1. J

    Export to PDF bug

    Hello, I have a problem with exporting excel to a PDF, does anyone know how to solve this? (It works fine on another computer) Code: ActiveSheet.Range("B1:F8").ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=FolderPath & "/" & pdfname & ".pdf", Quality:=xlQualityStandard...
  2. N

    Excel not subtracting properly causing "un-rounding"

    Through my entire process, I round everything with the Round formula since these numbers are designated to be $s to go into an ERP system that should have everything rounded to the 2nd decimal place. The final step in my process is subtracting my post-process rounded side to what it should...
  3. E

    Weird Sequence Bug ??

    I have seen a discussion in the forum dated 2021 about this weird behaviour (bug?) of the function Sequence: Sequence(Randbetween(1,50),1) gives a #Spill! Error in Excel 365 most of the time. Sequence(A1,1) when A1=Randbetween(1,50) also gives a #Spill! error most of the time. I was hoping that...
  4. S

    Copy and paste bug

    Hi, I am trying to copy and paste some data from one sheet to another. I created a function to just do the copy paste becuse I have to do that for multiple headers. below is my code Function insert(header) Sheets(2).Activate Sheets(2).Cells.Find(What:=header, After:=ActiveCell...
  5. R

    Copy error - range is cutting and pasting to wrong sheet

    My code below: Sub arrange() 'all declarations for wkshts and wbs stated at top unless stated here Dim g1 As Range Dim g2 As Range Dim g3 As Range Dim g4 As Range Dim g5 As Range Dim g6 As Range Dim g7 As Range Dim g8 As Range Dim g9 As Range Dim g10 As Range Dim g11 As Range Dim g12 As Range...
  6. J

    Pivot: Double click value in a single cell showing all data

    Currently I am using Microsoft Office 365 at work, version 2102 (Build 12801.21278) Steps: Execute query> copy results and paste into new workbook>Insert Pivot table on all data>add columns and rows When using a Pivot table in 365, if I attempt to double click a cell to show the records behind...
  7. GraH

    XL2BB bug?

    Hi, Let me start by saying the XL2BB add-on is awesome. I can't imagine what the coding behind must be like. I'm in awe. One thing starts to bugs me however. Each time I start up Excel the "Mr Excel" is gone from the ribbon, while the add-on is still "flagged" in the list as selected. The...
  8. S

    Using listobject name reference in chart series issues after update

    Hello! I've encountered very weird behavior of Excel after latest update (semi-annual channel). Everything was working perfectly for over a year now. I've created addin (VBA), that creates charts automatically from pulled SQL data. I used following format for series data definition: SERIES...
  9. E

    Data Validation Bug

    I have a worksheet that has thousands of cells containing data validation. I recently noticed that when I copy an entire row from the original worksheet to another worksheet (within the same workbook), the data validation in some of the cells change unexpectedly in the destination. The data...
  10. N

    Odd Regular Expression Issue

    Is this some kind of undocumented bug, or am I having brain gas?? Here is the string... myStr = "<comment id='234679' author='Bill McKale' created='Wed, 14 Jun 2019 11:56:44 -4000'>'This is not a viable solution. Please read SOP 48824.66A'<comment>" Here are 4 variations of the pattern...
  11. I

    Run Time Error 1004

    So I have two excel versions one at home and one at work. Both are excel 2016 but the one at work is blocked for updates. The bug I'm getting is on the most up-to-date version at home. Excel at work doesn't seem to have this bug. And here's the code: .Add Type:=xlValidateList...
  12. P

    Copy Paste macro not working

    Hi There I got this macro from Mr Excel forum but I forgot who gave it to me. I have a bug on the line that says: If MyData(r, 1).HasFormula = True Then The bug says "Object Required" Can someone fix this for me? Below is the macro Sub CopyPaste1() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim...
  13. S

    Calculate and populate duration (days) into cell 3 from cell 1 & 2 that contains specific words

    Hi All, Apologies if i'm not posting in the correct section. I tried to find the most appropriate discussion thread. This is quite a complicated one (well for me at least) so i'll really be impressed if this can be solved. What i'm trying to do is calculate and populate the SLA Deadline cell...
  14. pbornemeier

    Merged Cell Offset Inconsistencies

    I ran across a problem when I had to deal with merged cell offsets and thought I would share my results, Summary: Avoid offsets from merged cells unless you test all results. Some offset directions return the address that would be expected if the cell was not part of a range, others return a...
  15. dannyok90

    VBA bug in delete row code (with buttons)

    Hi all, Im having some intermitant trouble with the followin code (line where i've put the arrow) The code sometimes breaks here and i have to close the spreadsheet and reopen it.. it works fine after that.. until it does it again. Any ideas? :) Thanks, Dan Option Explicit Sub...
  16. R

    Can you replicate this simple Excel bug? Microsoft support can, but refuse to take action until more people complain

    The latest Excel release appears to have a very simple yet potentially critical bug with autofill. Values will lose or gain 0.0000000000001 or <del style="box-sizing: inherit; color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6); border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: top; -webkit-font-smoothing...
  17. G

    Macro for inserting pictures bug

    Hi guys, I have the following macro which works as follows: once run, it reads the product codes (e.g. 12381-1231) in column B and inserts corresponding product pictures from another folder to the excel file. Now the problem is that even when I save the document and then send it to others, they...
  18. H

    Active Cell Outline Bug

    Hello, I've attached an image below to show what is happening on my worksheet. About half the time, when I open my file, there seems to be a display bug. If the bug occurs, I can still select cells and enter information, but the green outline around the active cell disappears (I have the same...
  19. R

    Copy/Paste Error

    I have a simple spreadsheet, with no filters and no complex formulas. When a copy a cell in a given column (any cell and any column, even those with no formulas) and paste it, excel paste the value of immediate below cell (incorrectly). For exemple, if I copy cell B7 and paste it in cell B1...
  20. O

    Marco error deletes raw data, but only on the first run

    Hi! I have two files, one is a CSV raw data set and the other contains my macros. The macros modify the raw data set so that it is readable and adds some tools to the file that help analyze the data. The first time I run it chunks of data are deleted from the raw data set and outputs are...

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