bubble chart

  1. S

    Add outline to bubble in bubble chart based on sample size in another cell

    I would like to add a yellow outline to a bubble if any of the three values used to create it are between 50-75. This will be a bubble chart with several slicers so the need for a yellow outline will be a moving target. Any way I can achieve this? My data set up (from a pivot) looks like the...
  2. D

    Bubble Chart: Why is simple so hard?

    I have a very simple table of data... x-axis with "text definers" and y-axis with "text definers", and in the middle data... I just want to show a bubble chart with the x/y axis and the bubbles sized by the middle data. But, I can't define both axis. What am I missing? What can I use to do...
  3. T

    VBA EXCEL 2016 - How to add labels to points in bubble chart automatically? multiple series, Names of values in cells.

    Hi guys So I have multiple series but for each point in the serie i want to have a different name. In excel i can select these names but after closing the file en re-opening again, i will have to "refresh" all the series before i can enter new point in a serie. my code so far but it keeps...
  4. L

    [URGENT] Macro tools to import data w/ new line items while updating the data in new WB

    Hello Everyone, I am a complete Excel Noob. I am really stumped in this task I have been given..Here is the summary of what I need to do. Source File • Sheet 1: Database of Projects with the following columns (Excel File): Country, Business Unit, Project Name, Project Manager, Current...
  5. K

    modify code to suit 2013

    Hi Everyone i found this template online and was using it perfectly until i updated to 2013. Can anyone help me modify the code so it works with 2013. Cheers Option Explicit Sub CallAB() ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Delete ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddChart AssignBubbleSource...
  6. F

    VBA: Bubble Chart - Insert Data Label - Series Name

    Hello, I have the code below, but I want to include the Series Name as Data Label. The problem is that Excel doesn't allow to change all Data Labels at once. How can I include it in the code below? Also, do you have some good material about VBA in charts to recommend? The code below comes...
  7. F

    How to match colors of data series and data labels in a buble chart

    Hi, I have a bubble chart with approx. 40 bubbles and labels are in black. I am using Excel 2010. How can I have colors of data series (the bubbles) and data labels match ? I have found on MrExcel an answer that copies the color of the border to the label, but I do not have borders. I need to...
  8. K

    How to create oval bubble chart based on scatter chart with XY error bars?

    Hello, I have an XY scatter chart where each XY point has independent XY error bars. Is there any way to draw an oval around the error bars to create an oval bubble chart, where the bubble area represents the combined error? Thanks in advance for any help. Kelvin
  9. J

    Bubble Chart w/ Y-Axis Categories

    I have a two dimensional table similar to: Circle Square Triangle Red 2 5 3 Blue 7 1 6 Green 3 4 8 Orange 1 0 9 and want to create a bubble chart where the shape category is on one...
  10. D

    Automatic colour coding for bubble chart data points

    I'm working in Excel 2007 and have created a bubble chart. I've automated the x- and y- axis data, bubble sizes and data labels, but I also want to automatically colour the bubbles either green, red or yellow depending on a text-based criteria (e.g. "strong" = green, "medium" = yellow, "weak" =...
  11. G

    Use shape to identify data in Bubble Chart

    I have a bubble chart. I use shapes, particularly the round shape, which I set to partially opaque and then use it to highlight data in the bubble chart. It looks like this: http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/1632/bubblez.png I would like to be able to generate a list of the points that are...
  12. J

    Coordinates of a data points in a bubble chart

    I need VBA code to draw a line from each data point (bubble) in a bubble chart to cells on the spreadsheet. I am not able to get coordinaets for data points in the bubble chart. Does anyone know the vba code to ascertain coordinates of data point in a chart?
  13. C

    Bubble Chart Key = 4th Column

    Hello, I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me out with a solution to a bubble chart dilemma. I have four columns of data in my bubble chart Name Age Height Weight Joe 32 60 139 Sal 27 66 177 Dan 22 64 180 I can get it...

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