1. B

    Unable to attach file using CDO mail

    I have been using CDO to send emails for quite some time. I now have a need to attach a Powerpoint file and am unable to do so. I get a Runtime error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method when it reaches .AddAttachment. I have verified that the file I am passing...
  2. D

    Send individualized PDF to each recipient from a list

    Hello All, I use a macro that generates a PDF summary of sales made by each seller. Then, I send each individual PDF to each seller. I do it manually. :-( I would like to modify the current macro (or create another one if easier) to automatize the sending process. Each individual PDF should...
  3. B

    CDO gmail but don't send, draft email

    Any gmail examples out there that permit the ".Display" option instead of ".Send"? I've searched DeBruin and several sites. Looking for a work around or option that would enable reviewing emails and manually sending. Thanks.
  4. P

    Can't Review email using SMTP server with CDO library

    Does CDO messaging not support reviewing emails? My client (a state hospital) must encrypt patient-related emails with Virtru. This is a setting on the message so I need to set the message to Review. Unfortunately that is not a CDO.message option! Can this be done? If not what other library can...
  5. O

    CDO Email, specific cells in the body

    Hey all! Is it possible to send email through SMTP server using CDO (no Outlook!) and insert specific cells in to the body of the email? I have functioning macro for sending emails, but I strugle with the body content. I would like to insert specific region in to the body of the email. Cells...
  6. B

    CDO Problems excel 2016

    Hello people of the forum. Using one of the many models on the web for sending emails using CDO, I'm creating a macro, with attachments, to a list of people. Everything works Caaasi Well, because sends the emails, but presents the problem that repeats the file attached. That is to say, when...
  7. R

    CDO Email Error

    I am trying to get the code to send out emails based on a cell meeting a specific requirement. half way through i redo the code with a different email but i get an error once it reaches this second round. the warning is saying something isn't declared but i can not figure it out. the first email...
  8. K

    CDO email Signature

    My company has a particular signature that we use and i was wondering if there is a way to add it to the code i have to send CDO emails? here it is with the colors can i add this to the end of my email somehow? (its edited to keep it anonymous) Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards company...
  9. S

    Sending emails as CDO causes all empty formulas to have a "0".

    Hi I've created a CDO email VBA code. But when i email the sheet displays "0" in any formula result that is zero. I would like to hide all "0" results. I've set up the sheet properties to hide all zero's. And it looks fine to look at but when it's emailed the "0" display. There are to many...
  10. A

    VBA to send rows meeting criteria in a column

    Hello Folks, Can you guys have a look at the code below and fix the part where it gets only the rows meeting a criteria "Repor" in column O and throws it in the body of the email? The code below is sending the entire table (11MB). THANK YOU! ub CDO_Mail_Small_Text() Dim iMsg As Object...
  11. A

    Return row if criteria is met (VBA code to send email containing row automatically)

    Hello guys, I got the table: A B C D E XX YY ZZ 00 ZZ If Column E shows "Replace", then send the entire row in the body of an email. I got the email part resolved, but now this part: Set rngX = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("a7:E8000").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)...
  12. S

    Email as CDO displays "0". Need to remove. HELP

    Hi I'm sending emails as CDO using Ron's code. I need to hide the emails from my staff as it contains financial information about the company. Emailing works fine but now is doesn't hide the "0". And looks very cluttered. I've turned it off from being displayed. But need to clean it up in the...
  13. R

    CDO / SMTP Email Help

    Let me start by saying that I am in NO WAY a programmer, and that I'm trying to learn as I go. I'm trying to piece together some VB to send emails in Excel with CDO / SMTP. The general Idea is: 1. Populate data throughout the day 2. At the end of shift, Press email button 3. Look at Table1...
  14. andrewb90

    Attach current excel file to email sent using CDO

    Hello all, My question has multiple parts to it. Basically, I already have my CDO code and functions that can send emails and attach a pdf of different sheets. What I am looking for is: a) a way to locate the file location that the current workbook is in. b) add that file location to my cdo...
  15. andrewb90

    returned mail address

    Hello all, I am just trying to figure out if I can specify an address for undelivered mail using cdo. Basically, If I send out an email using cdo, I just want to see if the address gets returned. I tried .replyTo, but that only works for actual replies, not the automated email. any help...
  16. andrewb90

    can CDO check for invalid emails?

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I have CDO that emails & texts various information. the problem is, from time to time some of the recipient addresses are incorrect. Is there a way for my code to check what emails get returned and alert the user? Any ideas or hints in the...
  17. andrewb90

    Firewall blocking CDO

    I've been doing some research on what is blocking my emails, and It seems most likely that the firewall is blocking my emails. (Pretty much verified, since changing the internet from hardwired to wireless hotspot from my phone - no problems then) The error code is: -2147220973, The transport...
  18. andrewb90

    Avoiding errors when using CDO

    Hello All, I am using CDO to email employees schedules to them, and everything works great, until someone accidentally types in an incomplete email address. The red section is where the error pops up. Basically I know with other VBA I can an onError then just have it exit sub, however, I need...
  19. andrewb90

    Using CDO to email different cells to different recipients

    Hello All, I have been using CDO to email a pdf copy of a cell range to a range of Email & SMS addresses. What I am looking to do now is email a different cell range to each email address. I would also like the cell range to be in the body of the email instead of a pdf attachment. Is this...
  20. andrewb90

    Combine 2 VBA/CDO codes into one

    Hello All, I have two independently successful codes. the first is a CDO to send a pdf attachment of a cell range to all email address within a specified cell range. The other is a code that puts individual cell values into a message box. Each row on my list of emails gets different rows so...

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