1. A

    Links from Excel to PowerPoint break

    Hi everyone, I am having some trouble regarding linked charts copied from Excel into PowerPoint. I am working on a powerpoint template, with several charts created in a separate excel file (located in the same folder). I want to be able to update the excel file, and for the powerpoint to...
  2. A

    working with hh:mm:ss formats and IF statements

    Hello I am trying to write an IF statement using date/time/hh:mm:ss data and would appreciate some help. I have ~ 150,000 rows of data so am keen not to review line by line. I have an extract of data with a date time stamp and I have calculated the difference between two times. eg: I have...
  3. A

    Insert a line break after word wrap

    I have a multi-line textbox I want to insert a line break after word-wraps to a new line. Can someone help with a vba code that can do this. Thank you kindly
  4. N

    Cannot delete page break in Excel

    I have a page break that is making the first page very small, I have tried everything to delete it and nothing works. Heeeellllpppp!!!
  5. A

    break even analysis

    hello everybody. Happy almost Friday. (I'm an optimist!) has anybody out there done any simplified profitability/break even analysis for an earthmoving business or for a wet hire type operation with similar drivers to earthmoving? I'm helping out a friend and I want to capture as much of their...
  6. N

    Aligning value and associated fields to match another column, with new rows created if needed.

    Good afternoon, In the spreadsheet, which was populated by tableau, the quantity break and its associated price from the last record and those from the previous record do not line up. Is there anyway we can match values in column P, along with the prices in column O to values in column N? If...
  7. T

    Removing entries into a list from a worksheet

    Hi, I have been trying to find a solution for this, searched everywhere, but cant find anything. I have a sheet with multiple colums of names. I have another sheet in the same workbook where a user enters a name/names into specified cells. Is there a way to automatically remove all the...
  8. N

    Time conversion help

    Hi, Hoping Toadstool will see this as he knows the history of what I have been trying to do. But if anyone can help I would be so grateful. I am doing timesheets and have formulas in now that work for adding hours over multiple rows and then multiplying it by 1.5 and 2. What I need now is...
  9. P

    Working hrs. Minus breaktime (8hrs/day) from range of days

    Work Start: 8:00 am Work End :5:00 pm Break Start: 12:00 pm Break End:1:00pm I am trying to compute the working hours with raw data like 08/30/2019 4:00pm - 09/02/2019 9:00am. The result in this one should be 2 hrs only. But if the raw data is 09/02/2019 8:00 am - 09/02/2019 9:00am result...
  10. L

    so close yet quite can't get in

    Hello! I feel like I am sooo close to figuring out this formula or conditional formatting but just can't quite get there. Its simple... per a collective agreement, any of employees that take their breaks "late" or don't take them at all are entitled to pay at 1.5x for that break. I get an...
  11. I

    Pivot, Vlookup, Index and Match, Powerpivot? What is the best method???

    Hello, Looking for some advise on the the best method for accomplishing this task. I'm working on a project that involves pricing. We want to be able to analyze some pricing, but to do so, I need to transpose multiple lines of data into one line. Here is an example of the data. Customer -...
  12. N


    Hi, I am working with a spreadsheet that was pulled from an external data source. It imported the time column as text (example: 07:30m or 12:00am). No space between. I've gotten it to work if I break it into 2 separate columns using the following 2 formulas: =TIMEVALUE(SUBSTITUTE(D2,"pm"," pm"))...
  13. R

    Inserting rows

    Hi All I want to insert a row or rows and keep the page break the same. So if the page break is under row 40 and I insert lines, the page break remains under row 40. Is it possible? Thank you!
  14. F

    Break Revenue Down By Month - Start End Date and Amount

    Hello, I have two dates and an amount field, I want to break the revenue into each month. I have a formula =(IF(AND($B2>=D$1,$A2<=DATE(YEAR(D$1),MONTH(D$1)+1,0)),MIN($B2,DATE(YEAR(D$1),MONTH(D$1)+1,1))-MAX($A2,D$1),0)/($B2-$A2))*$C2 It breaks down the revenue incorrectly across the months. I...
  15. O

    VBA Code to Break a Comment into Multiple Lines

    Thanks in advance for any solutions, suggestions or help for which I will give feedback. I have two questions which are similar, but not exactly the same: (1) How do you break a comment such as the following into multiple lines (i.e. continuation)? This is basically so I can keep it on the...
  16. L

    Total Time Less Lunch Overlap

    Hello is there a way to adjust the formulas in Column I so that if the times overlap the lunch break (12 pm to 12:30 pm) it deducts that time? I have the Lunch In L12 and Lunch Out L13 if that matters. So it should be a 30 minute break. The result of the new formula would then be I5 2.5...
  17. P

    Append Query to Table Issues

    Hello, I have 5 Fields that append to a table. All can repeat but I only want one unique record of each type. When I do the append, it just keeps adding duplicates because I can't set a primary key. Any ideas? Fields: Order Operation ID Description Complete Bear in mind...
  18. A

    Formulas with staff rota

    Good evening all, I am trying to create a simple weekly rota for my team that will add up the amount of hours worked each day minus their breaks and also to add up their total hours for the week. Can anyone help me with the formulas please? <tbody> SUN MON HOURS MINUS BREAK TUES HOURS MINUS...
  19. V

    VBA Excel code doesn't run completely

    I have a macro but when i run, i only run to specific line code (of course i don't use break point mode or F9) Eg: Line 1: ..... " code here " Line 20: ... " code here " Line End:... It only runs to Line 20 and stop there, i have to press F5 if i want to continue. That is like break point mode...
  20. T

    Pivot table, display weeks

    Hi, I have created a pivot table that is displaying expenditure by year, quarter and finally month. Is there any way I can get it also diplay break done for each week in a month?

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