1. B

    Generate list based on another list without FALSE values

    Hello, I have a dynamic list in column A which contains various names, and multiple instances of the value FALSE. I would like another list in column B, which has the same values, but without the FALSE values. For example: Blue Yellow Green FALSE Turqoise FALSE FALSE Black FALSE White Would...
  2. J

    Negative nubers turn to black in Conditional Formating

    Hello and thanks for looking at my question! I am using Excel 2016 and am trying to get Conditional Formatting to give negative numbers and only negative numbers to show in red type. Numbers on Worksheet are formatted red for negative. A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 10...
  3. M

    Photo help in Excel

    Hi guys, I am using Excel 2013. If I have inserted a photo into excel, is there any way of editing the photo so that just one colour stands out, and the rest is in black and white? Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but it is an excel question!
  4. N

    Chart not responding & rouge black vertical line

    I'm having issues with my Excel 2016 version. ever since I changes from "12" my charts refuse to "chart past 7 months. is these a special setting I'm not aware of? Also, I have a "rouge" vertical black line after the last vertical of data line. When I saved it as a PDF and looked at it...
  5. I

    What is this process called please

    Hi, Memory has gone blank. Looking for the name of when you alter names in drop down list etc & something you click will circle the now incorrect items. Before it would be say Black Dog but now its White Dog,using this process would circle all the Black Dogs in the sheet. Thanks
  6. C

    Joining text with hypen separator

    Hi all, I am currently using CONCATENATE(AR3,"/",AS3) to join text, but the end result looks like (Black/ Rust). Is there anyway to bring that Rust in a little bit? I have also tried (AR3&"/"&AS3), but it still keeps the word "Rust" about one space too far to the right. I have tried with no...
  7. C

    Autofill based on 2 other cells

    Trying to build a sheet to assist in calculating available working hours vs required hours for a job. Please help with a formula that will calculate Columns D and E based on the logic below: Sheet is setup like this: <tbody> Date Day Status STD HRS OT HRS TOTAL HRS 2-Jul WEEKDAY...
  8. B

    Check for inconsistent values - example: one part number: multiple prices, other values

    hi, I am looking for a way to identify errors in pricing. The error occurs where multiple products use the same part sku. In some rows the data the price and other values are different for the part sku for these items. Below is an example for toner cartridges that can be used for more than...
  9. L

    cells color

    Hi I want to change cells background color so I did this code in vba expecting the color will be green (code =4) but to my surprise the color turns to Black?! Cells.Interior.color = 4 Why is that? thank you.
  10. D

    Black & White Printing

    Hi, Is it possible with Black & White printing in Excel to make specific cells still print in colour ??
  11. T

    Macro to set all sheets font colour to black

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that can turn the font on every sheet Black but not the first row as this is the headers. Any Ideas? Thanks Tony
  12. R

    Duplicated lookup value needing unique return

    I have data that can be duplicated but will need to return specific serial numbers. In one tab i will have the following: <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Name Model Color PO ABC 123 White PO123 ABC 123 White PO123...
  13. T

    If cell Then multiple properties

    I use the code below to check the quality of a range of cells. If a quality is met I want the cell being checked to have a black background and white text. I can easily apply the code for a black background but I cant figure out how to add the property to have a white font. Do I need to repeat...
  14. L

    [green] #

    Hi I did write that custom formatting. Now if I type 100 then 100 will be green. If I type 0 then excel will put nothing in that cell. If I type Hello then excel keep the same text, same black color. So far so good, but when I type -100 excel will change it to Green -100 ?? why is that?? I was...
  15. B

    Dynamic Boarders Macro, I need assistance to modify macro to allow for varying boarder thickness

    The following macro allows me to set a dynamic boarder range around the cells that have data in them. A modification to the macro that I need help with is code that would allow me to maintain the dynamic capability, but with thick black color boarders that run around the following areas, instead...
  16. joh1135

    Coloring font in cell with X then color range in the same row

    I have been trying to get this to work, but can't. I have some X's in some rows of Columns E2 to E40, that I search on and when it is I then need to format for the row from C to G. One other change is that if the X is deleted then return the font color back to black. I not been able to make it...
  17. P

    Unique cell fill formula or vba

    I would like to have a 6x6 range (eg: E3:J8) where some cells are filled black, and some are filled white ... I would, however, like each corner cell to have no choice but to be black. To produce multiples of these 6x6 ranges on the one A4 page, I could write a basic formula into each cell...
  18. S

    How to bring horizantal data into vertical

    Hi, I have month wise data Horizontally which I want to bring vertically with formula, please help. Horizontal...
  19. T

    Adjacent Cell Highlighting

    I have a tracking SS im working on. A1 is a drop down and is used to show either "open" (yellow) or "closed" (black). A2 is a days counter. is there a way to set the columns so that when "closed" is selected, the cell next to it (i.e A2) turns black? Basically i just want to be able to select...
  20. D

    Lookup question

    I'm attempting to do a lookup from data organised like: <tbody> Name 7755 7756 7757 Hill 100.00 25.00 98.00 Smith 10.26 896.57 3215.14 Black 18.76 12.00 47.86 Hill 56.98 25.47 33.59 Brown 1254.26 8569.24 4529.10 Hill 5869.25 5689.24 1.56 </tbody> In my lookup sheet I have the...

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