm") End Function...
  5. S

    Complex Question

    Hi, I have created a spreadsheet in excel. It will contain the following columns: Date Performed Employee # Last Name First Name Temp Y/N Dept # Dept Name Position I would like to eventually convert this spreadsheet to a table, but for now it is...
  6. A

    Can I turn off External Link auto updating of the “LINK” not the data?

    I have workbooks on SharePoint. I link data from Book2 to Book1 such as: Book1 cell A1 ='[Book2.xlsm]Tracker'!A1 I understand the concept of not having Book1 open when and if Book2 is opened and moved because the Eternal Link will follow the move. Here is my...
  7. O

    Auto Update a league table

    Hi there, I have an excel document where people are going to score points based on sporting predictions. This document will be updated throughout the year. I am looking to have a 'league table' that updates based on when a players total points changes. Thanks
  8. G

    how to copy rows (& auto update) to another (existing) worksheet based on criteria

    Hi All! Here's what I'm hoping some of you wizards can help me with: My Boss' wife has a mailing list in Excel which exceeds 500 entries. The Master list contains all the addresses. Columns 9 - 13 have designations of x, g, c, j, and p. If the person gets a mailing for Christmas, an "x" is...
  9. C

    multiple workbooks & pivot tables

    I have 20 separate workbooks and each have a pivot table. I would like to write code to open each workbook, update the pivot, save the workbook and close the workbook instead of me having to do that manually to each one. I can place them all in the same folder to make things easier. Ideally...
  10. D

    Auto Update Pivot Table

    Hey guys, I have built a dashboard in excel using a couple MSSQL queries and then I filter the data in a pivot table. The only problem I have is that the data in the pivot is not updating unless I refresh. I am populating a few sheets in a table and have set them to auto refresh every 3...
  11. X

    Auto populating a key column in an output table based on a column from an input table

    Hi, I have a table which a client is populating with information. The first column contains key information to identify the line of data. The summarized output will be in a second table designed to be more clean and printable than the data input table but the first column needs to correspond to...
  12. K

    Auto Update Formula

    So, I have a workbook containing multiple worksheets and I'm trying to clean it up a little bit. This workbook is a list of people that my company contacts and it states if they accept an invitation from us when we contact them or not (in other words there are a bunch of yes and no's next to...
  13. D

    Creating a purchase order book that inserts & time stamps

    I'm trying to create a virtual purchase order book that will insert a six digit number that updates each time I open it. I also need to track each purchase order I create (just the purchase order number and the amount) on a master sheet. Can someone help me please?
  14. D

    Problem with adding comments to a text box, and having the text box keep updating and NOT deleting the text that currently is in the text box.

    Hi all, I have a form that has three fields (1. Comments (TEXT), 2. Legacy_Comments (TEXT), 3, Comment date (DATE)) Now my users need to keep adding comments to the comment text box, and when they do it automatically adds the date they entered the comment in the Comment date box. Now my problem...
  15. E

    Auto update an excel formula inserted in an email in Outlook

    I send these kind of mails to intimate people about upcoming meeting, the format I prepare in Excel 2013 and paste it in Outlook 2013 (as a table, not as an image) Now one of the columns I put as 'Days Remaining' which basically tells the users how many days are there to the review, the...
  16. K

    Auto Update a Column of Dates based on another cell/columns value

    Hello, First off I want to say thank you to all the moderators/ administrators/ any one else that actively contributes with helping to answer these types of questions. I am pretty new to conditional formatting and some of the more advanced formulas used in Excel. Having said that i will get...
  17. K

    Drop down lists and multiple worksheet auto update

    Hello. Could someone please help me with my spreadsheet? I want it to do 2 things; 1 of which I have managed but now I have an error re my drop down lists. 1. I have a main worksheet, where I enter and update rows. Depending on the answer in Column N, all of the corresponding data in that row...
  18. D

    Auto Add Date in Multiple Columns

    Hey, I'm trying to Auto Update a column once a preceding column is updated. For example, when I update D5, E5 will add the date. Likewise, when I update J5, K5 will add a date. It is important that the date inserted does not update with the current time of the spreadsheet, [ ie. now()]...
  19. A

    Auto numbering in corresponding row

    I need to have the corresponding row numbers auto update in column A, if it is blank, whenever new data is added. i.e. If there is no row number in A7 when I enter data in D7 then auto enter the row number into the corresponding row in col A, A7 in this case. Obviously do nothing if there is a...
  20. U

    Marco to auto update

    I'm looking for help to create a marco that will auto update a workbook, "Master.xlsx" upon opening from another workbook, "Test.xlsx". Is there VB code that will automatically update when opening "Master"? The thing is that "Test" workbook will have rows added in between the existing rows...

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