1. H

    Populate Formula based on Reference Value + Sumifs w/ Offset (?)

    Hello - I'm hoping for some help on two formulas/use cases I can't seem to figure out. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out how to attach the date set but have included here with reference rows/columns for what I hope is an easier explanation: Q1: I would like to populate cells based on...
  2. S

    How would I go about determining all potential costs from each scenario to maybe index the invoice and see if there is a match?

    I was given tens of thousands of bills charged to customers. I am trying to determine if the bills are potentially accurate. The only data I have is the actual bill itself. Here's where things get complicated. There are four scenarios, each with their own nuances: Scenario 1 Nuances: 1. Base Fee...
  3. V

    VLOOKUP of values COLUMN 1 and COLUMN 2

    Hi you have shared very useful excel formula which was very helpful to me. I have some issues in applying VLOOKUP. If possible pls help to resolve the following; I have 2 separate excel sheets both have same data in multiple columns but not in the same sequence. I paste the sheet 1 below...
  4. R

    Consolidating columns of text based

    I have a data set that looks like this: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="2"> </colgroup><tbody> Col1 Col2 a sam b sam c sam d sam e sam f sam g sam a bill b bill d bill g bill h...
  5. X

    Trying to insert certain cells if another cell falls between two dates.!AmfNhO-qyFc5iSnpBImBa6_Ndu_U?e=U3dbXq Screenshot in the link above I'm trying to create a function so that the bills in the top left will auto-generate into the table for the different weeks. For example if a bill falls between the 1st-10th than i would like them...
  6. M

    Bill Of Material Forecast Based on Timing of Material Change

    Hi All, I am looking for help regarding forecasting future material requirement from finished goods forecast. I have this set up currently in excel with a few index and sumproduct formulas. However the material code within the finished goods can change depending on promotion etc, at various...
  7. S

    Identifying Trends by Date - Countif

    I have an extremely large data set by day for the last 6 months. I want to count the number of consecutive days where there was an increase in bill volume for the purpose of identifying the largest streak. For example, we continuously increased bill counts from January 1st through January 5th...
  8. U

    Macro - VBA - to display message based on condition

    Hi I have the attached table. When user press submit button, I want to display the following message Based on the column C, "Add or Remove": Thanks for your license request. You have requested to add the following modules: Text1, Text3, and Text 4 (Quantity 5), Text 5 (Quantity 5) You...
  9. J

    Houseshare Pro Rata Calculator

    Hi there! I'm very new to excel, and I'm hoping someone could provide the spreadsheet formula which will calculate the below pro rata for each person: I require a spreadsheet to calculate the total bill amount ($336.70) split between six people. I'm using day rates between a bill period of 174...
  10. R

    salesman commission calculation

    Dear Friends, Calculating Commission: Main sheet: Cells A1 to H5 <tbody> SALESMAN SALESMAN NO BILL NO BILL DATE SOLD AMOUNT PAYMENT RCVD BALANCE DAYS JOHN 20 AF-001 02-04-2018 1000 1000 0 10 JOHN 20 AF-042 14-04-2018 2000 2000 0 20 JOHN 20 AF-050 29-04-2018 3000 2500 500 12 JOHN 20...
  11. A

    Check if values entered in userform match existing data

    Hi all, I am building a legislation tracker to follow any bills that I manually enter into the spreadsheet. I have two tabs with data - RawData and CleanData. RawData has each instance of a bill; if a bill has progressed through the legislature, I will enter each update as a separate entry. I...
  12. P

    another bill of material question

    so i got some great help on a bill of material question a month ago. now that i have been running the new system, the bills of materials are not set up traditionally. Usually the whole bill is exploded with all levels. If i have a bunch of bills in a query that are not exploded in levels, how...
  13. Nitehawkhp

    Error 91 when trying to execute VBA code to find and replace data

    Greetings, I'm trying to author a VBA script that will find information in column G based on criteria found in column N and replace the information in column G with the information in column O. Here's a snipit of what my worksheet looks like: <tbody> F G H N O Date Description Amount Find...
  14. M

    match and index not working

    Hi All, I am trying to compare two tables of having varied rows and columns. I want to see if values in table 1 matches with data in table 2. I am using index and match formula. I am checking each cell in table 1 with table 2 data set. However I am getting 'no match' everytime. Can anyone...
  15. K

    Happy birthday bill jelen!

    Happy birthday Bill Jelen!!
  16. J

    Beyond my skill

    Hi all, I need some help with a complex function. I am looking for bipartisanship in legislative bills. I have: column A, Legislators name column B, Party affiliation for legislator column C, Sponsor names of an individual bill An example: For legislator Wilkins, a Democrat, I want to know...
  17. P

    Filter when code is missing for a patient

    Can I do this. I want to select only Smith. I want patients who do not have a billing code of Z00.00 or Z00.129. the data is across 6 sheets. I want to export only Smith. Name Pat# Bill code Jones 123 F34 Jones 123 H01 Jones 123 Z00.00 Jones 123 090 Name Pat#...
  18. R

    Return all column headers where the cells are not blank

    Hi, I'm really struggling with a formula and I was hoping someone might be able to help. I have a table such as this: Name__System1__System2__System3 ........................................................ Adam__100%....__0%.......__0% Bill....__50%.....__50%......__0%...
  19. A

    Highlighting "duplicates" only AFTER they have appeared two times....

    I've read a lot about highlighting duplicates, or all values that appear x times - but my problem is a little more complex than that. I want to only highlight cells that appear 3+ times (excluding the first two occurrences). For example: <tbody> Jim Bob Bill Mark Jane Jim Bill...
  20. S

    Formula Query

    <tbody> Description BILL BEN JOHN DAVE FRED CHEAPEST PRODUCT A £0.20 £0.33 £0.14 £0.18 £0.16 £0.14 </tbody> Hi All, I am looking for help with a formula, which I am pretty sure is quite simple for someone out there. I have a table of data and then using the =MIN(A2,A3,A4…...

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