1. V

    Delete rows from current month

    Hi there, I have a file with historic data which is weekly updated with a Month to date raw data can anybody help me to delete rows only from the current month? Date is on column B And on column AC I have a =MONTH(B3) formula.
  2. B

    Excel Macro: Comparing and highlighting the common texts which may not be exact match

    Guys, I am an insurance underwriter and prepare Insurance quotations. Number of these in a day. I receive a RFP/RFQ from broker and basis which I prepare the quotes. Attached excel sheet is the simplified version to explain the point where I need to automate by using formula. And if not by...
  3. D

    Chart columns coloring automatically based on cell font colors in a row

    Hi All, I'm a rookie in VBA and I have an Excel VBA issue that is driving me crazy. I have created dynamic charts that select their data using an offset formula and a defined range. I want to color the columns of the charts according to the second row of the sheet, but the numer of columns...
  4. S

    Populating Data into different workbook based on on Template from Master Data

    I have a list of employees reimbursement amount payroll wise. I need those to be populated into reimbursement form which is in excel template. I would like to populate data from master list into reimbursement template (It will be one liner item to be populated as Allowance) I can link first...
  5. E

    Help with pricing

    Hi everyone, Hoping I can get a bit of help on something I have a range of products that are supported and I want to ensure that I can make the cost of supporting these products as cost effective as possible. Different employees support a variety of different product, even multiples but for...
  6. S

    Copy the data into template for each unique value of a row

    HI, I have a standard template of two worksheets and i have a data file with unique id in column "A" and data related to that in column "B" and "C". What i want to achieve is for each unique id i want to copy the rows from data file of column "B" to Sheet1 of template, and column "C" to sheet2...
  7. M

    Macros with protected sheets

    Hello! I have a model that has two macros in it that both basically copy and paste data. How can I get these to run but also protect the sheets so that no one accidentally makes changes to these (they should be making changes in the master sheets and using the macros to copy the data)... My...
  8. M

    How to write a macro that will open, copy and paste data from a separate workbook

    Hello! I have one tab in my workbook that contains all of the 'lookup data' I use in the rest of my model. It is mainly used for data validation lists. Occasionally new line items will need to be added to these lists. Eventually I will have three different models for 3 different teams but they...
  9. V

    Need help with adding IF function to existing formula.

    Hi, all, I'm using: {=SUM(--LEFT(IF(A2:A18="",0,A2:A18),1))} I would like to add an IF function to this formula so it only sums the left of cells A2:A18 IF cells B2:B18 are "108". Does this make sense?
  10. K

    VBA Code that gives results in MsgBox

    Ideally I would like the message box to display whether any discrepancies were identified in sheet 3. The data in sheet 1&2 should be identical, so when the macro is run the results in sheet 3 should show no data because there is no discrepancy. Now, if there are discrepancies between the data...
  11. K

    VBA code that returns the results of macro in a MsgBox

    At the end of running my macro I would really like it if a message box appeared displaying the results of the macro. The message box would say "X" number discrepancies were identified, or "0" discrepancies were identified. I am having great difficulty making this happen, i would really...
  12. C

    VBA: Autofill current selected cell down according to adjacent column. Columns will be dynamic.

    Hi All, I've been trying to solve this for a few days now. I am relatively new to VBA, and I am running into trouble due to the data in my worksheets being dynamic. I need to autofill a formula down to the last row of the adjacent column next to it. The problem I'm running into, is I'm not...
  13. Mister_J

    Macro To Filter Column Based On What I Want To Remain Visible

    I’ve been looking into finding or creating a macro that can filter a column of categories that continuously grows. I always want to filter the same categories but when new ones are added I have to add the new ones to the list to be filtered out. So can I create a macro that will filter...
  14. F

    Pivot Table - Dynamic Data Source range change via VBA

    Hi all, Currently, I am working on the project with 7 different pivot tables stored on 7 seperate work sheets and the main sheet where i keep data extract. So I decided to use VBA that every time when I update my data extract to automate this process with the help of macros and VBA. I could...
  15. A

    password protect each sheet

    hi there i have created a workbook with many sheets. each sheet is a grade sheet for students which they have a unique id and password written in it.i want when i run the macros to create a copy of the workbook and when i open the copied workbook to directly show a search box for the students...
  16. C

    I've recorded a macro but it only works on the rows I recorded on and want it to work on every row that has data.

    Hi, I am new to macros and recorded one on a set of values however the amount of rows may vary from time to time and the macro doesn't change with the change of rows. Any help would be great as the code is overwhelming to me. Cheers. Sub Stake() ' ' Stake Macro ' ' Range("H1").Select...
  17. C

    VBA to clear rows based on cell value

    Hi all, I'm new here and I actually have 2 questions, but we will start with this one as this is the one that I've been trying to find an answer to longest. I have a table that pulls data from another worksheet based on the date selected. I have made a quick chart to show the data in that...
  18. J

    Excel to Google Sheets Script

    I am using a script below for excel to pull a certain row value from one sheet to another cell on a different sheet. I just want to know if this can be done with google sheets thru script and if it's possible, i will appreciate if you can walk me through the process. Here's the code I am using...
  19. W

    Macros code to return a list of numbers according to Specific Conditions

    4 numbers are to be picked at random from a bag containing numbers 1 to 20 For convenience purposes, said numbers are grouped as; 1 - 5 6 - 10 11- 15 16- 20 Numbers chosen in the Number Pattern (2101) means 2...
  20. L

    Copy data from a changing cell

    Hi, I would like to know how I can copy the value of a cell when its change and generate a list of values. I have this code but only function when I click the cell (B2). Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$B$2" Then Worksheet_Calculate End Sub...

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