1. G

    To calculate based on names

    Hi Everyone, Here i am trying to calculate the value based on the headers which are in the "sum" sheet and their names will only be A,B,C......, and my inputs are in "main" sheet but in my input those columns will be renamed as Sum of A,Sum of B,Sum of C..........., and my preferred output...
  2. S

    Comparing two date cells

    Hi I have a date in K (11/11/2019 17:20:35) and a date in D (11/11/2019) I want to calculate if D was after or not on K. My formula is =IF(K1<=D1,"yes","no") This seems to work, expect in this example, where the dates are the same. Because the time is also in K, is doesn't see it as a...
  3. G

    Calculate Future Due Date

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to help solve the problem listed below which uses the table shown below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 TODAY IS: 11/06/2019 2 3 PAYEE FIRST DUE DATE AMOUNT REPEATS EVERY X PERIODS UNTIL NEXT DUE DATE 4 Chase...
  4. M

    Calculate # of months between two dates

    I know this is such an easy one, but I'm not getting the desired result and there's a lot of complicated formulas out there that are throwing me off! I just want to calculate the difference between month numbers. So April (4) and October (10) is 6. September (9) and October (10) is 1. December...
  5. S

    Formula not calculating

    Hello All, Lately I have been having certain formulas fail to calculate (yes, I AM on automatic calculation ;)). On November 2, it was a simple =Today() function that hadn't updated since October 31. Hitting calculate or refresh did nothing. Only when I entered the formula for editing, then...
  6. P

    How best to add category to age

    Hello- I have data as this: How would be cleanest way to do this. to populate the blank column Name age Category Joe 19 Sue 24 Berli 10 I would l calculate the age category so that age <12 = child 12-17 - Adolescent 18+ = adult Name age category Joe 16...
  7. C

    How to calculate conditional median without accessing worksheet function?

    I have a large set of data and I need to calculate the median of certain values which are based on certain conditions in an if statement in a loop - in the code below I need to calculate the median of all the value_1 fields - does someone have code that can be used to calculate a median like...
  8. G

    Calculating inconsistent data/formulas?

    Since i'm new to excel I'm not that sure if there is any type of formula(s) that would be able to easily calculate costs basis the below parameters. Calculating the "units" isnt the hard part for me, i've got that done already. It's finding a formula to calculate the costs once I have the...
  9. I

    Unique Value

    I've been asked to produce an automated report from Sims, a school MIS in the UK, that gives our schools exclusion data for the Trust KPI but I'm really struggling with one aspect. I've designed the report to run straight from Sims and put a link to a version with anonymised data in...
  10. L

    Calculate Between two dates

    I need a formula that will calculate two dates Sample In Column K put the number of dates between the Starting Date (I20) and Ending Date (J20), but if I20 or J20 is blank Leave K blank
  11. C

    compare current column with previous column

    I have data somethins like this a b c 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 1 4 1 2 2 5 2 1 1 6 2 1 2 7 2 2 1 8 2 2 2 I have excel formula which...
  12. G

    Nested Excel Function

    My formula is as follows: =IF(OR(P17="A - Svcbl(w/o Qual)",P17=""),(AM17+365),(AM17+10)) and I want to add the below to the formula. =IF(TODAY()-RC[-2]>=91,""Over or equalto 91 days"",""Less than 91 days"") How do I nest these 2 formulas together Bottom line.... I have a value in column...
  13. W

    time calculation first time last time

    I have a spreadsheet where the columns are (A)operator (B) time of transaction (C) transaction type. The same operator can be listed up to 200 times in the spreadsheet. I need a way to calculate the operators total time (Last transaction minus first transaction). I have 50 operators within the...
  14. M

    How to get the averages for Minutes

    Hello All, So I have the following data, which is mostly in minutes: 00:01 Mins 00:05 Mins 00:04 Mins 00:03 Mins 00:07 Mins 00:04 Mins 02:32 2 Hours 32 Mins (152 Mins) How do I calculate the average of minutes? (based on the data provided) Currently from Format Cells, Number tab, the data...
  15. L

    # of Mondays between 2 dates

    Hi I was watching a video on how to calculate # of mondays between 2 dates. He used this formula = date, end date, "0111111") I understand 0111111 to show only Mondays, 1011111 to show only Tuesdays etc but my questions, why he used that as 3rd argument when the 3rd...
  16. B

    Calculate interest rate

    $1,000 grows to $1,000,000 in 200 periods at what interest rate? thanks :confused:
  17. G

    Calculate EXACT number to achieve an EXACT percentage

    I know the exact % I need to achieve. In this example column G2 is the target % of 67.201%. G2 = 67.201% (This is the target %) D4 = 4,250 (This is the number I need to increase to meet the percentage. The amount I need it to be is 4,681 for a difference of 431) As the percentage of G2...
  18. G

    Based on date how to calculate total working days in particular month using vba

    Hi Everyone, Based on dates that are provided in column 'C' can we calculate how many days a employee had worked Like, <tbody> Column C ....... Column DI Column DJ Column DK Column DL ....... Column DT 30 31 30 31 31 DATES ...... APRIL MAY JUNE JULY ....... MARCH 14-04-2019 ...
  19. J

    How to calculate compound interest?

    hello first post here i want to learn to calculate compound interest using excel how do i do that? let say i have 1000$ and it gets 10% raised every week how do i calculate the total growth in 1 year?
  20. L

    datedif() arguments

    Hi I want to understand datedif() function. What I do not understand the logic behind "Y", "YM", MD" Why YM to find month, why not only M? and why MD to find day? why not D same as Y for year. I do not understand the logic behind YM and MD? Thank you so much = datediff(A1,today(),"Y") - to...

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