1. dejhantulip

    Save Workbook Timestamped copy is saving my Addin file location instead of actual workbook?

    Dear all, First of all, happy new year!! I wish you all the best for this 2021 :) I wanted to share a little code that I am using to save a "backup" copy of my workbook. Sub BackupWithTimeStamp() 'Code from Officetricks 'Define variable fields Dim sFolderPath As String Dim...
  2. rediffusion

    How to backup settings of Microsoft Office which are in registry branches?

    Cross-post! CloneApp - this is a software that allows you to copy/backup the desired registry branches. Want to understand how from the registry backup what I need (I just do not know where to look, there are a lot of things written) !? Settings - ContextMenuCell, ContextMenuPly...
  3. J

    Change range of countif when dragging down.

    Hi, i have a lot of data in Sheet3 columns A:CQ Rows all the way down to 30,000+. So columns B:CQ are all dates, so once all the raw data (in another tab) is entered and some data appears against a date the date will appear in the cell. below each columnd title i have several outcomes, i...
  4. Trevor3007

    save to a area & create a backup too

    hi, I would like a macro to save the file in c:\data\data123 & create create a backup too in c:\data\backup\data123_backup. is this possible?
  5. H

    Auto backup with date at end of day AND enter last modified & last user in a cell

    Hi I have two problems. I need my spreadsheet to automatically make a backup copy of itself each day, with the file name to include the date. Is that even possible? Also, when any cell in a row is changed, I would like a cell at the end of that row to show the now() date, time and the user...
  6. D

    VBA code to backup Workbook everyhour

    Hi, Can anyone help me with quick and simple VBA code to backup excel file everyhour in different folder. This way I will have a backup file for my tracker which is shared to different users. Thank you
  7. V

    Backup Save in Addition to Regular Save

    Greetings Everyone, I hope everyone is well. I have userform code in place to save a file based on a cell value and to also save a backup file with the date added. Both of these work for the most part. Here is the code as I have it right now: Dim wb As Workbook Dim wbname As String Set...
  8. B

    Help with a lookup please

    Hi Everyone, In my workbook I have Sheet "LOTTERY" & Sheet "BACKUP". In the LOTTERY Sheet I have Column E2:E70 which I need to populate based on Column I2:I70 looking in Sheet BACKUP Column D2:D70. I am not sure how or if I can upload the workbook for you to look at but...... Thanks
  9. E

    Set up Excel to always create backup files by default?

    Is there a way to set up Excel to ALWAYS create a backup for EVERY time I save ANY file over an old one? That is, without having to go to File > Save As > Tools > General Options and checking off "Always create backup" for each and every file for which I want backups created? I'm using Excel...
  10. A

    Vb Code to work in "save as file" and not work in "original file"

    Dear Sir I need help, I am using following code to save as new file; Sub filename_cellvalue()ActiveWorkbook.Save Dim SourceWB As Workbook Dim NewWB As Workbook Dim strPath As String Dim FileName As String If Dir(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Backup", vbDirectory) = vbNullString Then MkDir...
  11. A

    Need help to simplify VB code

    Can someone help to simplify following VB code If I use something unnecessarily like "Select" etc.
  12. gheyman

    Automatically create a backup copy

    is there a way to automatically make a backup copy of a file as soon as someone opens it? We have a very important file that is shared and used by many. Sometime people save over it or accidentally drag it to a folder...... all kinds of things happen I want to save a copy of the file to a...
  13. J

    VBA Code to random sort rows based on value in specific column

    I'm trying to write VBA code that will randomly sort rows of data based on the corresponding value in another column. My data is in B8:F501 and my helper column that I'm sorting by is column AA beginning in row 8. I'd like it to determine the lastrow based on Column B. Currently it will sort...
  14. S

    Lost Data Model in Excel 2016

    Powerpivot disappeared from the ribbon. Is there a quick fix or should I abandon my current file and go forward with the backup copy?
  15. M

    VBA to save a file copy as a backup (.XLK) file to another location

    Hi all. I need to autosave a backup copy of a critical file to another location. I cannot use the default location even though the file name clearly states BACKUP and has warning messages when opened. For some reason users will still try to use those files. I have looked at file format...
  16. V

    Auto back up save

    Is it possible to save a file to multiple locations EVERY time someone amends it? At my office we share docs and 6 people can edit the same doc. I want to be able to create a backup of the file to a diff folder every time someone makes a change and saves it. It has to be a diff folder because...
  17. M

    error msg "The expression you entered...."

    hello all, I'm New to Mr.Excel (Access too) I get this message - The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Access can't find." I copied the VB from a Mr.Excel video about "Auto BackUp" - I'm using 2007-2010 *I need help to resolve this error [code] Sub BackUp() Dim dTime...
  18. H

    saving to network drive

    I have a module that saves to a network drive whenever I open the workbook. The problem is the code gives me an error when I try to open the saved file. the code is from a forum post on a different website Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'Sub SaveToLocations() ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs...
  19. rpaulson

    Copy sheet to new workbook - remove Buttons and VBA

    Im wanting to copy many sheets from my workbook and save then into a new workbook to act as a backup. current code. Sub Save_Backup_File() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim wbSave As Workbook Set wbSave = ThisWorkbook Dim wbNew As Workbook myPath = "C:\Results\" myfile = myPath &...
  20. G

    Application.OnTime says it cannot execute (existing, Public, inside-of-a-module) Sub

    I setup this sub to have my file backed up every 5 minutes. When I execute the module manually it works as expected but after the 5 minutes timeout I get an error message saying it cannot run [workbook path][sub name] I looked at examples on the web and I can't find what I did wrong. My sub is...

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