1. C

    VBA syntax for specifying page break locations based on cell contents

    Hello, I'd like to automate the process of moving page breaks within a fairly small pivot table. I just recorded the following macro while I manually adjusted page breaks to my liking. Here's the code: ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-33...
  2. M

    Replace all semicolons with line breaks

    I have a spreadsheet that looks like this: <tbody> Student Course John Smith English;Math;Science;History Jane Smith Math;History;Art </tbody> I would like to replace all semicolons with line breaks if possible, so that it would appear like this: <tbody> Student Course John Smith...
  3. S

    VBA code help

    Hi all, I currently have a file which links into 3 other large files (in order to consolidate the data) but the issue is that they are all password protected so in order to relink to the next month's version, I end up have to open quite a few files just to do this and sometimes it breaks...
  4. A

    Deducting breaks in total time cell

    A1 is start time, B1 is finish time, C1 is B1 - A1 to give total time worked that day. Is there an easy way to auto deduct breaks in C1 as follows? less than or equal to 9 hours deduct 30 mins break More than 9 hours deduct 1 hour break All cells to be 24 hour format without : entered as 0900...
  5. S

    Win Loss Record

    I'm currently trying to create a formula that automatically calculates a win/loss record based on increases and decreases in postgame rating. The following formula was working great for me until we decided to make changes to how we record time spent...
  6. M

    Fit cell height to number of true lines (no text warpping)

    Hi everybody, I am new, this is my first post. Anyone can help me with the following question? Given an excel cell with line breaks (Alt+Enter or line breaks from text copied and pasted), is there a way to adjust the height of the cell so that it fits the number of text lines without wrapping/...
  7. E

    Auto Page Breaks

    Hi all, I have a macro that saves to pdf and this works great, thanks to all your help Is there a way to insert page breaks depending on data in column D Column D has the headings for each selection of data beginning with "ZZ099...." Hope this makes sense Thanks
  8. R

    query auto page breaks

    I need to determine where Excel will put automatic page breaks in a sheet where the #rows, and their heights, vary. Reading .PageBreak for every row turns out to be very slow! Is there a better way? My sheets have several sections; we'd like to avoid page breaks within a section. Rows get...
  9. D

    VBA to apply macro to selected sheets

    Hello, I've been dabbling with macros recently, but have not found a way to apply macros to selected sheets in the workbook. The macro I have works flawlessly on the active sheet, it applies the proper page breaks and if a certain section is completely hidden it won't print the page. Below is...
  10. Roderick_E

    Dynamic Data Validation list

    I use this code all the time but it breaks if someone renames the source tab. Any ideas? =OFFSET(tabname!$J$4,0,0,COUNTIF(tabname!$J$4:$J$65536,"> "))
  11. R

    Opening a second workbook breaks the UDF in the first workbook

    I have a workbook, Book-A, that I have defined a UDF. When I open a second workbook, it breaks the UDF on the first workbook. How do I stop this? Rich
  12. H

    Excel Print Related Features Disabled. Page Breaks also not able to drag

    Dear all, Print related features like print preview, page breaks, page setup in page layout not working in excel 2013. But it is working in MS Word. Can you please help me with the issue? I couldn't find any solution in normal googling. Thanks, safal
  13. J

    Working bar rota with breaks and hours calculated

    Hi guys, I come to you seeking much help. I have gone way beyond my excel knowledge and have now been landed with a task which I cannot do!:confused: I want to create a Staff Rota which can calculate the following Hours worked in shift, hours worked in day also needs to deduct breaks upto...

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