1. D

    VBA code or other solution to color cells white if they contain no data

    Hello everybody, I am currently facing an issue. I would like to create a code that colors my cells with a complete white background and no borders if they contain no data (numbers, letters, signs or anything else). Please see the following snip: For the blank cells from Cell A135-D135 and...
  2. F

    How can I create a Dynamic 3D plot in Excel?

    Hi All I would like to create a 3D plot, let's say a 3D frame ( just a connection of lines) that needs to be demonstrated in 3D and can be plotted by giving the coordinates of the connecting points (x,y,z) the coordinates should be written in the cells in that sheet, that when I change them...
  3. S

    Trying to loop through a list validation but receiving error

    I'm trying to collate data from several list validation cells into another workbook. I have created a seperate function to loop through any given validation cell. There are 4 cells i am trying to loop over: 1st contains a list of aircraft 2nd contains a list of countries 3rd contains a list of...
  4. T

    Evaluate math formula from Equation editor into cell

    Hello MrExcel community, this is my first post, so if there is anything about this post that isn't posted correctly feel free to tell. OK so going into the main thing, In my Excel sheets I use plenty of long and complex mathematical equations, that when trying to replicate form paper into...
  5. G

    VBA to search multiple cells.

    Hey guys, I have this simple code to export as PDF, range AB52 is where it pulls the file name to save as... is it possible to have multiple ranges for the code to look for? I tried "range ("AB52:AB54")" would not work. Is this even possible? If one cell is empty look on the other ones for the...
  6. D


    I want the last cell in column L that has a number to be green if it is a larger number than cell D11
  7. G

    Data best fit?

    Hi all, If I have a range of numbers to 2 decimal places in column A, for example from -2.52 to 3.84 with intervals that are not the same -2.52, -2.49, -2.48, -2,42, -2.42, -2.41, -2.38....... 3.65, 3.69, 3.70, 3.80. In column B the number in the cell adjacent to -2.52 is 20 The number is the...
  8. Z

    Font ? =+ not returning it in script

    I am pulling into cell A52 =+j12 from cell J12 thats arial font but in A52 i have the cell to script , but its now returning it in script.
  9. B

    Checkboxes Yes No

    Hello, I have the following code that I picked up from some web page. This one inserts only one button to the left of the cell. I would like to have two checkboxes in one cell, one for "Yes" another for "No" and only one can be checked. I tried to replicate second option by adding "1" to the...
  10. J

    macro is skipping tabs

    good morning, Newbie here...i have a macro for auto generating tabs into PDFs and save them. the issue i'm having is that it is randomly skipping over some of the tabs. anyone have an idea how to fix this? I checked the ones that get skipped to see if cell "A5" is the problem but it is not...
  11. W

    Sum the entire column of named range except the first row

    Hi Folks, I have a question, is there a way (a formula) that i can put in a first cell of a named column and have the formula sum the entire column EXCEPT the first cell of that same named range? This formula "=sum(index("My Named Range",,11))" results in a circular error because its trying to...
  12. S

    Name a worksheet after cell contents

    Hi I have a bit of coding that copies an existing worksheet (called "SCHEMES") and puts it before another worksheet ("AUDIT") but I'd like to add in some code that will automatically take the content of cell A1 of the sheet that's copied across and automatically uses that as the worksheet name...
  13. P

    Formula to pull values related to a coloured cell

    I have 3 cells, each cell has a value, 1, 2, 3 The cell value is related to a score, each score located in another cell, 10, 8, 0 To pick a value, the user has to change the cell colour, for example the user picks the cell with 1 and shades it any colour Then the formula needs to pull in the...
  14. C

    highlight cells more or less than 0.2 to nearest 1

    Hi, is there any way to highlight the cells in a range, if: the value is more or less than 0.2 to the nearest 1 there are already a formula in each of those cells in the range, which will change according to what i change at the other cell. example: if cell value = 6.09, highlight if cell value...
  15. B

    Formatting with Multiple/Varying Conditions

    Hi Everyone - Need some help in finding a way to have a cell change color based off a drop down, and each time that drop down changes, it will potentially change the color of the cell, based off of the current letter in the cell. See below an example of a few rows. My book has 54 rows, but if we...
  16. Geo1126

    IF Last month

    Hi Guys, I think this is pretty basic, yet I still havent been able to figure it out. I want a formula that returns a cell value, if another cell value (date) occured last month. if the month column is blank or not last month return NA. A1 has date B1 has value I wanted formula to capture C1...
  17. J

    find the content of a cell in another sheet based on the content of a cell

    Hello, I'm looking for a macro to jump to a cell in sheet 2 based on the content of a cell in sheet 1. Basically what the macro should do is: Find cell A1 of sheet 1 in column B of sheet 2 and go to that cell. I've looked for a solution but couldn't find it. Hope it is a simple question...
  18. U

    Extract the the one or two characters of a string, depending on number of digits

    Hello, I have a cell which contains the size of an item, "Size20" for example. I have another cell which I'd like to have equal 500 if the size is 16 or larger, in which I have the formula =IF(S22<>"",IF(VALUE(RIGHT(S22,2))>15,500,0),0) However, this does not work for cells such as "Size8", as...
  19. G

    Conditional formating where there are 2 values in a cell

    Hello, before i start rebuilding a spreadsheet to split values into two cells, is there anyway to conditionally format a cell, based on one of the values contained in it. for example <colgroup><col width="74" style="width: 56pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2706;"> <col...
  20. R

    VBA does not run

    Hello, I am using this VBA code but it does not run automatically when I enter data in the sheet, I have to run it manually! Sub Pop_Up() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("c1:U439") If IsDate(cell.Value) Then If cell.Value < Now() Then MsgBox...

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