1. M

    End Time Per Product Quantity to make + breaks

    As i am sure it is said in many posts, i have looked and tried but still can't figure it out. I am trying to automate the following. Product #1 to make = 32 300 pcs Product # 2 to make = 35 160 pcs Product # 3 to make = 21 873 pcs It takes 8500 pcs to fill one truck, how many trucks will it...
  2. M

    Calculating Hours Worked and breaks taken

    Hello I thought I already posted this question but couldn’t find it anyways here I go I am working on a weekly staffing schedule and it has the follow info type C13 = start time ( 8:30 Am) D13=End-time (5:00 PM) E13 =Hours worked ( subtracting breaks with the following rules ) Works < 6...
  3. D

    Adjust page breaks on multiple Sheets Excel 2013

    Seems our engineering friends at Microsoft are at it again. They love breaking things that work perfectly. I have a workbook with about 70 identical sheets. I wanted to print the same rows on each sheet. Well in the 2013 version you can no longer set the print area on multiple sheets. Fine, I...
  4. M

    Contents of row deleted based on a zero value

    Please can someone help me with a script - I have a table 11 columns (D to N) and 7 Rows (Rows 7 to 13) - I would like the contents of each row removed if the value in G = 00:00 <tbody> Days Worked Start time Finish Time Time Worked Breaks Yes/No Breaks From Breaks To Total Breaks Total...
  5. M

    worksheet.vPageBreaks.Count returns zero (0)

    Greetings I am attempting to determine a method of jumping to the first row of the next page, where the page breaks are automatically generated by Excel (A4 page size, automatic height/width). I figured it would be possible to do this by comparing the current row with data from vPageBreaks in...
  6. A

    Saving Issues

    Hi all, Im not sure if this possible but any ideas would be amazing! I have a sheet that is used by a colleague of mine and she keeps accidently saving it in random places which breaks all of the external refs. Is there a way to set the sheet to only be able to be saved in one location? Im...
  7. R

    Starting to hate Excel - Making -any- change to the VBA breaks this, for some reason

    Have the following code in a module: AdSelect.LDAlts = "---A---" & Chr(10) & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "F").Value & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & "---B---" & Chr(10) & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "G").Value & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & "---C---" & Chr(10) & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "H").Value If I open the workbook and...
  8. L

    How to remove all line breaks, leaving only single line breaks?

    Hi, Everybody I want to compact all the comments on a worksheet to their minimum sizes because there are so many of them scattered everywhere on the worksheet. One way comments may occupy too much space is when the user inserts unnecessary line feeds in the comment box. I want to remove them...
  9. V

    VBA for Data Manipulation

    Hello all, I am new to VBA and Macros, but want to start learning to write macros for some of repetitive duties. I’ve used the recorder but want to do more. My question is that some of my data I have to do a series of things for it to become readable then this data is imported into our system...
  10. B

    VBA to set page breaks

    I assembled this code a while ago to create a printable recap report on 8.5 x 11 paper. It almost works to produce my desired result…the exception: Sheets(“Gross and Net”) will usually fill an entire sheet of paper. But, Sheets(“G1-N3”) typically have only 20 lines max each. Therefore, I must...
  11. E

    How can I insert the value of a cell here?

    Hello In a cell I have: § June Target [] I want between the [] to display the number of a different cell that has a formula. However, the whole thing breaks, any idea?
  12. B

    Printing with page breaks and filters prints blank pages

    I have a range of cells that need to be printed and different ranges are to be printed depending on a filter that has been applied. I have had to set up some manual page breaks to make sure the pages are printed correctly, but the problem I have is when the filters are on there are some blank...
  13. B

    Excel using unwanted space column breaks

    Probably best give some background to this call first. We use a product in school called SIMS database to record pupil/staff/contact data - the reporting tool outputs to MS Office (Word/Excel), text (plain & CSV format) among others. We have been using Office 2010 for some time but Office 2016...
  14. B

    Help with header

    I have a spreadsheet that I have inserted page breaks and I have headers and footers, can I have each header on each page be different? as is from a certain cell on each page? the issue I am having is I added a macro but and I want the cell the top left cell from each page to go into the header...
  15. M

    Multiple Criteria Index Match with One Exact and the Other closest but not greater than....

    Hi All. I'm new to the forums but am confident in excel and have a conundrum i'm hoping I can get some assistance with. I have a sheet containing transaction information (Sheet1) and a reference sheet (Sheet2) which lists items and price breaks. The number of price breaks is different per...
  16. M


    I am trying to find a name from a list of data on a separate sheet and pull it through to a cell on another sheet: Sheet1: <colgroup><col width="166" style="width: 125pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 6070;"> <col width="140" style="width: 105pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  17. M

    Need help with a SUMPRODUCT formula

    Hello. I have been using multiple SUM(COUNTIFS( added together to search ranges across several columns that match certain terms. I would like to use SUMPRODUCT instead as it is more clean and flexible. Unfortunately I cannot get the SUMPRODUCT to work. Please have a look at my two formulas and...
  18. B

    pivot table dates

    I have 52 pay periods that I want to have a pivot table show the breakdown of each week. why can't I have the columns but it breaks it down by year or quarter. I just want all 52 weeks to show
  19. T


    I am trying to manipulate the horizontal page breaks in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet through VBA. The line of code I am using is: For a = 1 To sheetcount - 1 ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Continuation Sheet " & Trim(Str(k + 1))).Range(sheetrange).rows(a * 44).EntireRow.PageBreak =...
  20. C

    Rota help needed with breaks

    Struggling to make this work for me, probable cause - complete novice. I'm changing roles and now need to be looking into creating rotas, I've created my template for it, but I need to take out 15 minutes (0.25) out of each shift over 5 hours for breaks. I cheated a little and did the...

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