cell formatting

  1. iosiflupis

    Moving specific cells to the right

    Hello all, I have a problem that I am trying to solve. I have a table with over 770K rows. These rows contain data about the weather at different times of each day. In the fourth column (Type) there is a mix of AUTO and integers. The integers are supposed to be in the Wind Spd & Dir column...
  2. M

    Keep Column order with changing column names when exporting to Excel and preserve cell formatting

    I receive a new Excel file each month. The names of two columns in that file will change each month because part of the column name references the month name. I use Power Query to extract the data from the file, perform some transformations, and load the results to a different Excel file. The...
  3. H

    Formatting cells with variable values

    Hello there I would like to find a VBA to format the cells ($A:$B), based on the values in $C and $D, which are variable, with the result in columns $E and $F, as per the below sample: Source Delays Desired Font Desired Color Result 1 Result 2 John Doe 1 45 BOLD #C00000 John Doe 1 45...
  4. D

    Cell Formatting Based on Current Date

    Hey everyone, I have a group of cells in my workbook that I would like to change colors after a certain date. If today's date falls after the contents of cell AJ1 (which contains a reference date like 9/5/2019) then I want cells AG1:AJ77 to change to black with white font. In other words...
  5. W

    How can I take info from a cell and change it's format for a different cell?

    I have a cell that will display feet an inches as 10'0 or 7'0 and I need to take that information and display it in another cell in the exact format of 1000 or 0700. So I need to make sure the extra characters are included and the apostrophe is taken out. Is this possible? Thank you very much.
  6. T

    Cell Formating with Conditions

    I am looking to use cell formatting as such: If the number is less than zero, then 0.0; if the number is greater than 999.99, then 999.99, otherwise pull leave the number as is. I have been able to get half way there with #,##0.0;"0.0" . This makes the negative numbers = 0.0 but still leaves...
  7. D

    Hidden cell formatting

    I can't find a similar question, so I thought I'd post. I am working on creating a master data sheet from data found on multiple other sheets. I am using the VLOOKUP function to fill in values specified by the Sample ID number. Most everything came over properly, except for the "Birth Date"...
  8. C

    Changing format of cell based on text in another cell

    I'm trying to change the cell format based on another cells text. example: F6 contains the words "Contract Rate:". i need H6 to be formatted to "0%" only when the words "Contract Rate:" is showing in F6. F6 is variable and changes based on a drop down selection. H6 is being used for multiple...
  9. B

    Date format in cell does not match date format in formula bar

    Please help. I'm having trouble getting the date format in the formula bar to match the date format in the cells of my worksheet. I have my dates formatted in my cells as m/dd/yy however the formula bar shows m/dd/yyyy. I'm trying to get the formula bar to return only the 2 digit year format I...
  10. T

    converting currency to txt file format

    I need to change a dollar amount to a zero filled field in a text file. i.e. 231.17 to: 000000023117 and 250.00 to: 000000025000 Help!
  11. D

    Seeking Cool Drop Down Box Design

    To Excel Giants Everywhere - Please help, I am familiar with the general options for drop down lists... i.e. format the cell to reference a list and then check one. Is there another solution where a user can check multiple options and then those options are stored in one cell? If so, is...
  12. D

    Creating a time sheet with time calculation

    Hi all, Been a while since I last posted here. I'm trying to create a time sheet which takes hours and minutes but not the time. For example, a job takes 18 hours and 23 minutes and come out of a CSV file as 18:23, but the allocated time is only 15 hours (shown as 15:00), I want to be able to...
  13. E

    Application Defined / Object Defined Error

    Hi, I'm working on the code below and can't seem to figure out why I'm continually getting the application defined / object defined error. I had it working before and for some reason it's now giving me this error every time. The issue seems to surround the With Statement when the ".Pattern"...
  14. O

    Match Formula works in some cells but in other cells it is giving me a #VALUE Error.

    How do I solve this problem? Below is my formula: =IF(ISNA(INDEX(Sheet1!$B$2:$B$296, MATCH(Sheet1!B15, Sheet1!$B$2:$B$296, 0), 1)),"",INDEX(Sheet1!$B$2:$B$296, MATCH(Sheet1!B15, Sheet1!$B$2:$B$296, 0), 1)) There is Data in all of the cells showing the Error. All cells in both sheets are set to...
  15. A

    blacking out screen

    When presenting a spreadsheet to a class, I would like to blackout the screen/projector at times so I can use the white board behind the projection. In powerpoint, there is a shortcut by typing "B" during a presentation and it blackouts the screen. I wrote a quick and dirty macro to do...
  16. V

    Display millions as thousands

    How can I format my cells to display £6,234,135 as 6,234 without changing the calculations in my cell?
  17. C

    Date/time issues! VBA.

    So, I've made a small loop formula to process some data; Sub testtosortdata() Rows(1).Delete Range("N:O").NumberFormat = "hh:mm:ss" Dim counter As Integer counter = 1 Do Until ThisWorkbook.Sheets("sheet4").Cells(counter, 14).Value = "" 'set loop with empty cell ending Dim value1 As Date value1...
  18. F

    Excel spontaneously changing colors of individual cells

    All, I have an issue with Excel 2010 spontaneously changing coloring of some cells. I have a simple VBA macro which creates and populates sheets in a new workbook, copying all formatting information from the original workbook. Occasionally the formatting gets changed while the macro is running...
  19. E

    Linking Cells & Cell COLOR

    Hi there!! I am using a vlookup formula to pull data from one worksheet into another. The data in the source worksheet is also formatted (NOT conditional formatting). How can I pull not only the data, but also the *cell formatting* from the source worksheet into the destination worksheet?? I...
  20. S

    Excel won't read number as a date. Please Help

    I receive a document from a customer, for whatever reason they enter the dates as a number. i.e. 20130604 for June 4th 2013. I need excel to recognize this number as a date. Formatting the cell as a date does nothing, I tried playing around with the custom format but I couldn't get it to work...

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