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    Distribute array of information based on cell value into a calandar.

    Hi, so I have my budget which is in the form of a calandar on excel. Currently I manually type in each individual entry(not including standard bills or credit cards I have formula for that) I am looking for a formula that will allow me to basically download my bank statement and copy and paste...
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    Logistics Booking Calander/Form

    I have a little bit of a weird request and if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated. I am trying to create an Excel spreadsheet which will allow me to make bookings of equipment, more specifically we hire out commentary units and public address systems so on the 'home page' I...
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    Help Calculating Months -3+5

    Thanks for the time in reading this. This is my first post. I am trying to figure out (without any success yet) on how to use excel to figure out my employes PTO. Personal Time Off. This is how it works. Employees must work for three months before getting 5 hrs of PTO. Each month after...
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    Creating a shift Rota / Calendar

    I am currently devising a rolling shift rota/calendar for a friend and his colleagues who work different shifts (Earlies, Lates and Nights). I want to input an abbreviation/letter (for example 'N' for night-shifts) in a cell and then get excel to automatically repeat that same 'N' entry, every...
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    Calandar - displaying specified dates

    Good morning all This forum has already shown me how to have today's date highlighted on a calander (which worked like a charm), but I've not quite worked out how to have a date (or list of dates) shown on the calandar. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 492pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0...

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