1. M

    Build a Sort Dynamically

    I am trying to work out how to build a sort when I do not know at the outset how many columns I need to sort on. The first object was to see if I could pass the range and sort key dynamically. The following Macro does that getting range and column to sort by. When I try and build the entire...
  2. A

    help with iif statement in access

    Hi all, I know access is not the best at formulas, but I have certain customer names were they can have the name entered slightly differently ( like Microsoft, Microsoft Inc, Microsoft UK).. Is there a iif contains formula so that if the customer name contains Microsoft then return the word...
  3. S

    Label All Fields Under a Header

    Hi, I am extracting data from a Microsoft Project file into Excel and need to write a formula to grab some data. It has a header called "Build" and then another header called "System Build". I want all the rows in between those to be labelled "Build". ex. <tbody> A B C D 1 Name Start End...
  4. F

    Build string from cells with ignoring blank

    I’m trying to build a text string out of some cell, but Idon’t want the blank cells to appear. In the first table I have an a-value and two x-values. Pretty easy to create the sting. 123.45 + 15.34(x1) + 12.44(x2) =B1&" +"&B2&"("&A2&") +"&B3&"("&A3&")" Data Range <tbody> A B 1 a...
  5. V

    MACRO to build a graph - y axis not shown

    Hi all I managed to create a macro to build a graph which updates each time the lenght of the columns change. When I try to put the name of the horizontal axis, it work. When I try to do the same with the vertical axis it doesn't. Anyone willing to help? I am very grateful Thanks a lot valentina
  6. S

    Scoring Formula

    Hi, I am looking for two different formulas which will calculate score in B & C column respectively, logic given in below table … Please help me build the formula … Formula 1. >1.25 = 0 Increase on each step 0.132% Max 10% at 2 Formula 2. <0.21% = 0 Increase on each step 0.25% Max 5% at...
  7. F

    Periodogram- looking for cyclical data.

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone help me look for cyclical data. I have some rainfall data that I want to test. I am not sure if we can build any formulas from scratch or we need xlstats. Thanks for your time. FarmerScott
  8. Z

    Percent of Total - How to build report

    Hi, I have some task - that looks like very easy, but... I cannot find solution :( I have data like this: <tbody> Column1 Column2 A No A Yes A No B No B Yes C Yes C Yes C No </tbody> And want to get report showing the percent of Yes/Total: <tbody> Column1 Yes/Total A...
  9. S

    Min Max formula

    Hi All, Looking for min Max formula which will return following answer If A1 =<.4% Result (in B1) will be 0% & if A1=>.2% Result will be 5%. Please help me build this formula. Thanks & Regards, Sanket 7738414678
  10. 2

    Loop through data and build an array

    I have a sheet of data, not in table form, more like a report with blocks of data that repeat themselves as you go down the page. I want to go through the data and extract some of the data and copy it to a different worksheet. I was thinking of using the Find function to locate where each...
  11. Nelson78

    Dictionaries and vba: when to use

    Hello everybody. I've been studying some of the solutions found in about dictionaries. Having applied them "blindly" to my issues with success, I've decided to understand better their dynamic. Suppose I've a table like this: How can I build a dictionaries...
  12. D

    VBA IF Cell A is not blank And Cell D is Blank Then...

    Ok. Here's another one I've tried to reverse engineer all sorts of similar formulas I've seen, but I'm always falling short. Hopefully, this is easy to someone in the know. Column A contains numerical strings in general format (don't know if that's important or not). Column D contains dates. I...
  13. M

    How to do a little more than the basic =IF logical true/false statement....???

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to build on the basic IF function. IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]) I want to have a few options rather than just one, such as: if A1 = 1, B2 would autofill with Good if A1 = 2, B2 would autofill with Maybe if A1 = 3, B2 would autofill with Bad...
  14. J

    Linking several spreadsheets easily

    Hi, I run an identical report every day of the week and house the individual files all in the same folder. each spreadsheet is identical with the exception of the name (the date changes) Rather than open each one and manually link them Im trying to build the cell reference including the...
  15. D

    Custom ribbon tab button disappears

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. I have produced a Leave Diary builder in Excel 2010 which has a custom ribbon tab. Based on the name of the workbook, I show or hide certain buttons on the custom tab. When I open the workbook it shows only the one Build button on the custom tab. If...
  16. L

    Code to Hide/ Unhide rows using VBA

    Hello, I have been searching lots of forums to see if I can find a solution to my query but not been very successful. I am looking to build a VBA into my worksheet to hide rows across numerous columns that show zero values. I would also like to have the ability to unhide these rows when new...
  17. M

    Noob Macro question

    I have a database I've built. In it, I have a report that displays all of the issued equipment for an individual, based on Inputting their last name. Is there a way to build a macro that would cycle through all of the names in my database and print this report for each?
  18. Trevor3007

    select from range

    good day, For Each rng In Range("h4:h200") Select Case rng.Value Case "Build Completed" With Range("A" & rng.Row).Resize(1, 22) .Interior.ColorIndex = 4 .Font.Bold = True the code highlighted in red is a triggered word...
  19. W

    Using an array to calculate in what year to build sport arenas

    I have a data table with cities, build year, number of seats, need for seats and the current number of seats. I am trying to calculate in what year a company should build sports arenas and in what city. I have read about static arrays and I know the size of my array. However, I am not sure...
  20. K

    VBA own codes library

    Hi, I just tried some kind of Add-in (VBA Code, free test version) that provides some help when writing code (I would use less than 5% of it, and the way to start a class in really great by the way). The only feature I love and would like to do on my own is the possibility to add what they...

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