1. E

    Run a macro in background

    Hi all, Thought this question would have been raised in the past but can't find the similar situation I am looking for. At the moment I have two separate macro's that I want to combine. One of the macros retrieves data from one workbook and replaces the data in another workbook. The macro...
  2. S

    Sum by color background and if another condition

    Hello, I am trying to write/find a correct vba code able to sum the amount in a colored cell based on two conditions : the color of the background and based on another condition (here the fruit) You can find a easy table showing the situation : I want the formula to sum the amount in the cell...
  3. S

    Userform Picture and text selection

    Good Morning, I was wondering two things, both interrelated: 1. I have a drop-down box that selects a bunch of info from an array using vlookup formulas and vba coding. Is it possible to have a collection of pictures saved on a sheet in the workbook and then the background of a userform as...
  4. M

    Excel 2016 color pallet number

    I'm looking for a way to determine the number of the color set to cell. I have a macro that loops through creating a column of cells with the number background color... But I can't seem to find the corresponding color from the fill drop down. I have a table and use the color number to set the...
  5. B

    Change background color of all named ranges

    HI, I am trying to loop through all the cells in thisworkbook and change the background color to vbyellow. My code so far is as follows: Sub testdata() Dim nm As Variant For Each nm In ThisWorkbook.Names Range(nm.RefersTo).Interior.Color = vbYellow Next nm End Sub It draws an...
  6. J

    need help

    can someone help me why my userform's background image in my pc is llooking good but when i run it to my friend's pc the background image of the multipages will become small..
  7. M

    Conditional Formatting Referencing Color of Another Cell

    I am trying to create conditional fomatting that changes the background color of a cell based on a simple conditional formula, but I want the color to come from the background color of another cell. For example, assume I want to create conditional formatting that changes the background color of...
  8. K

    Table not expanding

    I have written the following code that clears a page of data, copies the new data from another book, selects the new region and turns it into a table. It all works except when I add new data it shows up but the added rows do not format alternating row colors like the rest of the table. They...
  9. C

    Selecting, coloring and defining a range

    Hi everyone, For an app under development, I need the user to: 1) Select a range of rows within a single column (say, A5:A15) 2) Color the background of the selected range. 3) Click on a button that opens a UserForm where the selected range is shown ( e.g. within a text box in the UDF, labeled...
  10. M

    Different Background each time user opens spread sheet

    Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a different background say on sheet 1 when a user opens up a spread sheet. I assume it may be a VBA Code that can do this . If anyone knows it would be great to hear from you thank you
  11. B

    VBA code assistance - adding interior cell background color to weekly report

    The following image shows a report I produce on a weekly basis that I would appreciate assistance in creating VBA code to automate adding in the various cell interior background colors. It’s important to note that I would like the finished code to treat the cell range as dynamic since the...
  12. kelly mort

    VBA code to set font color to match background color

    Hello I need a script that will set font color to match that of the cell background color. My aim is to hide the texts in the cells. I have groups of rows with different background colors. The data range is A20:O68 Thanks in advance
  13. R

    Worksheet Background

    Hi, I am wondering how to do this background in excel. Grid lines are not showing and the focus is just on the worksheet
  14. A

    How to add picture as a background of comment? Excel/VBA

    Hi, I Would like to add picture as a background of cell comment, When i click on the cell comment should be show with the background picture, Does anyone know how to can do it? Regards!
  15. B

    Automating hyperlinking file list

    Hello All - Firstly, I need to apologize for the background noise. I am sitting in a tavern editing a lengthy list from a recovered hard drive. It wasn't until I played the video back that I realized how noisy my environment is. BTW - This same environment is protecting me from chronic tedium...
  16. L

    Changing background color of a userform after each click

    Hi I want to change the background color of a userform when a user click anywhere inside the form. Change the color different from previous one whenever user click on the form. I tried the following code but did not work. Any help would be very much appreciated. Private Sub UserForm_Click()...
  17. S

    Quick If = cell value

    Quick question because my mind is blanking- I have a macro that I'd like to have run if the value of Cell "A1" does not equal the value of Cell "B1". I'd like to insert the piece of code in the front part of the macro. If A1 does equal B1, a msgbox opens that says "hello". p.s. Sheet is named...
  18. D

    Update/run macro while minimized?

    A spreadsheet I'm working on is calculating days since an injury has occurred. I have a macro set up in my VBA editor that recalculates it every (x) minutes/hours/whatever I set it up as. When I paste the object into powerpoint to run on our warehouse displays it will refresh a few times, but...
  19. D

    If cell is given background color then sum

    Hi all. First time poster here. I've used this site for quite a while to increase my Excel abilities and I thank you all for your great insight. This seems like it should be simple, but it has me scratching my head. Hopefully, someone can help me out. I am looking for a formula that would...
  20. S

    VBA - Change Font Color to Match Background Color Based on Another Cell's Value

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a macro (attached to a button) that will do two things when clicked: - change the print area - change the font color in certain cells to match their background color. I have the code for changing the print area, but don't know how to get the other part. Basically...

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