1. D

    Multiple conditions and arithmetic for one cell

    The formula I am using is not calculating correctly. What am I doing wrong? =IF(C5=0,"",IF(C5>0,SUM(C5-20),IF(A5="*Nov*",A5="*Dec*",A5="*Jan*",A5="*Feb*",SUM(C5-98)))) What I am looking for is, if cell C5=0 then leave blank, if cell C5>0 then subtract 20 from cell C5, and if cell A5 contains...
  2. N

    Formula to lookup stock and calculate dividends

    I am trying to figure out how to only look up ABC stock to calculate dividends only. Column B: indicates whether it is DIV, BUY, SELL Column C: name of stock (ABC stock) Column J: $ amount R3 = the lookup value aka stock How do I change this current formula to only include DIV for ABC stock...
  3. F

    Calculating two dates IF the cell contains content

    I am not excel savy at all but I need help! Depending on if there is a date in the field, I need the results to populate in B3. I got two dates (difference between E9 and B9). But If there were to be a date in B12 (as opposed to B9) and a date in E9, can I get the result to populate in B3? Same...
  4. D

    Calculate Factors to Achieve Goal

    I'm having a challenge in resolving an algebraic problem using excel and would really appreciate some help. Scenario: Call center has goal of answering 80% of calls offered within X time Sum of calls currently answered at goal is 369 Forecast remaining calls in day is 1854 Objective: How...
  5. D

    DAX running total column using ALLEXCEP and ALL and VALUES

    Hi My question relates to the use of multiple CALCUALTE / CALCULATETBALE. I've been using ALLEXCEPT to create a running total column by a certain criteria , customer or whatever, so EXCEPT that criteiria, but wanted to use ALL and VALUES, to see how it worked, The formula I used was VAR...
  6. D

    DAX filter on two tables

    Hi, I'd like t filter by two tables, very simply I have : Green and 10+ :=CALCULATE([Total Units]...
  7. Ferreira1456

    Dates with condition using userForm textBox in VBA

    Hello everybody, can you help me? If I delete the value of txtPrazoPagamento or the value of txtDateVencimento. I get this message: Run-time '13' Type mismatch Private Sub txtDataVencimento_Change() If CDate(txtDataHoje) > CDate(txtDataVencimento) Then txtAtraso.Value = Abs(DateDiff("d"...
  8. W

    If calculation to only count either positive or negative volumes

    Hi. I'm trying to create a formula for cells D2 and E2 that looks at the original position less the change but only if it impacts the positive or negative side of zero accordingly. For instance, in the example below the original starting position was positive 10 but due to a change of negative...
  9. D

    Run macro if cell (formula) in column meets condition

    Hi All, I am working on a work order tool where I have in column (P) a formula that pops up different phases/stages. Now I am trying to start a macro automatically when the stage changes to "Gereed". I have tried a couple of things like worksheet_change and worksheet_calculate, but so far no...
  10. H

    Automate calculations when adding new column of data

    Regularly, I get a excel file with P&L monthly actuals. I create 7-8 columns at the end of the spreadsheet that does calculations based on the data that is provided. Is it possible to create a macro that will calculate the data set when I copy and paste new columns?
  11. J

    Search data and calculate with VBA UserForm

    Hi everyone, its my first time using VBA and any sort of coding in general so I have been cracking my head for weeks trying to do this UserForm . I'm wondering if there is anyone here that could help me with it? Any help is appreciated, Thank you in advance!! I have 2 main issues that I've been...
  12. A

    100k lines - Copying Name LookUp Value from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 Efficiently

    Greetings, Need some help with an automation script - possibly a loop with variant arrays? Couldn't put it in practice, but it seems to be the consensus for faster data parsing. I've got a convoluted 25 sheet workbook that we use to determine the price for certain products. The Product Names...
  13. M

    Can I sum text values like numbers from a single cell?

    Below is a screenshot of a workbook with a sample of what I am trying to do. I have a sheet with a tab labeled "MATERIALS". The sheet contains a list of materials in column A and in column B is the corresponding value of the materials On a second sheet with the tab labeled "PROJECTS" I have a...
  14. K

    Matrix Visualization with data from same source filtered by 2 separate date filters

    I have a data source with sales data by store. Columns in this data include actual sales, forecasted sales, week date, weekending (saturday), region for the store, and which warehouse the store received the sold items from. I need to create a matrix visualization in which the user can filter the...
  15. H

    calculating overtime

    So I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my time at work. It goes In - Out, In - Out, Total (time I clock-in in the morning then out at lunch then back in after lunch and out for the day). My total time formula for the day is represented as =SUM(B1-A1)+(D1-C1). My cell format is [h]:mm and so...
  16. G

    PowerPivot CALCULATE SUM

    Hi, would appreciate any help with this, I'm trying to do a calculate sum if in PowerPivot, example of how it workls in Excel below, but am unsure how to replicate in PowerPivot. Thanks in advance for any help. Gav.
  17. S

    Calculating the age during operation as an integer

    Hello there I only know the birth dates of the patients. I am trying to learn their age as an integer from a fixed operation date. 1965 birth date 3.3.2015 operation date Which formula can I perform this calculation with excel 2010? thanks
  18. S

    Adopting page filters in a report for calculate DAX expressions

    Hello I am facing a problem with filters when using a calculate function. To paraphrase an example, say I have a table of sales with a date and a sale method of either internet or store. In a second table, I would like to create a monthly summary of the number of sales - so I create a date...
  19. G

    To calculate based on names

    Hi Everyone, Here i am trying to calculate the value based on the headers which are in the "sum" sheet and their names will only be A,B,C......, and my inputs are in "main" sheet but in my input those columns will be renamed as Sum of A,Sum of B,Sum of C..........., and my preferred output...
  20. S

    Comparing two date cells

    Hi I have a date in K (11/11/2019 17:20:35) and a date in D (11/11/2019) I want to calculate if D was after or not on K. My formula is =IF(K1<=D1,"yes","no") This seems to work, expect in this example, where the dates are the same. Because the time is also in K, is doesn't see it as a...

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