1. G

    Vlookup indirect with different workbook

    <tbody> Good day. this formula works in the same workbook. =VLOOKUP($B$2,INDIRECT("'"&$A7&"'!$A:$DB"),75,FALSE) but when i use it with different workbook is not working. SUMMARY WORKBOOK <tbody> Stock Code SHOES1 (input code) Description GIGASHOES (=VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet10)!A:F,2,FALSE)...
  2. M

    How do you delete values in a cell based on the cell color (black)

    Right now, I have the rows conditionally formatted (to become black) based on the value in column B. If there are values in row 7, but B7 changes cells D7:K7 to be formatted black, how can I automatically delete the values in cells D7:K7 based on the conditional format?
  3. N

    Conditional Formatting anomaly

    In a cell you have in black font 'something', and then another word in a red font. I can use conditional formatting to make the cell font color, let's say, purple, but it only changes the black font word. Any ideas?
  4. M

    VBA Toggle off to show/hide text based on font colour

    Hi I have a table and in column c I have cells which have black font and cells with a blue font. When the toggle button is pressed I want the cells which are black to remain black font and the cells which are blue to match their interior colour, in other words, they seem to disappear. The...
  5. D

    search string in folder (text file or word file) and put all result in column

    Hi, I would like to ask a macro where it will search through a folder and subfolder and put the result in columns in excel. Sample is : words to look in a note file - 'Note', 'black", 'white', 'blue' if 2 words found: column1 column 2 C:\document\txt1...
  6. V

    MS Query, Use both 'Like' and 'Not Like' in multiple instances

    Morning All First, apologies if this is already answered in the Forum, but i could not find anything similar I have a very large data set in excel with 1000's of rows and i cannot uses simple filters as this is not appropriate to generate subsequent reports from the data, therefore i have to...
  7. N

    SumProduct Different Sum Range Based on Criteria

    Hi, Im working in Excel 2016. I am looking to find out if it is possible to designate different sum ranges for one specific criteria in a sumproduct formula while the rest of the conditions apply to both. Example: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Color Month ForSale AM1 Am2 2 Black 1 Y 50 100...
  8. E

    conditional format a column based on conditional formatting of a different column

    Hello once again all, here is my current problem. I need to be able to conditionally format information in column B based on the conditional formatting of column C. Example: Column B contains several hundred entries and some have the same information but entered differently ("The dog is...
  9. B

    VBA code to remove vertical black boarders

    I would appreciate assistance with VBA code that would eliminate the vertical black boarders that I show outlined in red in the following image. I am trying to write code that would use the words in column A, “ADD”, “REMOVE”, “KEEP – Paid Advertisers” as the text that would indicate the...
  10. K

    Font Color

    Every year when I do my taxes, I take last years excel tax work sheet and copy it. Then I take all dollar values and change the font to red. This way I know they are last year values that havent yet been updated. When I type in the current values for this year, I want the font to be black...
  11. countryfan_nt

    Make the the cells colored black, but the arrows colored Green or Red.

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! I have a format cell below. The cell displays values and an arrow. Is it possible to have the values black and the arrow colored? [Color50] #,##0▲;[Color3] #,##0▼ Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. R

    Formula for closest value

    I have a table somewhat like: Red 20 Red 30 Black 30 Black 20 Red 25 Red 15 Black 40 Closest to: 23 I want to write a formula that will return the value in column B that closest to 23 when column A equals Red. In this case 25.
  13. T

    Conditional format

    Is it possible to format text to white in column A if column B is unhidden but then format the text in column A to black when column B is hidden? All help gratefully received
  14. B

    Sheet Sheet Color

    hi working with Excel 7. seems all sheets have black background, with white fonts. It seems to be a default, in all workbooks. I'm trying to change the background to white with black fonts. using the fill icons does not do anything. how can i make the change in colors, and keep them as...
  15. J

    Filter for rows containing "black diamond" question mark

    I have a data file containing data from several different countries, many of which use accented characters in their alphabets. The file has been unable to interpret many of these and replaced them a black diamond with a white question mark inside: � On my PC (Office Professional 2013), I can...
  16. P

    Find Duplicate data in rows and place X on both rows

    Hello, I have data set example as follows: I want to call out the duplicate names so if A! and B1 match AND B1 and B2 match then place an X in C1 and C2. Is this possible with a formula (not VBA) or other option? Thanks in advance! A1 Bob B1 Jensen A2 Bob B2 Jensen A3 Tom B3 Allann A4 Bill...
  17. J

    Most common value as per certain cell

    Hi, I have a list of 60,000 rows of data and in column A i have 23,000 different values. In column J i have multiple different codes, how can i find out what is the most common against different value of coulmn A. So for example i would want the answer for 1 in column A to be Yellow <tbody>...
  18. gheyman

    Access Conditional formatting

    I have a bunch of fields on a form where I entered conditional formula "Check values in the current record or use and expression Format on cells where the: Field Value is greater than 0 Then the formatting is set to make the fore color red if the value, which is calculated, results...
  19. S

    VBA to Unlock and/or Lock Cells (Determined by Cell Fill Color)?

    Hi, after searching the web and testing VBA codes, I've become stuck... I have a Cell Range - E8:J27: where all cells have a fill color of RED, and can change to either WHITE or BLACK which is determined by conditional formatting. For the desired outcome I am not sure if the cell range...
  20. A

    Lookup unique values from two different columns

    Hi everyone, I would like to be able to summarize unique values from two different columns. Here is my example: Column A (Month) | Column B (Name) January John Doe January John Doe January Clark Kent February...

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