1. Q

    Creating a log that populates a name in a cell if a specific number is in another cell

    Hi all! I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to create what I thought was a simple spreadsheet for our company's contracted tow roster. We have 4 towing companies. Each time a vehicle is towed, the next company on the roster gets to tow the next vehicle and so on until all 4 have...
  2. S

    Excel Sharepoint Help: Conditional Formatting & Data Autofill

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet on Sharepoint that I'm trying to make work. The purposes: To allow people from our building can add their name and birthdays. To have conditional formatting that automatically highlights all rows containing dates from the current month. To automatically populate...
  3. C

    Follow-up List

    I attached photos. I have a spreadsheet with multiple rows containing criteria to be met or unmet, and then columns pertaining to persons who have either met or unmet the criteria in the rows. What I would like to do is create a follow-up sheet that autopopulates any unmet items. The...
  4. N

    Auto populate from 6 different sheets - Excel 365 and Google Sheets

    Hi, me again as you guys are really helpful. My next question that I can't seem to figure out is there a way to auto populate a sheet every time you add a new entry to a different sheet. This is the scenario: 5 sheets that I enter information into based on their filters. These sheets will have...
  5. F

    Auto Populate Multiple Fields Based On Source Cell Data/Change

    Hey folks, Have been searching the web and this forum for the last couple of days, but can't seem to find the answer to my specific question. I have a workbook that contains sheets named as follows - Data, Monthly Rolling, Sheet1, Sheet2...Sheet31 This workbook has been designed as a template...
  6. S

    Drop down list selection to fill down results on multiple rows

    Hi! I've been breaking my head trying to figure out and or find an answer on how to use a drop down list (of names) to fill down a column with the results. More detail. Lets say I have multiple sheets, each with a name, an a list of objects they own like this: And on another sheet, I have a...
  7. A

    Need macro that Populates usage end date in column T

    Dear All, Please see below image, i have this job i need to do this manually everyday, if this can be automated it makes my life easier. I need macro that Populates usage end date in column T i hope i made instructions clear in Image, if anything more reuired please ask. Many Thanks for your...
  8. E

    Autopopulate sticker template

    Hi, I have a sticker template made up of 6 stickers that I'd like to copy the part number and its descripton from a second worksheet which includes list of part numbers. My challange is I want to auto populate sticker content on template with xls functions depending on number entry "for number...
  9. C

    AutoPopulate Records Based on Dates

    I have a budget forecast workbook where I track my upcoming recurring bills along with all my transactions - be it cash, ATM, check, etc. This also includes any deposits. It is basically an electronic check register with a budget forecast function. There are three ways I gather/enter data: 1)...
  10. H

    Populating 1 row in workbook B from 2 alternating rows in workbook A

    Hello all, Does anyone know how to auto populate 1 row in excel (Workbook B) from information contained in 2 rows in a separate spreadsheet (workbook A)? Workbook A auto populates daily from a google doc form and workbook B is used for accounting (inputted manually). Do you know how to make...
  11. S

    Autopopulate column after dropdown?

    I have a list of states and their counties. I'm looking for a method to choose a state from a dropdown and a column of their associated counties appears. Or, if the user types in the 2 letter state name and it auto populates the counties. I've played around with dropdowns and v/h lookups with...
  12. W

    PLEASE HELP--- Double Click Macro Troubleshooting

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out a Macro so that if I click (For Example) where it says "Double Click" it will copy the Student # in "A4"(in Red) to "C9" AND copy the Date in "C1" (in Green) to "C8". What I would like this to be able to do is, if i double click anywhere in "C2:E6" it will...
  13. D

    Automated alphabetical drop-down list in VBA

    Hello all, This is one of my first posts, so please let me know if I'm not doing it correctly! I read the forum manual but still, I am human and I make mistakes.. My previous post was approved so I hope this one will be as well. So here it goes.. I have a userform which can copy specified...
  14. P

    Drop Down box in Userform to autopopulate a list from sheet14

    HI Please can you help me i have a dropdown box in a userform and sheet14 i have a list of names, in the combobox named 'MTBox' i want this to autopopulate with the names in Sheet14, i have done the following code below that i found on the internet but this doesn't do anything, no errors or no...
  15. D

    Autopopulate cells based on a list in another worksheet

    Hi all, First time poster, long time user. Could somebody please help me with a macro that I would be far out of my depth with, and would help me save a plenty of writing long words in the future. I deal with a lot of plant samples from day to day and about 10,0000 need to be entered over the...
  16. E

    Error Code 9 while trying to auto populate excel sheet

    So this is my code: Dim src As Workbook Set src = Workbooks.Open("UMF_IR_ADM_<wbr style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px;">SPARTACUS_1910 (Data as of 3-5-2018)") Worksheets("Executive").Range(<wbr>"D7").Value =...
  17. M

    Why doesn't my table update consistently?

    Hi, I'm working on a workbook that has an index sheet on it the displays certain data elements based on data on the other worksheets. The issue I am running in to is that my table doesn't always update with all of the data consistently. It is like my For loop is ending early and I can't for...
  18. M

    Auto fill a company name based on the letters in another cell.

    When I export phone numbers from my contact data base it does not include the company name, it only contains the company abbreviation code. My thought is too match the abbreviations with the correct company names in sheet 2 and then insert a blank cell beside the abbreviation in sheet 1 and auto...
  19. O

    Autopopulate Dates for a certain Range

    Hello, I am stuck on how to get this task done. I need to fill in the date automatically across the rest of the table by finding the last blank cell in the row, referencing the the cell before and filling the table to the last column. So in the example below F1 has a date and I need to fill...
  20. E

    Autofilling rows into new tab based on multiple criteria

    Hi there, I was trying to search through old forums and am really close to getting the answer I need but haven't quite found the perfect solution and am now turning here for help. I have column C in sheet 1 that currently populates only if somewhere in that row has the word "fail" or "hold"...

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