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    Blank column not showing in pivot table set

    I have a calculated field Blank:=BLANK() The only purpose of this field is to insert a blank column in my pivot table. This works fine. But when I create a set of the pivot table the blank column disappears while in the MDX statement it shows the blank column. I formatted the blank field with...
  2. D

    copy to empty column

    i would like to paste my manually copied columns to another sheet next to an empty column. and start paste on column E if not empty using a command button as trigger like if i manually copy column B from sheet1 and paste it to sheet2 column E if not empty.
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    vba to copy cells where column is blank

    Hello all, long time lurker first time poster... This website and others have been really helpful to me in the past and I'm looking for a little more help now. I am looking for vba code that will allow me to copy cells in columns A and B that correspond to empty cells in columns C, D, and E...
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    Macro line to check if column is blank

    Hi guys In my project, I only want a certain If command to run in a particular column has at least one non blank cell in it. So if column J has a value in it, then I want this If command to run. I tried the following code but got runtime error 13: If Columns(10) <> "" Then If... Then...
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    Remove blank in pivot table without pivot filter

    Hello, I have a pivot table issue with blank columns and rows in my pivot table. How can I remove this WITHOUT the filter in the pivot table? the "-" indicate a completely blank cell. As you see, the column header and rows are blank. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 431pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
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    Pivot Table Showing Blank Column Header

    I have a pivot table a column header containing 3 values to indicate if someone has completed an assignment. Specifally, the values are (1) complete (2) in progress (3) not started. The row variable is a specific line of business groupsand provides completion counts. So, the table tells me...

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