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  1. S

    Multiple nested IF(AND formula troubleshooting

    I created a auto-calculate spreadsheet to display Employer contribution % for both employees and dependents (enter % in specific cell). To account for the many combinations of 0%-100%, I have tried to encompass the following combinations in a nested IF(AND statement. I am looking to put...
  2. Manolocs

    meal allowance

    Hi, Little bit workload but I need to figure out a calculation for this meal allowances with formulas: A truck company pays their drivers a meal allowance but only when they are not driving and out of the base, the allowances are: 1- Breakfast 20USD from 7:30 to 9:30 2- Lunch = 40 USD from...
  3. V

    Auto Refresh/Calculate by Date

    Hi All, I am currently creating a personal finance spreadsheet and I am trying to Calculate in 1 cell the amount left on a Mortgage. All I want to do in say, Cell A1 is tell me how much is left to pay in reference to TODAY's date. I don't want or need a full mortgage amortization spreadsheet...
  4. P

    Calculate Company Revenue without Duplicating

    I have a spreadsheet with: <tbody> Tier Company Name Company Revenue Product Line Product $ Top ABC $15,000,000 Product 1 $45 SMB DEF $7,000,000 Product 2 $50 Regional GHI $27,000,000 Product 1 $100 Top ABC $15,000,000 Product 2 $100 Top ABC $15,000,000 Product 1 $75 Top JKL...
  5. J

    Insert row bewteen every data set , then calcuate the differnce and populate

    Hello everyone , i m not sure if i m saying this right but here goes . i have data set of two values . For example time versus distance. For each time value there is a corresponding distance. i would like to be able have a macro that inserts a row between every time and distance point i have ...
  6. B

    Formula with Multiple Variables - help please

    Need help with a formula on excel that I can't seem to get. Basically I trying to create a formula where the monthly interest payment is automatically calculated based in what range the monthly billing falls into, as well as what type payment it is (E33). But I have several variables. Is this...
  7. A

    Loan Payment calculation

    Hi Team, I was going through your videos and had a small query, that needed some answers. Hope you could help. Query : 1) if employees are paying loan amount with different yearly interest rates with every new request, whereas the fixed amount is 35,000, and the amount to be paid to the...

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