1. K

    Conditional Format to Enter a Value in another Cell

    I want to conditionally format some values in a column based on the thresholds in the table below but I want the value in brackets to be entered in another cell. Threshold (1) Current (2) 0-30 (3) 31-60 (4) 61-90 (5) 91-120 (6) 121-150 (7) 151-180 (8) 180+ So if the value is between say 31 and...
  2. R

    Curly Brackets, finding text,,, must be Simple

    Hi Mr. Excel users, Is it possible for Curly brackets to produce a Cell Value answer? Example.. In this case, a:a values are unique numbers, therefore, 1 is the only answer I can get in b:b ={if(a:a=1,b:b)}... now, what formula should I use to get the value align in b:b?
  3. Oldrat

    Border based around string length

    Hi I have a border around a merged and centered cell group. The group takes a maximum of 18 characters but could contain as few as 3. When printed using say 3 chars, the border looks a little odd as it covers the entire area for the full set of 18 chars. Is there a way to expand or contract the...
  4. B

    Negative Number and Zero Formatting.

    Hi All. I want to format negative numbers in brackets and format zeros as "-" not "0". Currently I display negative numbers in brackets using the below custom number format: #,##0;(#,##0) However using this format zeros display as "0" and I want zeros to display as "-". Appreciate any...
  5. F

    Horizontal cycle (VBA)

    Hello! I have some macro: Sub bracketsSub() Dim arr() As Variant Dim x As Long x = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row arr = Cells(1, 1).Resize(x, 2).Value For x = LBound(arr, 1) To UBound(arr, 1) arr(x, 2) = brackets(CStr(arr(x, 1))) Next x...
  6. N

    Extracting text from cell

    Hello guys, I have large xls file wherein one cell has 100+ words... Out of that specific cell (J1,J2,j3...) I want to extract content which is in "[ ]" square brackets. The problem is that there is sometimes one pair of brackets in the cells, but sometimes is also 3-4 pairs of brackets... I...
  7. E

    (A - B) is not equal to A - B, apparently

    So in cell A1 have the following formula: A1 =SUM(AE10:AP10)-O10, which returns 0. O10 is yearly revenue, cells AE to AP are monthly revenues, which are calculated on the basis of $O$10/12, so it's normal that I get 0 in A1. I double-check by doing B1 = A1 = 0, which gives me TRUE. However...
  8. D

    Formula in brackets

    <tbody> a 0.25 a 0.56 a 0.07 a 0.07 a 0.03 a 0.02 a xxxxx </tbody> If I put this formula into the cell marked xxxxx '=1-SUMIF(A1:A6,A8,B1:B6)' I get 0 as I expect If I put this formula in '=(1-SUMIF(A1:A6,A8,B1:B6))' I get -2.22044604925031E-16 which is -0.00000000000000022 or...
  9. P

    Calculate value in brackets

    Hi all, I have multiple rows with products amounts in each cell. I want the notation to be as follow: x(+y) , where x is the paid number of products and y the amount of free products. I need just the first number to calculate the total price but for calculating the total amount of products...
  10. N

    get the string within (' ')

    Hi i have a string like this ('hello'). How can i get the string inside the quotes ie hello?
  11. P

    Find numbers in Brackets

    Hello all, I'm trying to write formulas in cells AV2:AY6 based on the "bracketed" values in column A. For instance, in A3, you can see a [1] and a [99]. I would like the values in AV3 be 1% and AW3 be 99%. If there are no brackets (and the length of column A is 23 - it will always be a...
  12. B

    Nested IF statement with ISNUMBER

    edit: Never mind, got it sorted. //sits in the corner and wears dunce-hat.

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