1. T

    Monthly payment calculator

    I'm looking to break down a total charge into monthly payments. B2 contains the total charge B3 contains the number of monthly payments B5 contains the first instalment B6 contains the remainder This would be simple if the amounts were spread evenly, but I want to make sure that any pence are...
  2. D

    Excel Indexing formula to Match two criteria and find the closest match on a third criteria

    Hello, i am working on trying to automate one of the tasks that i have to complete at my job, this consists of matching the charge rate on our system to a list of charge rates in a database, the old way of doing this works but is very manual and takes a long time to complete. the new way that i...
  3. S

    Percentages not showing correctly

    Hi, First post so apologies if this has been answered before, I have a margin calculator at take into account a yearly or monthly cost, a possible install and then a sell cost, this then works out a yearly percentage of margin, for 3 years. However the percentages are incorrect and I cant find...
  4. F

    Find last value in column >0

    Hello all, I'm trying to find the last value in a column that is greater than one. I've got a bunch of columns each with 110 rows of expense data. Each column is a different product type, and each row is a date of the price. Some dates have a zero for the input, as there was no charge on that...
  5. IluvPivots

    Count based on Criteria?

    Desired end result: A pivot table that counts employees onboard by month. The spreadsheet that I have is massive. It has over 10,000 employees and all the charge objects they could charge to in a day. So 1 employee will have multiple rows. What formula can I use to only count an employee...
  6. S

    Min, max, question

    Hello, I use this formula to get the actual charge (AF19), Min Charge (AG19), Or max charge (AH19) by days of the month. Question is how do I keep the cell for say the June 2nd total blank without the min charge populating if the data is not filled in yet in the other cells to get the total...
  7. T

    Rows to Columns (previous thread corrupted?)

    Good morning everybody, It seems as though my previous attempt didn't post properly somehow (when I click on it there's nothing there at all), so let's try again: I have a table with two key fields and one data field. I need to reorganise it so that the key fields are summarised, with the data...
  8. T

    Rows to columns

    Good morning everybody I have a large table which I need to reorganise. It has two key fields and one of data, thus: <tbody> Contract Line Charge ID 10914 1 10010016 10914 1 10010932 10914 2 10020624 10915 1 10000883 10915 2 10010703 10915 2 10010244 10915 2 10010243 </tbody>...
  9. A

    Move rows to sheet based if row contains certain string value

    Hi all Wondering if you could help. I have seen other older threads here but couldn't get them to work for me. I have a bank statement I am importing via CSV into Excel. Example data (Sheet 1) is in the following format: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Description...
  10. J

    Not quite an average...

    <tbody> Veh Type Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Total 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 </tbody> Can anyone advise on how I could automate the below calc, we do manually at the moment but there is probably and easy formula I am...
  11. S

    cell formula not working to calculate the correct charge after 7 days

    Hello, I have the below formula used to calculate a charge after a certain amount of days (7), However it is not calculating the charge correctly, it goes to the min charge of $50.00 only for the first 5 days. If the Volume is larger it should calculate the past the min charge. It seems to work...
  12. C

    Create multiple rows of the same data

    I have two tables that I want to join, no data from either matches and this is intentional. The first table is a bunch of data that includes the hours charged to a given project # sometimes you do not charge time to a specific project you are just doing admin work. I have to split that admin...
  13. S

    Sliding scale pay charge formula

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I a looking for formula to help calculate charges to a client based on a sliding scale. EG For =5 hours, charge £30.00ph For 6-10 hours, charge £29.50ph For 11-15 hours, charge £29.00ph or 16-20 hours, charge £28.50ph For 21 + Hours, charge £28.00ph So, for a...
  14. J

    Create Hyperlink text in column A, in a different workbook from VBA code that will reference a .pdf

    Hi All, I haven't received any replies on the past few posts, so maybe I am asking for too much, but I would think this request is a bit easier. I have a button on my main sheet that I would like to do the following: *The VBA code will be in the "Charge Out Log" workbook, "CHARGE OUT FORM"...
  15. G

    Novice at Excel - looking to place a value on a row based on a table value

    Hi All, I am just starting out and trying to learn Excel, no idea about vbs sorry. I am thinking that I need to use a vlookup but just not sure how. What I am essentially trying to do is if a persons name comes up on a column then assign the person who is looking after him...
  16. J

    Pulling next number in line based on last entry from a different workbook into a userform

    I am trying to link two workbooks together. I have a main form and I have a log. I have already created the log with sequential numbering starting at 120000. This will be my charge out number. On my main form template, the user's first responsibility is to fill out the userform information...
  17. I

    Split unit usage in tier columns

    Hi there, Hoping someone can help me. I need to split usage of units in different columns (without using VBA): For example- Total Usage: 29 (B3) Column C: The first 1 to 12 unit are free Column D: Units 13-25 are charge 1 Column E: Units 26+ are charge 2 I want to the split the usage...
  18. A

    Costings Formula

    Hi, New to the forum and hoping someone can help what is hopefully straightforward to those in the know!! I'm looking at getting a spreadsheet together to provide an overall percentage cost of a product that has variable pricing depending on the amount paid.... eg: upto £30000 charges 0.40%...
  19. Y

    Return Values to Summary Sheet

    This may be a simple question but I appreciate any guidance offered! I have a workbook that contains and SUMMARY Worksheet and a CHARGE Worksheet. I'd like to set up a formula that returns certain information from the CHARGE Worksheet and adds it to the SUMMARY Worksheet. Column C on my...
  20. D

    Summarizing data and sorting multiple rows

    I have tried every possible way that I know and I am not half as expert as on this forum.Wondering if any of the experts can please help me The workbook has 3 tabs, one for 2017, one 2018 and the master file. The tabs are the charges which are mostly weekly so lets say for e.g a customer with...

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