1. T

    Optional Rows in calculation

    Hi there. This seems really simple, but honestly not sure how to accomplish. I'm making a simple trip planner in excel, and I have a total row to total expenses. I'd like to be able make certain trip expenses optional so we can quickly see how skipping/attending certain things affects our total...
  2. M

    Query table not load on sheet

    Hi, I am starting to use Power Query. After query table is done, I load it to a specific sheet to get the results, then I can use again this table for further calculations. My question is: do I mandatory need to load the query table in a sheet to get the data for further calculation in excel...
  3. dispelthemyth

    Excel performance analysis - Software

    Do you know of any software that analyses an Excel workbooks performance (i.e. calculation speed) and determines the bottlenecks, i.e. DataTables, slow formulas etc? I have a file that takes 0.5s to recalculate but i need to recalculate ~10 times and rerun dozens of times so every...
  4. D

    Subtracting times, negative result

    Hi, I'm sure this is quite simple but I'm not getting it. I want to subtract to time values where the result (in this case) will be negative: Time A is entered manually as e.g. 13:30 Time B is a result of a calculation and shows as 16:00 The result should be -2:30?? I've tried different ways but...
  5. D

    Excel isn't calculating as it should

    I'm building a spreadsheet for running the asset list, it calculates monthly depreciation and builds the accounts journal. Its under 1Mb of data. There are various formulas going on, simple SUM to SUMIFS but very few VLOOKUP. I entered a SUM to add up a column, the result was £0. ISNUMBER...
  6. D

    Multiple formulas in 1 cell

    Hope someone can help I am trying to change the calculation returned in 1 cell depending on the entry of "X" in another If an "X" is entered in I2 run the calculation in Worksheet1 - =IF(I$2="x",LOOKUP(AY5,'1'!A$3:B$65)+1)*AY5 If an "X" is entered in J2 run the calculation in Worksheet2 -...
  7. L

    SUM by Week

    I want to enter a formula in sheet name "calculation" B4 that if the Date in Sheet named "Raw Data" Header named "Date" is withing the week 44 date that in the Sheet named "Calculation" D2 sum the data in the sheet named "Raw Data" heater named "Count of Assets in BU"
  8. W

    Passive / indirect formula calculation and data copy - without VBA?

    Hi Guys, i just completed my registration as I guess you are playing the Championsleague of Excel, so I think it is the best place for a special question. Think about a workbook having 2 sheets, the first sheet has multiple lines meaning multiple records with the same structure. The columns...
  9. G

    New at Excel - help with an addition/multiplication nested formula

    Hows it going everyone, i'm VERY new to creating Excel formulas (less than 24 hours as of now). I've started to create a spreadsheet in Excel for my coworkers to eventually use in order to provide our clients costs for various services quickly & to ensure there aren't any errors in the...
  10. C

    Populating a TextBox with a % Value taken from worksheet cells

    Hi there, I have a calculation taking place on a work sheet - a calculation to work out a percentage. =IFERROR(SUM(D6/D5),0) In this example I'm using Loan (£100,000) / Property Value (£200,000) = 0.5 (formatted to %) = 50% All I want to do it have my user form pull through the value of...
  11. N

    IF formula

    This formula is supposed to test if one cell value is less than another, if so, show nothing, if not, then do a percentage calculation and show that, what am i missing? =IF((AZ2<$AX$7),(""),(("BA2/AZ2)*100"))) Happy to share the spreadsheet if it helps, it's nothing personal. Here's how it...
  12. I

    Formula Rounding

    Hello, I've got a problem with a couple formulas I've entered on a spreadsheet. The first formula is performing a calculation based on data from another tab. I want it to round the results to the nearest whole number. I can click "Decrease Decimal" and it shows 1.9 as 2 for example. The...
  13. B

    Working Days Calculation w/a Twist

    Hi There - I need a working day calculation - but with a twist. Here is my example: A1 = 5/17/19 B1 = 8/1/19 C1 = _________ Part A: I need day #1 to be the first working day after 5/18/19. And then I need the last working day to be the day of B1. And I need to exclude a list of...
  14. R

    IF formula and rounding

    HI All, hoping for some quick help. Most probably a quick easy fix, but cant think what other way to work it. I am trying to use the below formula, but it isn't correct and I am not sure how to fix it. =IF(Original!P2=400 or 250,0),round(Data!Q2/Data!P2*100,2) Basically if the data in the...
  15. K

    Default to Automatic calculation

    Recently and inexplicably any new workbooks that I open default to manual calculation. I read a few message boards and they said that the solution is to put a workbook in the XLSTART folder that s set to automatic calculation. This works, however any time I open an existing workbook it opens...
  16. Z

    calculation method

    hello, i would like to know if there’s an equation to help me automatically calculate/multiply any extra 1 percent after 100% with 1.5 as factor for the extra 1 percent
  17. A

    Adding time to date & time but fit within working days & hours

    I'm trying to do a calculation where time can be added but only adds within working hours & days. I found this calculation...
  18. M

    Help with VBA

    I am working on a spread sheet that in one specific cell(we'll say Sheet1 A1) I need it to display another cell on another page(Sheet2 B36). Thats easy enough, but then at each calculation I need the cell above the original cell that was being displayed to be displayed (so now its displaying...
  19. K

    Future value formula

    Hi I have a standard calculation that I work out for interest that I am happy works correctly =SUM(G5*F5*D5/365) Yet when i use the FV function I am getting a different total for this one calculation based on £1000 @ 8% =FV(F5/365,D5,0,-G5)-G5 I should be getting 22p at 8% which is what...
  20. D

    Formula question to grey out a cell and not count it

    Okay, so question i have is this, i have a budget sheet that has the monthly bills in their own cell and my net on top and the leftover on the bottom. so basically the leftover formula is the sum of the positive currency minus the bills. so what i am trying to do is once the payment is taken...

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