bar chart

  1. D

    Create Chart

    How do I go about creating a vba macro that reads data from a sheet in order to create a chart? in the sheet below my test data is found in columns a,b with details in rows 2-8. However in the real data my rows will be much more. Add a new sheet to insert the chart. Thanks Date Color...
  2. L

    I need help with a spreadsheet I have made for "ongoing project Timeline"

    So, I have made a what we call "job List" at work. This needs to be updated every month and shows, the next 12 months, with a proposed end date for each project we are doing. It needs to be visual like a bar graph and I wasn't sure on the best way to do this whilst making it time efficient to...
  3. S

    How to recreate this excel chart/graph

    Hi, I am looking to recreate this type of excel horizontal bar chart, without the wording or title. Any idea what changes I can make to one of the default excel charts to re recreate something similar? Thank you
  4. I

    Transposed data with blank spaces and create a Bar Chat without any space

    Hi MrExcel expert, I really appreciate your help to solve this issue. I have been working on this issue for a couple of days now and I feel stuck. Data set: Hours & Date. Goal: 1. I want to sort the data of "date and hours" which have hours assigned to them, and listed beside of my existing...
  5. X

    Macro to create a bar chart?

    So I have a excel that in column A contains the following: How would I create a macro that when run, it generate a bar chart with different ECRs in the X-Axis and the number of ECRS for that specific ECR as Y-Axis? For example, AAA1 will have a bar of 5, AAB3 = 4, etc. It should loop through...
  6. C

    Bar-in-cell chart

    Hello, I want the chart to be reversed. That the next days have the longest bar and vice versa.
  7. M

    There has to be a better way...

    For weeks I've been trying to find a better way to make a Wind Rose Chart or a Spiral Bar Chart to keep track of my Achievements in Steam. I tried to ask AI-aided Formula Editor but it's either not working or I'm not asking the right questions. I'm trying to find a better way to write the...
  8. claybwagner28

    Chart help request.

    Hello. I have 26 business units who perform their annual call tree test. I have 20 who have conducted the test. I want to be able to show on a stacked column chart where each month the bar gets closer to reaching 26. Very similair to a funds raided chart where the botton part grows toward the...
  9. A

    Y-Axis Formatting in bar chart (custom value cutoff)

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate a Y-Axis format that I saw on a paper and I'm not sure how to do it (or if it can be done in Excel). As you can see in the picture, the axis starts at 0 but there's an // that indicates a cutoff (marked with a red arrow). Then, the value restarts at 3000 and goes up...
  10. U

    Excel bar chart

    Hi All, USing below as an example, im attempting to create a bar chart with only 2 bars but using all of the below data. So on the left hand side (y axis) will be the months, and the x-axis along the bottom will be the value scale going up in whatever say 1000s. The thing is I want 2 bars...
  11. Jyggalag

    Make a nicer trendline in bar chart in Excel

    Hi All, I currently have a setup similar to this: I want to create a trendline for the 2022 bar charts. My issue is that no matter which one I pick (exponential, linear, logarithmic etc.) it doesnt touch the top of the bar charts for 2022 and it seems to just go through them. Does anybody...
  12. T

    How do I create a varied width stacked 100% bar chart?

    Each event section has varying lengths. In each section, X, Y, and Z can make an appearance. If both X and Z appear in the same event section, they'd share half the height of a column representing that section. This chart, however, takes away all the significance from the timespan of each...
  13. T

    Bar chart - cluster x-axis and show bars for each cluster

    I am trying to create a bar chart with below clusters. Blue = 2020 Orange 2021 The data comes from Excel: Year 0-100.000 100.000-500.000 500.000-1.000.000 >1.000.000 2020 37,13% 40,0% 33,33% 33,33 2021 47,45% 36,41% 29,27% 20,59 So far I have done this: Step 1: Query Editor Step...
  14. E

    Excel change horizontal axis in stacked bar graph

    I have a table and a bar graph with dates and duration of each activity the graph looks good but the time label on horizontal line is wrong. how do i change this? I attached what the graph looks like. I want it to be one hour interval (3:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 AM ...) My data table only contain...
  15. B

    Grouped bar chart with secondary axis

    I've gotten the primary axis (the bar chart) to work but how do I add a secondary axis as such so there is a space betweej
  16. B

    Changing color of one bar in chart

    Hi everyone, I am currently working Excel 2016 on Windows. So I managed to create a simple clustered column chart on Excel. I have my x (company name) and y values (revenue). However, I want to be able to highlight the bar of one particular company name so that no matter how I present the data...
  17. ferdaozdemirsonmez

    Multilevel bar chart show 95% confidence interval

    Hi, I have a multilevel bar chart. I need to show confidence intervals from the descriptive statistics. I can do this easily when I have single level. But with multiple levels (2 levels) I couldn't manage it. I don't want to create 6 charts instead of one for this reason. Can someone please...
  18. T

    Advanced stacked bar chart

    Dear all, I'd like a stacked bar chart that is displaying each category in a given color. The colors are given in the file attached. As an example I have added the image below. I would like to have one stacked bar chart (not one above the arrow and one below) with a timeline at the bottom. Is...
  19. J

    Charts - Merging 2 or more, or manually creating each bar

    Hi! I've been trying to look for a way to "merge" two or more bar charts, with no success over google nor MrExcel. I'm trying to merge two bar charts into one.As said, one image > 1.000 words, here's an image of what i want: Creating 3 series and making a stacked bar...
  20. E

    Double axis bar chart with different minimum values

    Hi All, I'm try to do what's set out in this post, EXCEPT I want to set a different minimum value for the two datasets I'm graphing...when I set minimum axis value to 0 on the left axis and to 1,000 on...

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