1. N

    Move content from one row to another Macro

    Hi all, I was wondering if you could help me with this problem I have (I include an image for reference), I am trying to clean and sort a list of products that gives me a system that I can not change. What I am trying to do is to copy the value enclosed in red (product group mark) from the...
  2. W

    Range with Cells Function (Runtime Error - 1004 --> Application-defined or object Defined error)

    Hi am new to VBA, Could you please help on the below code. I have 2 workbooks and i want to copy the columns from one to another with the matching header. It shows an error in the following line as (Runtime Error - 1004 --> Application-defined or object Defined error)...
  3. A

    Delete Rows which contains a specific text in a cell

    Hello, can anyone please help me to write a code which delete all the rows if Column AM in sheet "Sponsored Products Campaigns" has text as same as in sheet "Control Panel" Cell S7, so for example it will search the text from Cell S7 Sheet "Control Panel" in the Column AM sheet "Sponsored...
  4. S

    VBA Copy and Paste on the Same Sheet

    I have a workbook that serves as a database with an Input page. I want to make Column A dynamic, which will update header rows on all pages of the worksheet. I have created a macro that copies these header names from Column A on the Input Sheet, and pastes these values as headers on the next...
  5. A

    DoubleClick macro not working at all

    I have a simple Double Click macro that works elsewhere but in this particular workbook nothing happens. I double click into the cell and it just goes to edit mode, no macro runs. EnableEvents is True and the only other thing I can think of is it has something to do with both sheets being SQL...
  6. L

    Sorting Apples Questions - Using Macros

    Hi, Im trying to see if its possible to build a macro with the scenario mentioned below: We have 3 people (Person A, B, and C). All have different set of apples that are each uniquely barcoded that need to be evenly distributed into 6 baskets. When it comes to uneven numbers divisible by 6...
  7. A

    VBA Code for deleting complete rows if it has specific text

    Hi, so I need to delete the complete row if specific criteria is met, the criteria is as follows, In a sheet named called "Data" If column B contains either of "John", "David", "Susan", "Macro", few of them, or all of them, then delete those specific rows leaving the others (Note: If any of...
  8. S

    macro greyed out (while others are ok)

    I have a worksheet with a number of macros. some of them allow me to run them or edit them. but some dont have that option. thes are saved to the individual workbook. Basically when I pull up my ist of macros, I can run some but not others. Pleas help me understand why some of these are...
  9. S

    Macros dissapearing over and over

    Hi- I have a xlsm workbook that two nights in a row the macros disappear. They even disappeared from the files that I archived as a backup ( also xlsm files). I checked that macro is enabled and I checked that there were no disabled add-ins. I have never had this happen before. Any suggestions...
  10. A

    Are there a lot of Excel VBA projects on Github

    Hi, I developed an ETL tool called EtransL and have placed it on Github. How can contributors who might want to join the development effort submit code changes if it is embedded inside an Excel as a macro? Thanks
  11. J

    Running VBA macro to add COUNTIFS

    Hi , I have multiple workbooks with 100's to 200's sheets in which I want to count number of entries of A2:A10000 range has, if the cell C2:C10000 has some value then only count should be considered else Not to be considered. This value should be stored in V2 cell of each sheet Similarly, I...
  12. W

    Update a Column based on multiple column values in Excel VBA

    Hi All, I have been given a data set in Excel which is consist of 20k+ rows. The data is for the past six months' SLA for 3000+ processes. Within the last 3 months, I need to identify the processes which have failed to meet their SLAs. Based on the below, the raw with the latest month needs to...
  13. K

    Copying Data entered from a form in one workbook to another?

    I have a form where information is being from a form is being added to a sheet "Database". How can I add to the current VBA and have the the same information added to the "Database" sheet on the Active workbook and another workbook "WF Manager-Database.xlsm Sheet "Activity Database". Code below...
  14. C

    Macros taking considerably longer on Microsoft Excel 2016 (vs 2013) in specific PC

    Hello Everyone, Was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem, it looks like it's a problem with Excel 2016 in this PC specifically. I've made a Macros for sorting data from a CSV File, and put it in a normal Worksheet. I created the Macros in Excel 2013, on a PC at work. This PC has as...
  15. C

    Excel File Tab freezes

    Running Windows 10 & Office 2010. 1. Most of my Excel workbooks work fine...when no macros used. 2. My "budget" workbook has slow performance & freeze uses macros. 3. Some/most slowness is due to many imbedded, conditional formulas in 12 sheets. 4. Open & close workbook is slow. 5...
  16. I

    Userform menu will use on 32 bit and on 64 bit

    Hello, can somone help me to run this userform menu to start on 32 and on 64 bit (excel vba). I try with convert but I wrong and dont know where. Can you give me advaice what I change? Thank you menu maker
  17. S

    Vba to copy and paste data from two worksheet based on header in another worksheet and compare them.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to VBA. I have task to do. I have 3 sheets in an workbook. Sheet1,Sheet2 and output. Sheet1 and Sheet2 consits 67 and 65 columns respectively. Only few columns are common. I have created a unique column in both sheets using concatenate formula which we have to use to fetch...
  18. D

    Create a button to move up/down sheet or a drop down

    Hello, I wanted to see if it is possible to create either a button or a drop down that can take me to a section on an excel sheet. I have 10 sections that are the same but can take different values in the section The title "Section 1" is on C12 then the next section is c78 and so on meaning...
  19. A

    VBA how to copy paste specific cells if condition is met, not all row

    I have a code to copy paste entire row which met condition, but how to copy not entire row, but specific cells from that rows? For example just A, C and D cells from row. Sub CopyRow_Item() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim LastRow As Long Dim last_row As Long Item =...
  20. B

    VBA Macro will post formula incorrectly

    Hello everyone. I am using a macro to consolidate two files and have the information referenced between two sheets, but when the macro is supposed to paste a formula {=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B6,GTN!A:C,2,FALSE),""}, what I end up getting is a different one {=IFERROR(VLOOKUP('B6',GTN!A:M:M,2,FALSE),"")}...
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