[URGENT] Macro tools to import data w/ new line items while updating the data in new WB


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Oct 25, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I am a complete Excel Noob.

I am really stumped in this task I have been given..Here is the summary of what I need to do.

Source File
• Sheet 1: Database of Projects with the following columns (Excel File):
Country, Business Unit, Project Name, Project Manager, Current Revenue, Last month’s Forecast, Current Forecast

• Sheet 2: Two graphs for summary of Revenue vs Last forecast for Business Unit & Country

Create a macro based Excel tool to do the following:

• Button 1: Imports new set of data to append a database with new line items and updates existing line items with a new workbook.
- I have to import the data with the same columns while appending the new ones and updating the existing entries. There should be no overwriting or duplicates. I need to also update Last months forecast with the old current forecast for exisiting entries.

• Button 2: Checks if a bubble chart exists. If yes, update it when the new data or create a new bubble chart for the existing data.
- The chart needs to be linked to the new database with the updated range.

I have been on this for the past 4 days, I have browsed like 30 forums, read excel 2016 power programming with VBA by Michael Alexander..I can make forms
, but, I am unable to complete this task accurately. I am able to import the data, but not append it as mentioned or update it yet. I have figured out I need to loop through the new file, line by line, and check if the project name exists in my current database with the match function (I got the code for that through Macro Recordings), but I am unable to compile properly or move ahead. I havent yet figured out how to make button 2. I have also gone through the stickied thread, but, I need more time to absorb all that knowledge which I currently dont have.

Any assistance will be most appreciated.


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