1. S

    New Workbook has white borders as default

    Every time I open a new workbook, the default setting for borders is set to white instead of grey. I have to go into advanced settings every time and change it to grey to be able to see the cells. I have tried to uninstall and re-install several times with no luck. I have even contacted MS...
  2. B

    Is There A Better / Faster VBA Code To Achieve The Same Outcome?

    Whilst this code works perfectly for what I need, is there a better way to write this VBA code to make it run faster? Sub InsertPageBreaks() Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView 'ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="password" '---------------Set Variables...
  3. Jyggalag

    How to remove borders in PowerPoint without merging cells?

    Hi all, I have a table that looks like this: Whenever I try to remove the borders, I am left with 2 possibilities: Either the border is removed and I am left with a white border (rather than a full green box) where the old border was, or (most common) the cells are merged into one big green...
  4. H

    Excel Formatting for "Save As PDF"

    I'm having issues in border formatting to produce a clean looking document after saving as a PDF. I need to use "Save as PDF" due to there being multiple tabs in my work book. This is an excel file that is updated weekly to present at my workplace in order to give updates on how we are tracking...
  5. kelly mort

    Set borders dynamically around a range - vba

    Hello geniuses, I am looking for a vba script that can set borders like the image here. The data can grow or shrink. And when it does, I want to adapt to it with the borders. I hope someone can fix it for me. Thanks in advance.
  6. K

    Conditional Formatting Borders

    I want to set up conditional formatting so that if a cell has data the entire row will automatically get borders. The possible columns that can have data are A:E. The rule I am using is =OR(A1<>"",B1<>"",C1<>"",D1<>"",E1<>"") and applies to =$A:$E. This mostly works but if for example only cell...
  7. I

    Conditional formatting by merged cells

    Hello, I have set conditional formatting in specific range. If is not empty then background color = green + outer borders. I sometimes use merged cells in this range and by merged cells is the borders unfortunately not complet. Is there any way how to solve it? thank you very much Miroslav
  8. E

    add borders to range of cells that changes each day

    Hi In my team we have a daily set of data which we need to analyse and send to the teams members. As the summary of analysed data is sent by email I want to send it in a way that the data has borders on it. In terms of columns, it goes from column A to L. In terms of rows, data will vary from...
  9. S

    VBA Border

    I have the below coding and it works great, but I'd like add on to it. Right now it puts a border around all cells that contain value. My number of columns will always be the same (A-Y), but my rows will be different. How can I add the border to the blank cells right after my last column that...
  10. L

    MailEnvelope and borders

    Hi I'm using Example 2 of the following link to e-mail a range within a sheet: However, when doing this, the borders are not maintained within the body of the e-mail. Using a single thickness border in the sheet doesn't show up in the...
  11. P

    VBA Code Help with Text align and All Borders

    I have had some brilliant help in this forum with this code. What I would like to try and add when creating the new Column A is to ensure any new text is set to "Top Align" and Create an "All Borders" around the New Cells in Column A Sub EnterTeamName() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws...
  12. W

    VBA code to set text color in an entire column & draw border (not a border grid)

    I'm trying to achieve two things using VBA code: set all text entered in column C to red draw a thick-lined border around cells A1:B2 without any internal grid lines Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. M

    VBA to format Cells with Borders based on Column Value ( merged cells)

    Hello Everyone, I know this issue has been addressed but none of the solutions really solve my problem; hope someone can help me. I have a spreadsheet with a lot of data that i was able to manipulate with codes and the last part is to now format with borders and blank cells between to make it...
  14. K

    Border around cell that hover over

    So my sister has an eye degenerative disease and has a hard time seeing the green highlighted border of a cell in Excel when hover over or clicked on on comparison to the black borders of the rest of the cells. Is there a way she change change.the colors so she can better see them?
  15. A

    Cell border

    After applying a new Interior.Color, how do you keep (or restore) the small dotted borders around each cell ?
  16. B

    Dynamic Range Borders – VBA code assistance

    Following is some VBA code I am wrestling with in trying to create borders that stay within in a dynamic range. As you can see from the following VBA code and image, I am able to get the code I have written to be dynamic in responding to finding the overall range of the data I want to enclose...
  17. L

    border or borders?

    Hi I thought Borders, is a properties of Range object and its data type is Borders. So the in MS page it says the follwing (without s) Worksheets("Sheet1").Ovals(1).Border.Weight = xlMedium Thank you.
  18. kelly mort

    Set borders dynamically with vba

    Hi, I am looking for a way to place borders around my cells in a unique way. So my range is B2:J16 with columns E and H excluded. So like in cell B2 and C2 we have same items "B" and "B" so we have the border around the range B2:C2 with no line in between B2 and C2. That's we show only border...
  19. T

    Disappearing borders

    In my Excel 2016 form, I seem to have a disappearing border. I have columns of info that are completed using the drop down box and data validation. If I make a selection and use the auto fill, my upper and lower borders in the cells disappear. It then becomes a continuous column of info...
  20. W

    borders based on cell value

    VBA code to put borders base on cell value if cell B7 > 0 green border If cell B7 < 0 red border outside borders only go around B4 to B8 I want to do this for B7, around B4 to B8 D7, around D4 to D8 F7, around F4 to F8...

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