cell linking

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    Form Control, Option Buttons

    Firstly my apologies as I know this has been asked before but I still cannot get it to work. I'm using option buttons from the Form Control menu, the ActiveX Control menu is ghosted, as is the design toolbox button. I have no idea how to un-ghost them. No matter how I group and re-name and set...
  2. A

    Automatically cell linking in new sheet.

    Hey Experts I need your help. I have to create a financial statements for set of years. We know that closing balance of particular year becomes opening balances of next year, so we link the closing balance of last year to opening balance of new year in new sheet. When we are done with creating...
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    One cell linking to tabs, hyperlinks, etc.

    Hi, I've got a workbook that has the 12 months of the year & 10 members of a team. Is there any way of filling in one box with a person's name & Excel will apply it to all relevant tabs, hyperlinks, etc? It'll take a long time to fill in all the relevant information for each team, of which...
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    Cells that update eachother

    Hi guys, I have searched this for a while and I am still unable to find an answer, so maybe someone here can help me. I am creating a budget spread sheet, where a different sheet is used for every month. The months are divided into weeks of the year (week 1, 2... 52), but it also includes...
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    Using the equal sign or plus sign does not link cells in separate worksheets anymore

    I have two files, A and B. I used to be able to select a cell in File A, type = or +, and then click on a cell in File B, which would populate/link the cell in File A. Now nothing happens. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Linking drawing objects from cell to cell

    Hello, Sorry I looked through a few pages but couldnt find what I am looking for. I am using excel 2010 I created a set of GD&T (geometric dimensioning & tolerancing) symbols using the drawing tools in excel. I grouped them up and placed into cell B24 on sheet1. I would like them to...
  7. K

    Sharing Data between sheets of a workbook

    Hello all, I am struggling with creating a macro that can link the data in one of my sheets to specific locations in other sheets in the same workbook. I have written on macro that has the users (7 people) use a form importing the needed information. I am trying to figure out a way to write a...

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