bill of materials

  1. J

    help on how to automatically distribute values (defined as max ) on a list of materials across orders with variable quantities of products as integer

    Hi! I have this extremely big list of material that contains 10000-30000 positions -(COLUMN A) next to it is quantity in pieces (COLUMN B) values vary between 0 and hundred of thousands (these are also MAX VALUES). I need to automatically distribute each position of MATERIAL QUANTITIES over...
  2. D

    VBA Code for BOM

    <tbody> Sr No Level Item ID Revision Description Ext Qty UoM Cost Extended Cost Make/Buy </tbody> So I have these columns in my PBoM sheet. I want to write a code using if and loop statements. Criteria is that if there is a Make in Column (Make/Buy) then it should add all the extended...
  3. J

    Creating a Parts Order List Referencing a Separate Sheet

    Hello! I am trying to create a Parts Order list that automatically updates as items are added to the Bill of Materials. Given the first table, I am trying to create a table that will update the quantity of items already in the bill, and add new items that aren't already on the Parts Order list...
  4. J

    Indexing for BOM

    I am having trouble indexing a Bill of Materials (BOM) to eliminate redundancies. Within the BOM, multiple assemblies use the same parts or components. I am trying to create a new sheet to consolidate/organize a parts list without having to use the VLOOKUP function. I know this may be more...
  5. J

    Bill of materials quantity

    Hi, I'm not an excel expert and I need some guidance. I need to create a table where I can see the the quantity of material requirements for the ordered quantity of products. I have two tables like these: Orders Table <tbody> Order number Product Code Ordered Quantity 52098 2147561 15000...
  6. E

    Looking for help comparing material lists!

    The following code provides the srot of thing i am looking for However, this is comparing cell by cell, and where certain items are removed/added on the newer list it knocks everything out. Sub RunCompare() Call compareSheets("A", "B") End Sub Sub compareSheets(shtBefore As String, shtAfter...
  7. E

    How do I create a multi-level bill of materials from a single level BOM table?

    Starting with this Single Level BOM table (Windows 7 Pro, Excel 2013). "Qty Per" refers to the quantity of the child needed in the Parent: <tbody> Parent Child Qty Per PART-A PART-A1 1 PART-A PART-A1121 5 PART-A PART-A2 2 PART-A PART-A222 4 PART-A1 PART-A11 2 PART-A11 PART-A111 1...
  8. D

    VB to create a Bill of Material group/outline

    I am hoping some can help me with code to create a group/outline structure to show the different levels (parent/child relationship) on a Bill of Material. I am able to do this manually, but it is rather time consuming when there are 1000's of items in the Bill of Material. The list I am working...
  9. J

    Controlling QuickBooks with VBA

    Hi, I would like to create a program that uses VBA to access a QuickBooks item list (in Enterprise Sollutions V11) and export inventory items and bills of materials. My first hurdle is to get excel to communicate with QuickBooks..I know there are a few different ways to do this but am wondering...
  10. N

    Bill of materials quantity

    I'm using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have many different Bill of materials that come to me in the format below. I would like a formula in column D that can tell me the total quantity that will be used to make the top level part. For example: For part e, I will use 1 * .6(at level 2) *1 (at...
  11. 2

    Multi level bill of materials

    Hello Friends I need to seperate multi-level bills of materials in seperate spreadsheet. So that I can have one level of bill of materials of one assembly on one spreadsheet and next level of the same assembly on next spreadsheet. Once all levels of one assembly are put on different...

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