1. A

    VBA Date picker or calendar in Inputbox?

    Hello, I want to create a series of inputboxes to ask questions to get the information I need to fill a row in my excelsheet. One of the question is asking the date of a transaction. I now use the code below to enter a date. Is it possible to add a calander oor date picker in an inputbox to...
  2. M

    Calendar Tracking Set Up HELP!

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to make the calendar we use in excel to track orders more user friendly. First I would like to click on a cell and have a sub window to pop up asking for the below Customer (Text) PO# (Text) Time (Text) Assay (Drop down) Order# (Number) With those answers I’d like...
  3. P

    Calandar Data Storage

    I am trying to make a calendar that allows anyone who clicks on a single day to get display with a list of data stored (4-5 different data types) for that day. What is the most effective way to store and retrieve great amounts of data like this? I know I could use vba to create a set of...
  4. B

    Creating a shift Rota / Calendar

    I am currently devising a rolling shift rota/calendar for a friend and his colleagues who work different shifts (Earlies, Lates and Nights). I want to input an abbreviation/letter (for example 'N' for night-shifts) in a cell and then get excel to automatically repeat that same 'N' entry, every...
  5. P

    editing condtional formating rules to change IF "xxx" apears

    Hallo all... pls assist Have set up an roaming calander that is conditional formatted to colour the dates between the start and end date in "blue" from data sheet. If "jabb" appears in the next row i want the rule of the colum above "jabb row" to change to clear "no fill" as if a space was made...
  6. R

    Heres a Challenge for anyone!

    Hi guys. ive got a complicated one (i think) if i have a hotel and the room rate is different for each calendar date bracket eg: 01 august - 15 august = £15 16 august - 30 august = £25 Is there a way i can get excel to calulate the price for the customers stay. for example if they were...
  7. dukeofscouts

    Class Form entry into weekly calander

    for a the video version of this please see: If you are on the site please feel free to relay your e-mail to me and I will add you to the dummy down version of my file for you to view and edit. The Problem is a little complicated to...

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