1. M

    Extracting text between multiple sets of markers and displaying on separate lines

    I have a formula (in MS Project, pulled into Excel) which has field names shown in the format [text1], each formula will have 1 or more of these fields called into it. For instance: IIf(([Text19]="Dep" Or [Text19]="Del"),[Text28],[Text27]) I would like to be able to 1) Pull out all the items...
  2. B

    Perfect brackets for online tournament [VBA] [Very advanced]

    Hi, everybody In a couple of weeks I will run an online tournament. In this tournament there will be between 11-60 players. Every player will play 5 matches (1 match every round). A match consist of 1 game between 5-10 participants. I want to find the perfect matches, which is rougly defined as...
  3. J

    Excel Problem regarding Formula

    Hi I am trying to write the below in a formula but I am having some problems, I tried to a formula but is not working. You write amount (and on which category the amount fall it will work the sum) If amount is between 0.00 to 9100.00 = 0% - 0.00 If amount is between 9101.00 to 14500.00 = 15% -...
  4. BradleyS

    Delete Entire column based on word search

    I'm not very good at VBA and am struggling to work out a way to search across the top row column headers and delete the entire column if the following words do not exist in the relevant text description of that column. The columns headers will have different text, but just in case it helps I...
  5. Nelson78

    VBA: loop in cells and delete bracket content

    Hello everybody. I'm looping in a range: For Each cell In Sheets(2).Range("F2:F" & lr3) '.... Next cell For each cell in this range, I need, if existent brackets with exactly 2 characters as a content, delete the brackets and its content. For example: LONDON (LD) has to be turned into...
  6. D

    Extracting data from within multiple square brackets

    Hi How would I extract the contents of the square brackets from the following? [A1] fjdlkfjsdlkjfalkdjfldksj [A5] ndjklafdkjda [A8] fjdlkfjsdlkjfalkdjfldksj [A2] ndjklafdkjda Ideally, I'd like the adjacent cell to contain, "A1, A5, A8, A2"
  7. J

    Removing everything outside brackets in a cell

    Hi!! I have a bunch of cells which contain data similar to "0.120 (3.048)". I want to delete everything out side the brackets. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance
  8. D

    Removing brackets

    Can someone help me with this function, I am trying to remove the RoundDown feature from the formula but it is not liking the brackets that I am removing. How should it look? The formula is...
  9. M

    Formula Not Returning Expected Value

    Can someone tell me why this formula is returning "FALSE" opposed to "YES" or "NO" ? I have a feeling the brackets are incorrect =IF(AND(($F$2>=A4),($C$2<=B4)),OR(IF(AND(($F$2>=A5),($C$2<=B5)),"YES","NO")))
  10. N

    VBA Extract and sum numeric values from bracket

    Hello, I had a code for this but I can find it anymore. Basically, I have a sheet with a column of alphanumeric values. At the end of each string I have a decimal value between brackets, but also some text. I would like to extract the numeric value only, sum all the extracted values with the...
  11. P

    MID Function to find a string within brackets

    Hello I am using the following: =MID(B5,SEARCH("[",B5)+1,SEARCH("]",B5)-SEARCH("[",B5)-1)+0 Where cell B5 has the following contents: =IF(B6="","rdhgxfjhsftjhjh(Text to extract)hujkfjkdjsdt","") and cell B6 is blank. I am receiving a #Value error, and am unsure why. My cells are formatted...
  12. C

    Macro that gets rid of brackets in formula as in the example.

    Hello, First time here, as I can't find the answer I'm looking for browsing the internet. Is there a way of writing a macro in excel that does this ? How do I get from this: (A/B/C)+(D/E) To this: A+D or A+E or B+D or B+E or C+D or C+E This is just an example, the macro I want to write is...
  13. D

    This formula to check if a text string contains a number in it - is it an 'array' formula?

    Found this post that has a formula that appears to do what I want > check to see if a text string has a number in it (any digit 0 thru 9): =COUNT(FIND({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},A1))>0 But I see there's squiggly brackets, indicating an 'array', right? I've avoided array formulas in my file b/c I'm...
  14. A

    Curly Brackets but not an array?

    Hi I've been given a spreadsheet to work through and there's a formula that I've never seen before. It's =IF(SUM(COUNTIF(E3,{"*M*","*T*","*W*","*F*"})),"O","") The curly brackets are there whether Ctrl Shift and Enter is used or not. The only time I've seen curly brackets are for arrays...
  15. K

    need a macro to remove brackets and single quotes and sort

    I have words in a cell cell and would like to have the brackets and single quotes removed and put in alpha order. I have this in a single cell: ['red', 'blue', 'green', 'yellow']. I want this in a single cell: blue green red yellow
  16. D

    Split comma delimited data but ignoring commas between brackets

    Hi I have a set of data in the following format: <tbody> code other members modified ABC Babalwa Lobishe (Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture), Fikile Desi (Constituency Coordinator), Thembinkosi Mafana (Safety and Security), Nomamerika Magopeni (Sport, Recreation, Arts and...
  17. R

    Caps in brackets

    Hi,, In column A I have very many phrases. Each phrase may or may not have one or more words in brackets. How can I make all the words in brackets written in capital letters? Thank you.
  18. L

    Is it possible to use variable in brackets when using .FormulaR1C1 ?

    Hello, I´m new to VBA and I wonder if you can put a variable inside the brackets when using .FormulaR1C1. Here is an example of what I´m trying to do: Sub b() Dim fl As Integer Dim fc As Integer Dim nb_parts As Integer Dim nb_measurments As Integer fl = 8 fc = 8...
  19. H

    Adding a sumif function into a formula

    Hi, I have written this formula, but it doesn't work! I am trying to add 1 to the result of the first formula (in brackets), if there is a '&' symbol in AZ10. I think what is confusing it is that I mean for it to look for a & within text, for example, 'Mr & Mrs Smith'. For this reason, I...
  20. bencar

    How Do I Know I Have an Array Formula?

    How do i know I have an array formula? For example, how do I know when to add brackets around this array formula? {B2:I2*B3:BI} And also with this? {=SUM((A1:A10="jim")*(B1:B10="ben")*(C1:C10="alice")*(D1:D10))}

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