1. J

    Formula for calculating

    I want to calculate students'scores in excel form. Who can help me? Formula is: (A2+2*B2+C2+4*D2)/8 Scores are from 0 to 20,but for absent students score is 97 but not calculated for them. If A2=97 is or B2=97 or C2=97or D2, how I can formulate so that 97 is not calculated?
  2. J

    Date Difference

    I am sure this can be done, but I am not able to find anything specifically addressing it. Is there a way to create a DateDiff parameter in a query, where is it calculating the days, between current date and a date field within the table the query is built from?
  3. G

    Combine Nested Funtions

    Need help combing these function into a single cell This formula recalculates the date based off a value in column P =IF(OR(P16="A - Svcbl(w/o Qual)",P16=""),(AM16+450),(AM16+90)) This formula determines the amount of days between today and the new date =ABS(AN16-TODAY()) This formula enters...
  4. E

    Calculating the Probability of a Type II Error

    I am having trouble calculating the probability of a Type II error using Excel. Here are the hypotheses tests I need help with: 1) z-tests (left-tailed, two-tailed, and right-tailed) 2) t-tests (left-tailed, two-tailed, and right-tailed) 3) F-tests (Equality of Variance tests and One-Way ANOVA)...
  5. E

    Formulas not calculating correctly

    Help! I have spreadsheet in excel, and a few of the cells are not calculating correctly. My worksheet has 4,000+ rows, and one column has the following formula: =IF(AL4051="D",IF(+T4051=1,COUNTIFS(AL$2:AL4051,"D",U$2:U4051,"<3",A$2:A4051,A4051,T$2:T4051,1),0),0) The formula calculated...
  6. M

    Calculating difference in time - conditional formatting

    Hi all I would like to calculate Time-in - Time-out and if there is less than a 9 hour difference, highlight the cells. In the example below B4:B5 & C2:C3 would be highlighted. <tbody> Time-in Time-out Time-in Time-out Time-in Time-out 08:00 18:00 09:00 22:00 06:00 17:00 12:00 23:00 07:00...
  7. R

    VBA Function Background Operation

    I wrote custom VBA functions in Excel that stop continuously calculating when I activate a different workbook. They are populated with RTD streaming from ThinkorSwim and generate audible alerts when certain conditions are met. They work great until I open/activate another workbook and then...
  8. N

    IF/And OR vs calculating DOB less than 18 years of Age

    =IF(AL2="",AND(OR(S2="IN",S2="KY",S2="HI",S2="WV")*TODAY()-N2/365)) Above is the formula I wrote to calculate less than 18 years for particular states. This is what I a trying to achieve and not sure how to go about it. Column AL has ID Column S has States Column N has DOB Column AE has...
  9. M

    Calculating mumber of incidents per month

    Hi , In Column B I have dates of incidents . How do I calculate how many incidents were in each month? I tried this =COUNTIF((B2:B1000),"<31/01/2019") Which obviously calculates a range but is there a formula I can use that would just calculate each months incidents?
  10. G

    calculating day intervals, omitting 1 given day

    I'm looking to calculate the days of the week between 2 sets up days, while not factoring in Saturdays. For example below (with service days being the result): <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> A B Service Days 30-May 3-Jun 3 </tbody>
  11. M

    Formula NOT Calculating for some odd reason

    =LOOKUP(2,1/(U:U<>""),U:U) I'm using the above formula and it works fine on my computer. I sent the schedule to some other people and it's working fine for most; however, for one individual, the cell with this formula isn't calculating: Her Options are set to Automatic Formulas: all other...
  12. M

    Calculating a date

    Hi I have a spread sheet which shows employees (trainees etc) who are under 18. In cell B2 I have thier DOB. Then in C2 I want a formula that returns the date of when they would reach 18. Anyone know how to do that?
  13. xeven_

    What is going on here?

    <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 2012 $13,641 4% 2013 $13,057 -4% 2014 $15,233 17% 2015 ($6,145) -140% 2016 $6,845 -211% 2017 ($8,920) -230% 2018 ($22,802) 156% </tbody> I am using...
  14. M

    Convert Text String to Single Letter Range/Single Number Range?

    Consider the following two formulas for calculating the last row in a column and last column in a row: Formula for calculating last row in a column: =LOOKUP((2), ((1)/((E:E)<>("") ) ), (ROW(E:E) ) ) Formula for calculating last column in a row: =LOOKUP((2), ((1)/((5:5)<>("") ) ), (COLUMN(5:5)...
  15. D

    Calculating stdev.s excluding a certain value

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the stdev.s of a dataset that isn't 26. This is the formula I'm using - {=STDEV.S(IF(Sheet1!V:V<>"26",Sheet1!V:V))} and it gives me 8.3 If i calculate the same data set but remove all the 26's using find and replace, i get 18.9 What am I doing wrong?
  16. T

    Calculating speed issue

    Dear All, I have create array formula to capture sum up individual record which is meet the criteria as : =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF((Risky_Type_F="High...
  17. D

    Calculating specific columns

    I am attempting to calculate if column H has a specific name in it ex. John Smith and then sum column O which has numbers in it. Not sure the best way to accomplish this or what formula to use. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. S

    calculating vaction accrual by hire date

    i need some help fixing a spreadsheet to helps to calculate vacation accrual
  19. B

    Calculating Hours Worked

    I need help with determining a formula that would count total hours base on not looking at the “>=” in cells B3 and B4, and not looking at “<=” in cells C3 and C4. Please see the following image for the outcome I am trying to achieve in cells D3 and D4 Thanks for the assistance.
  20. C

    Worksheets not calculating

    I'm using Excel 2010 and trying to one-button automate updating a spreadsheet. The button should refresh two tables from outside (networked) workbooks and then calculate worksheets in the open workbook, in a specified order. Here is my macro the button is linked to:Sub Workbook_UpdateAll()...

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