calculate based on value

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    Formula to return a code per row based on multiple criteria and steps-EXPERT needed

    Good day Excel forum, I need the help of an expert to solve a puzzling and challenging problem. I will try to explain in the shortest way possible, but need to be thorough to explain in clarity. In the table below, I have need of a formula in the "Code" column to do some very specific...
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    Dynamic Calculations with UserForm Input

    Hi All !! I am having trouble getting a calculation out of my code. I do not know why it is not working the way I wanted to. I have a userform which opens up with checkboxes for two machines that have the same name (Kern 1 and 2) on those machines you could have 1 operator, 2 operators, and it...
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    Calculating between Current and Previous Row based on Variables on Different Worksheets

    Hi All !!! I am working on a Module that is giving me a headache. I am trying to calculate what I call "changeover time" based on 9 variables contained in a matrix on Sheet("Daily Schedule"). If any of these variables change from the previous selection to the current selection there are times...
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    Sorting a List based on values from another Sheet

    Hi !!! I started a while ago with a big project and not knowing a lot about VBA, I am still learning and looking up new ways to do things. I am currently trying to sort a list based on 9 different variables (1 of the variables is on sheet "Daily Schedule" and the other 8 are on "CO Times"). I...
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    Make value negative based on symbol in row

    Hi there, I have two columns In the one column is a symbol and in the other an amount if the symbol in D = P then the amount in Column E should be negative. I then have a total box that will add and subtract the value's together. How do I insert a line automatically when I want to make a new...

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