1. R

    Looking to kick rows of data in Sheet A based off what cells in Sheet C say

    Hi, i've got a code that works - kind of. It does run, and it runs at a good speed. Only problem is that it's not kicking the right rows... High level explanation: I've got sheet A with all my data, it goes to sheet B to see what qualifier to use and then finds it in sheet C which ones have...
  2. R

    Format copying not working

    This is my full code Sub StripData() Call InsertData Call FormatData 'Call DragData End Sub Sub InsertData() Dim myWb As Workbook Dim myRowsToCopy As Range Set wbtemplate = Workbooks("Template.xlsm").Worksheets("Raw") Set formatrange = Range("B2:CE2") Set formularange = Range("AK2:CE2")...
  3. gravanoc

    Outline Feature Broken on particular sheet.

    A company file needs to have some of the columns grouped via the outline & group feature, but when I use it on the first tab, the outline is not shown (only the bare tips seem to be visible). Google said to look under Advanced options under the View tab for the worksheet. I did and the box was...
  4. M

    Formula.Firewall Issue

    I have an Excel file that uses Power Query to get data from two Access tables. The query is executed via the following VBA code in the Workbook_Open codeActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - SourceFileName").Refresh ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - GoodsOut").Refresh The SourceFileName query...
  5. C

    Cells not returning a value - when i know the formula is correct!!!

    I have this formula that is working in several other programmes that I have made, that are identical in nature. However, this one programme fails to return the value of my concatenation. The cell returns no errors. I have set the formulas to update automatically. I do believe this is an easy...
  6. K

    is it just me or is excel for mac chock full of bugs?

    there are some software that i use everyday, are highly complex, and to mind work almost perfectly. these are: chrome browser, pycharm, mac os. i have had very few problems with these apps. pycharm, for example, i would say, crashes about once every two months and it is simply an enormously...
  7. V

    Create 3 Drop-Down Lists which Sum to Specific Value?

    Hi all, I have an excel question which I've been scratching my head about... I've had a few attempts at solving this from butchering various bits of VBA I've found, but although it works (still with a few bugs to be ironed out), I'm confident there's a better way of doing this. So, here goes...
  8. 4

    Can some expert help in MATCH() array form?

    This seems to be an Excel 2013 bug ... <tbody> A B 1 something {=MATCH(FALSE, ISBLANK(A1:A1), 0)} 2 </tbody> (Use Ctrl-Shift ENTER to enter the B1 formula after typing without the curly braces) B1 should generate 1 whereas it returns #N/A. Change the range to A1:A2 and it works...
  9. T

    Excel 2016 Bug?

    Folks, Without really explaining what I do for a living (not sure its relevent), I wanted to explain both a bug I have been experiencing as well as the typical overall workspace I'm using: First of all, I have Excel 2016 now and I use 'Excel.exe /x' in Windows 10's 'Run' prompt to have open...
  10. ClimoC

    Anyone else having inexplicable bugs with Excel 2013?

    I've been programming for Excel since about 2002, and have never run into problems quite like these. Some users in our office are moving over to 2013, and from minute one, problems are starting to show. The core of the WB is that it's an ODBC connection to a database (Query Table), and then...
  11. D

    Is this a bug?

    Sorry for the lame title, but I'm confused. I have a workbook with VBA. It ran fine on my machine but when I emailed it out, people got errors. I then downloaded the copy I sent out and also got the errors (no differences between the working copy and the email one, other than one was emailed)...
  12. F

    Excel spontaneously changing colors of individual cells

    All, I have an issue with Excel 2010 spontaneously changing coloring of some cells. I have a simple VBA macro which creates and populates sheets in a new workbook, copying all formatting information from the original workbook. Occasionally the formatting gets changed while the macro is running...
  13. E

    Bold and red specific type of text in selected cell

    I am writing a VBA to bold and red the text in a cell with the following condition - any words insided "<" and ">" or "{" and "}" (e.g. "xyz <abc> xyz <123>" becomes "xyz <abc> xyz <123>" or "xyz {abc} xyz <123>" becomes "xyz {abc} xyz <123>" the following code is what i try, it work normally...
  14. B

    Possible Paste Excel Bug?

    Hi All, I have scanned this forum a few times over the past few weeks and have found lots of handy tips to help me with a spreadsheet I've been working on for a Football Predictions League that we do at work. I am hoping that someone may be able to give me a bit of help with an issue I have...

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