1. T

    VBA Application.OnTime issues

    I have a shared file on a LAN. I borrowed some code online to kick out idle users (who presumably forgot to get out of the file). I tweaked it a bit so that it puts them to read-only instead of kicking them out altogether (not sure if it exhibited the undesirable behavior I'm about to...
  2. T

    VBA Code for disabling Macro for end user

    Excel Gurus, Below is my VBA to refresh a file upon opening, emailing out, then closes application. The problem is when I go to my email and open the file I send, it runs the macro again. How can I make this VBA more efficient as I do not want my end users to have the macro file...
  3. M

    Adding Email Addresses From Names Rages to Lotus Notes

    Good morning, I hope you're all well. This might be a tricky one and hoping someone can help. I'd first like to point out that my VBA knowledge basic and the majority of the code I've used came from the final post at the following link...
  4. C

    Disable esc key while calling the macro

    HI all, Need a help to disable the Escape key while running a macro. I am calling all the macro by below code is there any way I can disable "esc" key so that no one can interrupt the running macro. Sub EveryThing() Call Clear Call CSV Call Lookup1 Call RefreshAllPivotTables...
  5. I

    Call Userform Only for Empty Cells

    Hello I use this vba code to call Userfrom : Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Range("B1:B22")) Is Nothing Then Cancel = True UserForm1.Show End If Please tell me which are the...
  6. K

    help me understand why this bit of code works one way but not the other... (?)

    This is ok: Dim lCol As Long lCol = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count For Each Cell In Range(Cells(4, 6), Cells(4, lCol)).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible) If Cell = "E" Then Call Macro2 Else CommandButton28.BackColor = &H8000000F Next End Sub But this is not, even though...
  7. J

    Clicking button yields no error, no action

    Trying to search on this, but my terms are too general. I have a working macro on a sheet which is stored on a web service (if that matters). SOMETIMES, and only sometimes, my sorting macro will not work. I have checked, it works in the template. Yesterday, it worked when straight downloaded...
  8. A

    VBA Function to Create One, Two, or More, Paths

    Hi all, I have several databases that make use of the mkdir function to verify that year and month folders are always created before storing reports. To save room and make my code more efficient, I wrote a function, CheckForPaths, that accepts two string arguments, and uses if functions to...
  9. I

    If Else statement

    I am creating an Incentive plan in excel . Need help. I would suggest a call instead of message. I am stuck at if else statement. Regards, ID
  10. D

    My sequence of Macros stops running after one of the macros closes another workbook

    Hi everyone, Hope you're having a great Friday! I am running a sequence of macros as follows: Sub RunMacroSequence_Click() Call ClearContentsBelowRowTwo 'Macro1 Call copyDataFromMultipleWorkbooksIntoMaster 'Macro2 Call ExportOpsManPOReconExport 'Macro3 Call...
  11. J

    macro to navigate & close several excel files

    Hello Everyone, I don't really know how to approach this problem, but I'm hoping for some guidance. Semi-related previous post: I have a code that will make an excel file "client...
  12. countryfan_nt

    Copy & Paste VB codes to sheet modules.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! I want to copy and paste the code: Worksheet_Activate Call copy_value Call format End sub To every unhidden sheet’s module in the workbook. The sheets are selected via the following code: Sub SelectSheets() Dim mySheet As Object For Each mySheet In...
  13. J

    VBA Save itself as .xlsx then find leftmost tab

    Hello Everyone, Again, calling in the big boys as I can't quite get this right. I have a macro that essentially calls other subs that collectively make my files "client ready", which is to say it saves the workbook, copies & pastes values, runs through prompts to delete unnecessary tabs...
  14. A

    Sub Calling Sub Best Practices

    I'm curious what the community has to say about this: Which option would be considered Best Practice for calling multiple subs? Aside from speed, which I'm not overly concerned about, does one have an advantage over the other? Why? Option A: Sub CallingAllSubs() Call Sub2 Call Sub3...
  15. H

    Please help to unlock

    Here is the situation. I have a workbook that has two sheets, both need to be protected. On worksheet 1 (name is: Calibration Check Tool) I have a calculate button that I press, which will show pass or fail on worksheet 1. The macro also opens worksheet 2 (name is: Calibration History)...
  16. S

    InputBox answer for multiple Sub Calls results in blank cells

    I have a Sub that I had to split up into 12 Subs because of the 64k limit and an hugely expanded product list. Each Sub does exactly the same thing just in smaller chunks than before. When this was a single Sub, the user was prompted to enter a product name which then populated a column and was...
  17. C

    Find how many agents worked how long on a call

    Hello I need to know how many agents worked on a call and for how long. The example below starts with column A and ends with F, rows 1 thru 6. The example is very simplified as there may be as many as 6 different agents helping on a call. Variables are, each time an agent logs into the call...
  18. P

    Help on some VBA code I inherited

    OK, so I hate to post like this, but I'm being asked to help out on this and I really don't know what is wrong, and I"m not super strong with VBA code. I have copied the complete code below, and the line that is being flagged is highlighted in Red and made large in the code. I am getting a...
  19. M

    Insert a Row Issue

    Morning everyone, I hope you're well! I'm looking for a bit of advice on an 'insert a row' code I've been working on. I have a form which is a sequential list of schedules and I'm trying to do two things. 1) Insert a row below the selected cell, clone all the text from the cell above, but give...
  20. M

    Help with stacked bar chart showing annual call activity?

    Working on a project to show text and voice call activity between sales reps and customers. Here is a small sample of what the data looks like: The goal is to display call activity for each day of the year to show trends and volume of activity. The horizontal axis will be day of the year...

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