1. F

    Calculated measure in Pivot Table

    Hi! I´ve been trying to get a measure in my pivot table to get the % of reject orders of a partner / Total order order of partner, and that it can change if I use a slicer to change it by day, month, etc. This is an example of the data table which I use: And this is the pivot table which I...
  2. T

    Calculated Field Formula

    I have a calculated field formula calculating a simple division as follow: ='Cell C2' / 'Cell B2' Some cells are returning the #DIV/0! error because some column C cells are zero. How do I write the formula to return a blank when the denominator is zero. Thanks
  3. D

    Counting A Calculated Cell

    Hey Guys, I have a calculated cell in excel using and if function. e.g if(A2<50, "Poor","Good") across many rows of data. How and want to use a countif function to get the total count of the Poor and Good. But it seems like excel countif function does not count data that is returned from an IF...
  4. S

    Create a Calculated Field.

    Date: 20-10-19 <-----Report Filter Daily Out ward Detail Item Name: Item Type: Item Size Qty. Balance PIPE PVC 2" 001 ????? PIPE PVC...
  5. B

    Convert DAX Calculated Column to a Measure

    Trying to convert a DAX Calculated Column to a Measure with no luck. Any ideas? See below and attached. Thanks. =CALCULATE ( DISTINCTCOUNT ( Table1[Patient ID] ), FILTER ( Table1, Table1[TotalTime] > Legend[Start] && Table1[TotalTime] <= Legend[End] ) )...
  6. L

    Lastest Calculated Amount Based On ID

    Hi, I have a total amount that is calculated based on multiple inputs. Is there a way to store the latest amount in another worksheet matching the ID for that record? Thank you
  7. B

    Formula that leaves cell blank until formula calculated

    What can I add to the following formula that will leave the cell blank until the formula is calculated - so this doesn't show as the result: #DIV/0! Simple formula: =(B17+C17)/E17 Formula is in cell H17 which I want to remain blank until the formula can be calculated, then the result of the...
  8. M

    Pivot Table Calculated Field Error

    I have a pivot table and one of the values I changed the value field setting to "AVERAGE" but the calculated field is calculating based off of sum. How can I get the calculated field to calculate off of the average? The Surplus Shortage field is my calculated field where I am taking Inventory...
  9. S

    Rate Calculation on basis of working hours

    Hello, I have an excel that contains total month wise time for each employee in columns. Total amount for each employee needs to be as calculated based on a slab. The slab is For 0-20 Hours: $8200 + $50 Per Hour For 21-40 Hours: $9200 + $60 Per Hour Now if a person has worked 38:55 Hours in...
  10. B

    Can not remove calculated field??

    Hello, When I try and remove a calculated item that somehow (user error) got added to my sheet, the following error pops up: "The pivot table field name is not valid. To create a pivottable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns." Help? Thanks! -Ben
  11. R

    Writing a worksheetFunction to the worksheet

    I m trying to populate a cell with the text =STEYX(J13:J26;K13:K26) My code below writes that into the Avar (Dimmed as a Variant) Avar = "=STEYX(" & Split(Cells(1, i).Address, "$")(1) & Trim(Str(FirstRowResult)) & ":" & Split(Cells(1, i).Address, "$")(1) & Trim(Str(LastRowResult)) & ";" &...
  12. FracinDean

    Unwanted Message - Can't Find the Source

    MrExcel Community, I have a macro-enabled workbook with several event procedures. When my workbook re-calculates, I'm getting a message dialogue that has a single word, "Calculated". When I search my entire project for the word "Calculated" I can only find that in one comment. I checked for...
  13. K

    What is wrong with this formula?

    I am trying to create an IF/OR Function which will give a grand total if one or more of the cells contains a number and will leave the calculated cell blank if there are no numbers in any of the cells. The formula looks right to me but, instead of leaving the calculated cell blank if there...
  14. M

    Pivot Table Setup?

    Win 10 - Office Professional Plus 2019 I worked with Pivot Tables for years, however I've been retired for the last 5. I have a rather large Survey that I created. I have many questions with (Yes-No-Sometime) answers to them. Each person has an unique # How can I create a pivot table that...
  15. A

    Calculating with measure in calculated column

    I have prepared a measure that returns a certain rate determined to be calculated only within a certain part. But then when I call this measure, only blank is returned, even though the measure shows a number. I have prepared a condensed example Power Pivot model that explains what needs to be...
  16. E

    Count of items being calculated in a cell?

    I'm having to add (and subtract) a lot of numbers in a lot of cells and want to be able to count the number of items being calculated in that cell. It's so I can compare to the document I'm copying the numbers off of as a cross-check. So: =15+32+50-42+3 would be 5 items being calculated...
  17. M

    Pivo Table Calculated Field Mis-Calculating. Why?

    Hi all, I have a pivot table with a simple subtraction formula in it but the results being returned are way off of what they should be. The calculated field is in column F and is [=IFERROR(E6-B6,"")]. I have include Column G to show what the expected result should be. Why is this happening...
  18. B

    Calculated Field based on results of another field.

    Good afternoon. As basic as possible: I have a field (Response) with 5 different possible results (V Likely, Likely, Neither, Unlikely, V Unlikely), coming in by month (01/mm/ccyy). In a pivot table, I am representing these as percentages of parent column (month), so for example I have those 5...
  19. H

    Calculated Fields Greyed out in Pivot Table with Data Model

    I watched the YouTube Video - Budget vs. Actual - Podcast 2016 where a data model is used to compare an actuals table to a pivot table, by using intermediary "Joiner tables." It's a great solution! I am trying to expand the idea by introducing a calculated column for the difference between...
  20. M

    VBA to put a calculated value into another cell as a static value once per day upon opening file.

    I have a calculated field that averages a range of data based on certain conditions. I need a record of this dynamic value to be captured once a day or week, doesn't really matter, when the spreadsheet is opened. My dynamic calulated cell is O4 and the place I want to put is in a table...

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