1. B

    Inserting Rows with formulas automatically populated from the row above

    I'm sure this is a simple fix, but I am trying to insert rows in an excel spreadsheet and I want the row I insert to automatically populate the same formula from the row above it. For example: In cell N6, I have =IF(C6="@",E6,0) In cell N7, I have =IF(C7="@",E7,0) Now if I insert an entire...
  2. G

    Auto-send email and auto back up at specific time

    Hi, I am trying to create an automated report to be sent out as an email. I need a email created and cells B6:S8 copied into a table and the email automatically sent from a PC. I already have a Macro to take a back up of the information in cells B8:S8 and paste it into the next available...
  3. S

    auto populate

    ok, i'll explain as best I can in d2:s2 I have week numbers in a3:a100 I have part numbers what I am looking to achieve is if I populate (as an example) h15 a formula in c15 will populate with the relevant week number from row 2
  4. A

    Auto Resize to fit different monitor sizes

    Hi - Could someone please give me bit of assistance, I am trying to get an excel document to auto resize to different monitor/screen sizes so bosses do not have to scroll around document. I have tried the code below but does not work (also not sure if putting in the right place, fairly new to...
  5. S

    Auto column width adjustment

    Hi, Due to the fixed column width the figure more than width is showing ###### and need to double click to see the figures, how column adjust itself automatically ? <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  6. C

    Comment or Note: Auto Fill with date & time

    WITHOUT doing a VBA is there a way that a note/comment can auto fill the date and time as well as the person's name? Thank you :)
  7. D

    auto track CTO if an employee came in during a Holiday

    Hi All, Noob Here :) seeking help in auto tracking of employee's earned Compulsory Time off based on an employee's schedule.
  8. P

    Is there a way to reverse the weekday function

    I have a range (b2:f2) that displays the weekdays of the week(Monday-Friday). In range(b1:f1) I have the dates corresponding with those weekdays of the week. Where I am located the current date is Saturday, the 5th day of October. Which is still considered the current week. So if I were to open...
  9. H

    Column AutoFit Sometimes Set Columns to 255 Width

    Hi, This my first post, apologies if I break any rules in the forum. I am trying to use VBA to write a simple code to auto fit column width. I have data in columns A:Z and I have also merged cells D5:J5. Naturally, I think a simple line like the following will do the job...
  10. S

    IF with two conditions

    Hi I need formula with if command in column E based on data from A to D, Secondary no Discount <tbody> Segment Transmission Value Discount % Result Primary AUTO 1000 20% 200 Primary<strike></strike> MANUAL 1000 10% 100 Secondary AUTO 1000 0% 0 Secondary<strike></strike> MANUAL...
  11. T

    Auto vbyes in Inputbox?

    Hey. Iam wondering if its possible to to code or do something with inputbox. The thing i need. my costumer is going to put in a value of 7 numbers/letters, and then press Yes. Is it possible to do the "yes" button automatic when 7 numbers/letters is filled in? Ex: inputbox is appearing...
  12. S

    Auto save and close query on a "Macro enabled" spreadsheet

    Hello All, I have a spreadsheet with some code for auto-population of cells, this requires the spreadsheet to be saved as "macro enabled". The problem I have is that the code cannot run in "Shared" mode. So I would like to add in some further code to automatically save then close the...
  13. J

    User Input Control

    I have moved past the issue of time to decimal, as that was handled quite efficiently here. I am now on to a new "I need help" thing. I would like to have a yes or no question box pop up upon opening the worksheet (or workbook or speadsheet, not quite sure of that terminology yet) which changes...
  14. D

    Concatenate different columns with delimiter

    Hi there, I am trying to concatenate different columns from 2 sheets, which are in different order one to each other. This would be the columns i need from the Auto sheet, and their counter from Manual sheet: <tbody> Auto Manual Column Column Q AB S T T U U AN V V W AQ X AT...
  15. R

    Custom Auto Filter

    Hello Friends Can anyone tell me if it is possible, and how to enter multiple logic in the custom auto filter ? For example, for a data set, I would like to filter between 7 AND 8, 8 AND 9 , 9 AND 10...and so on. Cheers Rush
  16. P

    Auto Fill a Form from a Database

    I have created a database for job lines in a plumbers that I work, for tracking new jobs. The database is completed using a data entry form to provide a new job number to a job. I have also set up a blank job line that gets printed out to give to the engineer that is going to this job. I have...
  17. S

    Hide rows, auto sum adjust atomatically?

    For example Row1 Row2 . . . Row10 I set a formula adding the value of these 10 rows. Is it possible that if I do some sorting, lets say only 1,3,5,7 rows, is there an auto sum formula that will adjust automatically only summing those 4 rows? Thanks a lot.
  18. C

    Auto Update Cell References

    Good afternoon, Could someone please help me with a problem I am having? I am trying to reference a cell in Sheet1 by using ='Sheet2'!A2 for example and carry it down to ='Sheet2'!A30, but when I insert a row between that range and type in information it doesn't auto update. Further...
  19. E

    Image auto re-sized when inserted

    I am a superintendent for a construction company and I have a workbook that I am currently working on and I am fairly new to excel. It is for daily reports in which I have to add 4 pictures everyday for 6 days a week. I found that if I use a chart it will auto re-size pictures for me cutting...
  20. J

    Categorize credit card transaction details by predefined buckets (e.g. gas, food, entertainment, etc.)

    Hi folks, I want to do a pivot table based on credit card transaction data that is categorized - obviously the raw transaction data won't make for a very good pivot table since it's not categorized... When downloading a credit card stmt in csv I get transaction data something like below (blank...

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