1. D

    creating BINs by altering variables

    Seems simple enough but i have been unscuccesful DATA: columns NodeName, Weight A1, 800 A2, 800.1 A3,820.9 A4,815.3 A5,801.6 A6,801.6 A7,815.3 you get the idea. very simple data, except i have thousands. I've tried creating histograms and that works fairly well but you can't really see the...
  2. R

    Access with formulas and fetch values

    <tbody> BIN ELEMENT# TTL LV2 LV3 LV4 1234 12 200 150 50 0 1234 13 150 130 10 10 1234 15 350 350 1234 18 10 10 1234 201 255 255 1234 340 30 25 5 1 </tbody> Secondarytable ^ main tbl ex. below <tbody> BIN ELEMENT X...
  3. C

    Start histogram Bins at 0

    I am trying to do a histogram in excel with the bins starting at 0 and each Bin being 0.2 in width. However when i set the bin width at 0.2 it starts the first bin at 0.11 because that is the lowest number in the dataset. how do i get the bin to start at 0 so that that the bins are...
  4. T

    Excel to Copy and Paste to a non MS Program

    Morning, I am trying to figure out how to get Excel to integrate with another program that is not a MS program. All i am wanting to do is take a selection of data out of Excel, cell L:L and paste it to the fields in this program into the Normal Bin Location. How would i do that with VBA?
  5. H

    Automatically transpose values that are connected to the same description into columns

    I have a product listing that contains a number of items that are of the same type. Each product has a photo associated with it that I would like listed in columns rather than in rows. I know I can transpose the values manually, but I'm looking for a way to automate the whole listing sorting by...
  6. C

    Input box query

    Hi Guys column A on my spreadsheet is used for inputting the date and column c is used for inputting Bin1 or Bin2 or Bin 3 on the same row. I would like if possible for an input box to appear when a date is entered in column a and for the input box to offer 3 choices ( bin 1, bin 2, bin 3)...
  7. G

    Variable start date pivot table or anothe roption?

    Hi, Have a data set with 6 columns and roughly 10000K rows. My columns are: Date/Initials/Commidity/Weight/Container Weight/Net Weight. I use this data to track how much recycling material is processed with 4 different types of commidities. However, while this is used for every entry, once my...
  8. I

    Generate a list of products and locations in a new sheet based on the value from a cell

    Hi, Trying to build an inventory count sheet and I would like to automate the process of adding lines to a sheet when we have 1 product in more than 1 location. Pay attention the the "Bin" column. Here is what my source data looks like: <tbody> Row# Warehouse SKU Description QTY Cost Bin...
  9. R

    Associating a value with a cell

    Sup everyone, I know the basics of Excel but I have an issue that is beyond my knowledge. I need to have a value populate a cell and change depending on what value I select in the first cell. Here is a picture to clarify In the "bin size" column I am going to have A, B, C, and D. Each one...
  10. K

    Return Maximum Text Value

    Dear Guru's Good day! Need your help on how to get the cell value (Bin Coordinate) using maximum count with reference to cell Enter Plant (ex. D301). Many thanks in advance. <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C 1 Enter Plant: D301 2 BIN Coordinate ...
  11. K

    Get Most Frequent Text with Reference to a Cell Value

    Hi Guru's Good Day! Need your help how to determine a cell value (BIN Coordinate) based on the most frequent time the text appears. Thanks! <tbody> Enter Plant: D301 BIN Coordinate _???_____ Expected Value: Y03-A01-01 PLANT BIN Coordinate Count 100D B01-A01-01 4 100D...
  12. D

    Highlighting cell with data source using 2 sheets (warehouse bin location)

    Hi guys, Need your help! what will be the formula on this scenario? I have 2 sheets (1 for BIN LOCATION and the other one was DATA SOURCE. From data source the cell of BIN LOCATION sheet will be filled with the color of the said LEGEND below. For exp. BIN LOCATION "ATH-A63-01 with the remarks...
  13. S

    easiest way to bin data quickly

    I want to be able to bin my data set so I can get a histogram in 5% increments. i,e a bar chart that shows how many falls in the [-999%,-50%, ],[-50%,-45%), [-45, -40%),.......[+50%,+999%] Even in standard excel, I only know how to do this with a "CountIf" statement. However, this is...
  14. P

    Formulas that will pull information from one sheet to another based on numberous criteria

    Hello- I am completely new to Excel and to this website. I have tried to use other forums and post my questions but unfortunately, I do not get any replies. So I am hoping you can help. I have a spreadsheet that I created in Google Sheets. My end goal is to upload the sheet to my work...
  15. M

    Histogram formula when bin selection is based on cell value rather than measure

    I'm OK with using measures to assign which bin of a histogram an item should go but I'm having an awful time figuring out how to do it when the column value itself is what determines a bin. Assume there is a Histogram table with 3 columns of bin label, max val, and min val. My data table has a...
  16. N

    Max, Frequency, If, Countifs......and somewhere in between

    Hi there, Tried and tried but can´t get what I need. My data in A looks something like this: 0.2 0.0 -0.7 3.6 -0.2 8.6 0.3 0.0 -1.1 5.0 -5.1 -3.2 11.1 18.1 -2.70 And the "bin ranges" look like this: -3.00+ -2.90 to -2.00 -1.90 to -1.00 -0.90 to 0.90 1.00 to 1.90 2.00 to 2.90 3.00+ And I need...
  17. C

    Find a value in a table

    I've done this before, but it is amazing how you can draw a blank and also not find the file where the formula was used years earlier...I have a sheet where I would like to update a bin list in column J and what is in the bin in column K. Columns A, C and E would be the table where I would...
  18. Dim Me as xlNoob

    VBA - Decimal to Binary Function - Output seems to be character limited

    Hi all, I have written a function which is able to convert decimal fractions up to 999,999,999.999999 into a binary fraction. It seems to work pretty well but I have an issue with the output I'm getting being limited to 54 characters in total. Have I limited myself with the way I've handled the...
  19. bobgrand

    Identify the last character as UPPER or LOWER case

    Hello all, I am trying to identify if the last character of the bin location is upper or lower case. I would like to see the answer in column C. Can anyone shed some light on how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated <tbody> A B C 1 ITEM BIN LOCATION UPPER/LOWER 2 WIDGET1...
  20. R

    Style code search in multiple bin

    We use to search by style code and size, qty and manually removing after material pic from bin what am looking here pl

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