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    Barcode scanner

    Hello. i got a question about barcode scanner.. when i scan a number with the barcode scanner my macro`s arent working..? but the formula`s are working.. i cannot link the sheet i`m working on since its a invalid file.. but i will link the macro i am using, and link a picture of what`s not...
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    EXCEL 2013 Sheet and blocks barcode

    Barcode scanner, 60 sheets. I need the active block to be A1 on a specific sheet . So if Paul scans his barcode i need the active block to go to his sheet, and if john scans his barcode i need the active block to go to John s sheet A1 ?
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    Scan Barcode to designated cell columns and timestamp In/Out with Macro

    Hi Introducing myself, my skill in Microsoft excel is very basic. So my coding skill is minimum. I am creating a simple system to track collection Tin time In and Out. Below are the concept. The tin number is fixed and is converted into barcode. When I press on the Time Out button, and scan...
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    Associate Location to Item while Barcode Scanning

    Hello, I am currently working on a project where I will be inventoryingan Evidence Room for a client. The clientwill be providing me with a list of itemsthat are supposed to be in the propertyroom. I will then scan all the items in the property room and then run queriesagainst the known list to...
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    Way To sync barcode scanner to excel

    Hello There! I'm looking for a solution to my problem and have not found anything online, so I'm coming to you. So, this is what I'm looking for: The barcode scanner I have is a keyboard type and works well with Excel, but... 1. When scanning a barcode, I want ActiveSheet to...
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    Auto-Activate Workbook when using a Barcode Scanner

    Good Morning Everyone (at least whenever I am first posting this), I have made a barcode scanner userform that acts as a small inventory system for my company. Nothing special but it gets the job done. Basically the inventory employee would scan a specific parts' barcode, and a TV display will...
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    Barcode Notification System

    Hi all, I work for a small manufacturing company, and I have been tasked with setting up a barcode system. I am not trying to setup an inventory management system, I do not need to keep track of any quantities (or at least as of right now). I could see the system wanting to be expanded into...
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    Printing specific ranges of cells

    Dear all, I have a worksheet where I read an external barcode and then I set a cell to write the same barcode as the one I have read. Well, what I need it is a code to print the specific ranges of cells ( or the whole sheet) where the barcode is written right after I read it with the scanner...
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    Stock control using handheld barcode scanner

    I have been tasked with a project to create an Excel sheet for Stock Purposes. I have a Wired Handheld Scanner, and I have been able to scan a Barcode to Excel, and for it to show up in the selected Cell. I have the following Columns in my Excel Sheet; Column A = Barcode (in text form) Column B...
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    Need data arranged into columns when certain value is seen

    I have many items with bar codes on carts which also have bar codes. Every once in a while, I use a bar code scanner to scan what is on all of the carts. When I do this, the data is input in excel looking like this: B T1152567857 T1134567846 T1435678935 T1164536223 C T1678245534 T5674839298...
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    Barcode Scan into specific sheet of excel

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew how to or if it is possible to set a scanner to scan barcodes into a specfic sheet, column or row in excel whole cursor is on another? Meaning you would set the scanner to scan the barcode in spot and could be working on the document somewhere else - currently...
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    Integrating a BarCode Scanner with Excel VBA Application

    Hi Experts, This is my first post here and I hope this would be more interesting for Excel VBA Geeks like you all. Ok, here is my (problem) description: I have created a new Excel VBA application, which will accept a number (Ex: 59745-7845-5412). Once the user clicks on the Fetch button after...
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    Barcode scanner

    Hi there, I'm trying to code a spreadsheet to recognise codes scanned by barcode scanners. It would need to recognise one form of code (a letter followed by three numbers eg. A111), locate a cell with the matching code in it and select the cell to the right in the same row. Then with all other...
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    Barcode Scanner coding

    Hi there legends! I'm trying to build a spreadsheet to manage logistics information. The information will be captured through a barcode scanner. I've already played around with the scanner and it records the information into a cell in excel, but I would like it to be more automated. I need...
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    Inventory Management using Barcode Scanner

    Hello, I am looking for some code that would allow me to use a bar-code scanner to create a simple inventory. I work in an office with a high degree of check-in/check-out activity for inventory, and being able to simply scan items in/out would be a big help. Consolidating that data has been...
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    Scan barcode to stamp time in & out and calculate monthly hours.

    Hi, I want to barcode scan time in & out of the employees (from an existing list) as and when they come & go. And at the end of the month want to calculate the total number of hours they have worked. I Will be issuing them with a card containing a unique id, their names with the barcode of the...
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    Counting inventory with barcode scanner

    I am new to using excel and was hoping someone would be able to help. I am wondering if there is a way to scan a barcode into excel and the have excel recognise it and count how many times the same barcode had been scanned. So basically have 3 columns Barcode, Product name and Quantity.
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    Barcode Scanner Search and Automatic Date Fill Macro?

    Hi guys, I am looking to optimise my product check-in and out system by investing in a barcode scanner and using it with Excel. I would appreciate some help by having a macro running on my spreadsheets. I have an enormous list of barcode numbers, and all the associated details for ranges of...
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    Unique Excel formula help needed

    Greetings, I am using a bar code scanner and student ID cards to track my students jogging lap times. I am trying to create an Excel formula to record and organize their times but I cannot figure out how to set up it up where if I have already scanned one student, their ID number isn't scanned...
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    Inventory with barcoding. PLEASE HELP

    I will admit I am not a excel savvy person, so I could really use some help. Currently all of my inventory is saved to an excel 2010 spreadsheet, about 162 items. Each item has an ID number & description. Also on the spreadsheet are the quantities in my 2 locations and lastly the unit of measure...

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