1. R

    Creating an average

    I want to create a Average for the percentages but only as it is filled in. So if its filled in till week 5 the average shows till week 5, if its filled in till week 10, the average is filled in till week 10 ABCDE1Production23Tons of Final Product:45Benchmark70006Weight5.70%78Shift...
  2. C

    Maximum 7 Day Average from data range

    Hi, I have a problem that I can't find a solution for. I have a table that retrieves total production from a site on a given day. This ranges back 3 years. What I want to be able to find is the maximum 7 day average throughout that period. Any suggestions on the best way to achieve this would...
  3. C

    Calculate daily averages in a pivot table with weekly or other irregular periodic data

    If I have this data in a list how do I calculate the average daily sales using weekly totals. The pivot table would give a result of 5.35 for January but I reckon it should be 4.42. Furthermore if the sales data were not weekly but irregular how would I then calculate the average daily sales...
  4. R

    how to use averageifs in VBA

    Hello guys, Currently I have a set of commands in VBA like: for n = 1 To 274 port_return.Columns(3).Cells(n).Value = WorksheetFunction.AverageIfs(monthlydata.Columns(2), monthlydata.Columns(3), "=W", monthlydata.Columns(5), "<=0.3") port_return.Columns(4).Cells(n).Value =...
  5. M

    Calculate average by date with unusual date column format

    I am trying to make a worksheet that will calculate the averages or a sample taken every 5 minutes constantly. The date column increments in minutes, but comes out with the date attached as well. A sample is below, this is only a few lines:2019-05-21T00:03:40 2019-05-21T08:28:40...
  6. H

    Averages in a Column with Totals for Headers

    Hi - I have a dynamic spreadsheet with data in columns A:K starting at row 10. I want to put averages of columns A:K in column L, expect if the value in row A is "Small", "Medium", "Large". For those rows i want to total columns A:K in column L. I want avoid using a really long =if formula...
  7. MFish

    Is it possible to run averages on a userform?

    Hi, Is it possible to calculate averages on a userform with TextBoxes/Comboboxes? Example: Combobox1.additem = "50%" combobox2.additem = "100%" Maybe...? Lol Textbox1.value = combobox1.average + combobox2.average Visually it would say within Textbox1 75% So, before I hit submit on the...
  8. B

    AVERAGE but treat scores < 75 as 50

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a spreadsheet to calculate average scores from a given range,where they're 0-100. What I have is working fine, however for the purpose ofranking the averages I need to treat scores that are < 75 as “50” whencalculating the averages. Eg. Scores are 100, 89, 85, 76...
  9. K

    Finding Averages Across Multiple Columns That Meet Certain Criteria

    Hi, I want to be able to work out averages from a spreadsheet like below, across multiple columns. So for example, all of the averages from KWB1** to get a value f 2 returned, and then KWB2** to get what would be 7 in this example. Is there a way of just doing that in one formula? <tbody>...
  10. G

    Pivot Table - from Power Query - NOT average of averages

    Hi, I have data with machine speeds per hour (number of feeds/hours) in worked out from per day that is then put into a pivot table with a Timeline filter in it. The result is an average of averages speed when multiple days are selected on the timeline. What I really need is not an Average...
  11. A

    Lookup or IF or Index not sure what to do

    Hi everyone, As you can see by the table below I have the names, averages and then the rank. I use the rank formula so that I can have numbers depending on average. Rank Name Averages 7 Pat 0.00 6 Dan 2.00 7 Steve 0.00 3 Donald 5.00 7 Jim 0.00 7 Shelley...
  12. R

    How do I add custom, dynamic time period averages to Excel Pivot Table?

    I have an Excel worksheet that has Overtime (OT) data for each person in the company summarized per pay period. My objectives in Excel are as follows: 1. Show a current pay period summary of OT hours by department (sorted with most hours at top); If the solution is within the PivotTable it...
  13. J

    Average issue or my lack of understanding math?

    <tbody> hours complete avg hr 1 85.5 204 2.39 2 133 90 0.68 3 175.25 294 1.68 why are these averages different? 4 131.5 383 2.91 which one is the true average? 5 125 469 3.75 6 143.5 592 4.13 total 793.75 2032 2.59 or 2032 dived by 794 equals...
  14. M

    Use excel formula to provide grand total of moving averages

    Hello, I need help in finding a formula I can plug into a cell, and would give me the grand total for the moving averages. ColumnB contains the values and the Averages column has the formula "=Average(B2:B3)", which is then copied down the column, for example =Average(B3:B4), etc. Finally I sum...
  15. A

    Conditional averages from arrayed data with mutiple variables

    I have a complex set of circumstances that I want to calculate averages from. The array on the left has data of 3 different candidates that were assessed on 5 different metrics by 4 different assessors. For each candidate, the same assessor that scores for M1 also gives a score for a different...
  16. J

    Looking for Maths / Conceptual Help forums

    I guess I'm looking for a place that can help me with general maths/conceptual help. I don't know if there is a place here to post/discuss this type of stuff or if anyone can recommend another forum Example 1. Weighted Averages - Movie and TV ratings on IMDB are rated 0.0 through 10...
  17. G

    Advanced SUMPRODUCT function for multiple weighted averages

    Hi I am an analyst and I need help with an advance use of the sum product function for weighted averages. I am trying to calculate three different weighted averages within 1 of 50 groups of data. Each of the 50 groups of data have a different weighting score (different importance). I have...
  18. G

    Finding current month sales using moving averages only.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find what operation I need to do to find out how much sales I did in a specific month by only using 5 month moving averages of sales. So, if May sales of 36 units roll off the moving average and the moving average goes from 51 in Aug to 66 in Sep. What operation do I need...
  19. S

    Calculating Averages

    I have a long list of organizations that have received funding over a 3-5 year span from different levels of government (local, state, federal). I want to calculate the average amount of funding each organization received over this time span from each level of government. I could do it by hand...
  20. K

    Averages in pivot charts

    Hi so i will try to explain this the best i can, When i create a pivot chart it doesn't plot the values that are in the pivot table. i have a data set of two variables (different groups of universities) and then years 2007-2017 in a pivot table with values of student numbers. I have selected...

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