1. L

    Unique list in Listbox VBA

    I have a data sheet that has multiple entries for Batch Number. Meaning a batch will have multiple expense entries but there will be only one batch number for those. Example: A receipt would be a batch and the items bought would be the entries. I want to create a userform with a listbox to...
  2. I

    Hyperlink Text To Display batch edit

    Hi, On my excel sheet i press trl + K which brings up the Insert Hyperlink box. I have many Hyperlinks on my sheet and i wish to change the text that is in the the field named Text To Display. As opposed to going through each link & manually editing them is there a batch edit version etc. I...
  3. S

    Access - AutoNumber Help

    Is it possible to set a table up so that records are sorted into batch numbers automatically... maybe using AutoNumber? E.g. I want the first 100 records to be Batch 1 and then the next 200 records to be Batch 2 and so on...
  4. L

    Tricky Sort / Batch Count

    G'day! I currently have : =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(A8:A1000,A8:A1000)>0,1)) It batches column A with re-occurring values and gives the number of batches this works great! However, I now want to look at column H:H and see how many batches from A:A have the value "MG" in column B. See example below...
  5. Z

    INSERTt class file (.cls ) once i open my excel file

    Hi, I have this Thisworkbook.cls that i need to launch once i open my excel file, Pleae help how can i do this. In my batch file I have this command: start Excel.exe "myExcel.xls" One my batch file execute and open my excel file, I need my Thisworkbook.cls also to be executed. Thanks and...
  6. G

    =sum(countif questions

    Hi, I'm trying to get a count from excel based on certain criteria. The table i'm trying to get data from is similar to the below:- <tbody> A B C D 1 Simple Simon Pending Easy 2 Simple Gary Batch 77 Hard 3 Complex Clare Holding Hard 4 Simple Graham Batch 77 Hard 5 Complex Paul...
  7. S

    Automate-Copy a range of cells, paste below it, etc

    Hello all, long time reader, first time poster. I have been slowly, but surely, upgrading the sheets we use at work. These little upgrades have simplified things and removed many issues of error. Now, I want to add one for laziness. A have a batch of cells A2:U20 (for example) that we fill...
  8. T

    Formula to change the ref number in a coulmn once all of them have been used

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can help with this, I am trying to make a list of products, the formula I need is this I have my products in batch numbers from 1 on I need to make a list of this batch numbers but miss out the numbers that have zero products at the moment So for example In Sheets "...
  9. S

    count all duplicate values depending on criteria

    Hello there I'm a Excel newbie so i would really appreciate your help I have a data sheet with the following data Date User Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 14-01-2018 Brandon Batch No No No No No No No 14-03-2018 Danny...
  10. S.H.A.D.O.

    Batch script command to by pass pressing OK.

    Good evening, I hope this is the right place to post this? I want to run the below command in a batch script. It does actually work fine but I have to press "OK" for it to continue or "Cancel" to not. How can I adapt the script below so it automatically presses the "OK" for me in the script...
  11. G

    Searching for a common number with a vlookup

    Hi, I've been using a Vlookup for a while now and it has worked really well so far and given men the results I expect. However the data in the column of the Vlookup range has now changed slightly and i'm needing to find the most common number from the column. The data looks a little like below...
  12. M

    Index and match question

    Hi guys, I need to find the smallest batch size of a product that is made on particular equipment So on the right I have Equipment 1 (Cell K4) and on this equipment, Product A and Product are made What are the smallest batch sizes of these products? The source table is on the left The results...
  13. R

    Macro for batch search/replace but also add columns (advanced?)

    Hi, Can someone help me with a batch search replace script? I get a fixed a list of names in column A every month. I have a fixed list of 100 people but each month, the amount of people reporting is different. Chris Dean John farmer Tony Smith I need to batch search and replace these names so...
  14. G

    Calculating fractions of a teaspoon

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet i'm using to make something. I have a total batch size that's in grams. I have 3 columns, one is percentage, one is actual amount, and finally how much of a teaspoon those equate to. I'm trying to see if it's 1/8, 1/16, 1/4, etc. Here are my formulas Cell G47 is the...
  15. B

    First Macro - would like it to loop through all batches.

    Hi all, I have proudly created my first macro (albeit using the Record feature in Excel). I have a master data with about 100,000 rows of data and about 50 columns. The master data sheet contains account information and related owners. The objective is to split this data by batches and send...
  16. E

    Deleting Named Ranges

    Hi All, I just replied to a previous post, but in hindsight, should have started a new topic. I have a list of Names that are Named Ranges. Is it possible to use the list to batch delete the Named ranges instead of looping through each one? Thanks, Keith
  17. D

    Spacing out a batch Find/Replace so that it proceeds in smaller 'chunks'

    The server I'm pulling stock quotes from has added a request-limit of 50 quote-requests / second; if you request more than that, it disconnects you. My current code requests 500 at once, so I need to revise it so that it spaces out those requests over 10 seconds. The way the formulas are...
  18. C

    Batch File/VBS to run Macro in open Database

    I have tried both a batch file and vbs to call a macro to run in a database that is already open. When the database is closed, the macro will run fine with no problems when I execute the batch file. As soon as I try to run it when its open, it fails to execute. I can see the cmd screen window...
  19. R

    Multiple Criteria Sumifs in Multiple Columns

    Hello, I am trying to create a summary total for the department # BC for only the batch type R and P. I have tried multiple sumif functions found in this forum with no luck. BATCH TYPE DEPT# BATCH TOTAL P BC $1,949.14 R BC...
  20. S

    execute Vlookup and then change data

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out how I would change a specific cell after executing a Vlookup. I have a main page where I can type in a product name and it brings up the data I require using a simple Vlookup. However, the problem comes when the stock runs out and we need to change the batch...

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