1. H

    Time used in-cell bar - today's date compared to due date

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with the following layout: <tbody> H I J Due date Today 5 15/11/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed 6 24/12/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed <strike></strike> </tbody> <strike></strike> 1. What formula do I need in J5...
  2. B

    VBA Script to hide formula bar - MAC 2011

    Hi Everyone, I'm on Excel Mac 2011 & would like to hide the formula bar via a VBA script. The traditional "Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False" does not work in the Mac version for some odd ball reason. I can hide every other tool bar & ribbon, just not the formula bar. Anyone know of a work...
  3. L

    conditional formatting - bar based on value

    Hi I created a conditional formatting based on the value of the cell excel would insert bar as below. The bar can move from left to right or right to left. My question can I create similar bar but move from bottom to top? is that possible? Thank you very much
  4. M

    finding the size of a Data File BEFORE importing to determine how long it will take before import

    I been searching for a while to determine how many records in a data set. This is so I can determine how long it will take to import. I would like to use this information in a progress bar. I have the progress bar going, I just need to plug values in the code to have the bar move. I can make...
  5. M

    Join all row cells in a single cell by vertical bar

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to Join P:Y column each row cells in single cell by using a vertical bar, result require in AA column as shown below </SPAN></SPAN> Example</SPAN></SPAN> Book1PQRSTUVWXYZAA123n1n2n3n4n5n6n7n8n9n10Join4111311 | 13591012139 | 10 | 126910129 | 10 | 127101310 |...
  6. G

    Week to date ( Sunday to Saturday)

    Hi, I need to create a dynamic bar chart that shows data from Sunday to Saturday for current week. If column A contains dates, column B contains values to be displayed in bar chart. I want the bar chart to always start from the most recent Sunday and chart each day of the week until Saturday...
  7. D

    Bar Chart - Gap Between Bars

    I have created a very simple bar chart. The gap between bars is too wide and I want to reduce it. I am aware about using Format Data Series - Gap Width to reduce gap. However it also reduces the width of bars. Is there any option to reduce the gap between bars without altering their...
  8. N

    View active cell value in status bar

    I think I might be going mad. I'm sure that in my previous version in Excel for Mac (2008) I could view the value of an active cell in the status bar. Since upgrading to Excel 365 I can no longer see this info in the status bar. For the sake of my sanity, will someone please help me?:confused...
  9. L

    adding 1 to a time (cross mid night)

    Hi I was watching a video on how to subtract 1:00 am from 11:00 pm (cross midnight). So the author added 1 to the am time and then subtract it from 11:00 pm. Before adding 1 to 1:00 am, if I click on that cell I see in the formula bar 1:00:00 AM when I add 1, see 01/01/1900 1:00:00 AM...
  10. G

    Horizontal Bar Chart Question

    Hello All, I thought this may be easy, but I'm finding it aggravating <tbody> Project Name Start Finish Project 1 11/16/19 3/15/20 Project 2 6/12/2019 1/14/2020 </tbody> I want to make a horizontal bar chart with a series name of the projects...
  11. T

    Conditional Format Data Bar 2 Colours Based on Number Range

    I have a column in excel that has been formatted to display a progress bar based on the value in the cell 0 - 100. I did this by going to: Home > Conditional formatting > Data bars > More Rules: Then I select, Format Style: 'DataBar' / Type(min/max) 'Number' / Min Value: 0 Max Value:100 This...
  12. N

    Template for staffing numbers

    Hi i would like to design a spreadsheet with my staff in the first column and time across the spreadsheet. A coloured bar across the weeks would show when that staff member was available. The bar would be blank when they were on leave. This would visualise the numbers of staff numbers available...
  13. C

    Show SAP Status bar while SAP is executing through a script

    Hello, I wrote a macro to automate the extraction of data from SAP using SAP GUI scripts. What I want to achieve now is to add a status bar in a form which shows the actual text on the SAP status bar while the report is being produced. I know how to read the SAP status bar, but I just can't...
  14. M

    How do I Make a 3 bar chart in excel?

    Hi, I am making a bar chart in excel and I currently have it as a 2 bar chart, but I could really use a 3rd bar. I do not see an choice for a 3 this do-able in excel??
  15. G

    Identify Macro running from a custom button on the Ribbon Bar

    Hi folks, I added a number of buttons to my ribbon bar but can't recall the name of one of the attached macros. On a regular form button, you can just right click to Assign Macro and the current one is shown. However, the button bar does not allow this approach. Any ideas how I can identify the...
  16. B

    Changing data bar colour based on value?

    Is there a way that you can conditionally format a data bar to a different colour, depending on value? So if it was '0-34%' it would be red, '35-75%' it would be amber etc. ? I don't want to make a bar graph as this information is in a table. I have seen a few instructions on how to do this...
  17. P

    Graphing swimmers' times over time

    Hi, I'm trying to create a graph that compares several swimmers time at different meets. The data is stored as follows: <tbody> Date Swimmer A Swimmer B Swimmer C 1/1/2018 01:53.55 01:50.51 6/5/2018 01:34.22 01:45.12 7/9/2018 01:30.10 01:35.12 </tbody> I know times must be...
  18. J

    How can I add a progress bar to a loop?

    Hi, I've never done anything before with progress bars. I have a macro which loops through a worksheet to last row and the data is used to update an external program. The problem is if there are a lot of rows (1000+) Then excel freezes up until finished. Is it possible to add a progress bar...
  19. 2

    MS Word Bar Codes

    Hello, Could you please point to why my MS Word 2016 cannot view (and save) bar codes. Upon opening (or saving) a document that already has a bar code my MS Word converts the bar codes to text. Do you know how to fix this behavior? Regards, Rajesh
  20. D

    Access 2010: Scroll Bars - again

    I have a form with a header section (containing controls) and the detail section which returns the result of a Search - determined by what is input in the control(s). If I have the vertical scroll bar showing, it extends into both the header and the detail part of the form. Since the...

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