1. Bookmark pivot table Layout

    I have a pivot table connected to a data model and I keep changing its shape according to my needs, it would be helpful to have a way of bookmarking a certain layout an putting in a name instead of duplicating the pivot table tab and having a dozen of duplicated tabs, will the spreadsheet get...
  2. T

    Create a Macro to Export a PDF file from Excel data and bookmarks

    Hey everyone, I'm currently stuck within the development of a macro to transfer data from an Excel Sheet to a word template with bookmark. For now, the main of the macro is working, the data are well transfered to the Template but I have several issues that I cannot fix since three days, and I...
  3. Erin81

    How to jump to top of word document's selected bookmark?

    Hello all, I am creating an Excel flowchart with buttons for each step that when clicked, open a Word doc with instructions. I've bookmarked each step in the Word doc and the code works to bring the user there, however I would like for the selected bookmark to appear at the top of the page, and...
  4. S

    Delete two lines above bookmark - keep bookmark VBA

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to write a macro to delete two lines above a bookmark in a word document. So far so good, but the bookmark itself should not be deleted. I have come up with the following code: Sub DeletetwoLinesAboveBookmark1() Dim r As Word.Range Set r =...
  5. S

    Insert text from Excel into word document - after bookmark

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to insert text from an excel-cell (B16) into a word document. The text should be inserted after the respective bookmark ("B1"). I have written the following code: Sub InsertAfterBookmark() Dim objWord As Object Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  6. G

    Insert word file object at bookmark

    Hello, I am trying to insert a word file at a bookmark in Word (through Excel VBA) but I cant seem to get it right. It keeps pasting the document contents (badly formatted) where I want to just include a copy of the file. The line I cant get right is Bolded for ease. Sub CreateContract() Dim...
  7. P

    Converting Headings to Bookmarks in Word

    Hey all. I'm using Office 2016. I'd like to make a macro that loops through each heading in a document, and then creates a bookmark at the heading's location using the heading text (modified as necessary) as the bookmark name. Most of the headings are in X.X.X.X format, such as "
  8. M

    Compile Error For without Next

    Hi, I have this error message just popping everytime but I don't see wht , can you help me: If Application.Workbooks.Count = 0 Then MsgBox "No files open to process" Exit Sub End If If ActiveSheet.Type <> xlWorksheet Then MsgBox "You can only run...
  9. J

    Word: Remove content when UserForm CheckBox is unchecked. VBA

    Hello All! I am using Bookmarks and a UserForm to populate data in Word. My apologies if this is on the wrong forum. I am using VBA and assumed it is similar. After setting my bookmarks and creating a user form, I can populate text in my word document with the following: Private Sub...
  10. M

    Use Bookmarks To Fill in word Doc From excel

    Hi everyone , I have an excel file that contains my data , and a word form . I want to fill The word form with my excel data . (I've bookmarked texts that needs to be fill out ) for example i want to choose row 2-10 in excel and and click on a button to export 9 word document that filled out...
  11. A

    Insert text at a bookmark via VBA

    I am somewhat new to VBA, I have created a userform that will open a word document and update several lines of text within the document before saving and closing it. I know that it is possible to insert text at a bookmark, but I do not currently have the understanding to do this. My code is as...
  12. S

    Excel data to appear as a chart in Word?

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> I have about 2,000 lines of data and must create a set of 2 charts for over 50 Word reports. I know this can be done using bookmarks, but can’t find the instructions. I think...
  13. M

    Populate Word bookmark into excel

    Hi Guys, ANy of you have codes that can extract bookmark form fields from words and populate it in excel? Appreciate your help! THanks Asir
  14. A

    Creating Individual PDFs of Multiple Files with Bookmarks

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2010 and have Acrobat XI Standard. I have about 50 Excel files that I want to turn into 50 individual PDF files. Each Excel file has many sheets, and I want each PDF file to contain all the sheets and have a bookmark for each sheet. The bookmark should be the same as the...
  15. Z

    Moving bookmark in word

    Hello all, I would like to create a word document by copy-pasting the contents of several other documents to a bookmark. After pasting, I would like to have the same bookmark available one line below the previously pasted content. The program is working, but pastes every time at the...
  16. H

    MS Word 2007 - values assignment to bookmarks

    Hello All,I am a newbie in MS-Word and need to find a way to access a given number of pre-defined bookmarks in a word-2007 document and assign values to their text property.Eg.How we access ranges in MS-Excel,Thisworkbook.sheets("sheet1").range("A1:C1").value = Array("Name","Age","Gender")So...
  17. R

    Insert cell value into bookmark link

    I have a list of student names in an Excel 2010 worksheet in column A. Each student has two worksheets that I need to link to (from columns B and C). Can I create a bookmark link that takes its worksheet name from the column A. This would allow me to create spreadsheets for many different...
  18. K

    Object variable or With block variable not set error for multiple report based on a template

    Hello, I am trying to generate Report using a predefined template. I select the reports i want from a listbox then run the macro. The first report generates successfully; however the second report will cause an error: "Object variable or With block variable not set " when calling a table from...
  19. S

    Hyperlink to PDF document bookmarks in XL sheet using Macros

    I wish to open and view a specific location in a pdf document, (from an XL File) by creating a hyperlink in XL file, for the pdf-document-bookmarks. This is possible with a word document, but am unable to do the same for a PDF file. Also I am using Foxit reader, as this helps in bookmark...
  20. G

    Bookmark / Hyperlink error message

    I created a (Menu) sheet, full of text and image hyperlinks. Most are Bookmarks to other worksheets. Although they all work perfect for me, they do not work for the person I need to share the workbook with. When they click on a Bookmark/Hyperlink, they get the following error message: "This...

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